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Do I need a double stroller?

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I know that's an individual question, but bear with me. Here are the factors:

DD 1 will be almost 3 when DD2 is born in January.

At first we're just planning to carry DD2 and let DD1 ride in stroller for walks--

BUT: in summer: want to go on long walks/hikes, and right now we only have an okay but kind of annoying, uncomfortable-to-push, quasi-umbrella stroller that wouldn't work for rough terrain.

Just moved to neighborhood with EXTREMELY rough sidewalks--our current stroller needs a lot of coaxing and it's a pain.

Don't want to spend more than $400 max on new stroller. Want something above all that is maneuverable, not too heavy, and that can handle rough sidewalks and occasional hikes on gravel trails.

I'm trying to figure out if we should just buy a nice single stroller, like the City Mini, and rely on baby carrier through DD2's first year or so, or bite the bullet and get a double, assuming DD1 (a very slow walker) will still need to ride in it by the time she's 4.

I was all excited about the Joovy Caboose Ultralight, but then read it didn't do well on rough terrain.

I guess my questions are, when did your older child stop needing a stroller and be okay with mostly walking, even for longer distances?

Maybe we should get a single stroller we actually like for now and play it by ear about a double? Or get a better but cheap single (Chicco Echo?) plus a less expensive but well-rated double?

I'm also looking at the Joovy X2 side-by-side, but can't find much on how it is on rough terrain. Any experiences with that one?

TIA--I know this isn't a very focused question but I'm overwhelmed!
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My girls are 16.5 months apart. I did a lot of babywearing when Leah was an infant, and never really used the stroller much until I was pregnant and I found it uncomfortable to wear her too much. I also thought I'd use the single stroller a lot, and hardly need the  double, but I found the opposite was true.


There were many times when Hannah didn't really care if she was carried or rode in the stroller, but Leah demanded to be carried. So I needed a safe place to put Hannah down while I adjusted the sling for a bigger baby and set her up. She was too young to safely stand next to the stroller while I did that- she was a toddler who NEEDED to be confined for safety's sake for the minute it took me to unwrap Hannah and lay her down in the stroller before picking Leah up. I'm not sure if that will be  an issue or not with a 3 year old- it really depends on the 3yo, and whether or not you think you'll be doing a lot of "toddler wearing".


I never really went to a single stroller when they got older- they were close enough in age that if one wanted to ride, they both did, and by the time Leah was "kinda getting to big to be in the stroller anymore" Hannah was old enough to walk too. But that won't be the case with your kids 3 years apart, and a good single stroller is likely to get years of use.

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I love my double stroller.  My son almost 4 when my dd was born.  Not only is a double stroller great for packing both kids in, it is also great for packing stuff in.  When we go to our beach, it's  a good little hike in.  My son is now old enough to walk, and my dd goes in the stroller along with all of our beach gear.  We can even put our camping chairs on top of the stroller and wheel it all to the beach.  Makes the walk so much easier than lugging all of our stuff.  I'll probably keep bringing our stroller even when the kids are waaay to old to fit inside lol. 

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My DD1 was just under 2.5 when DD2 was born. I got a britax b ready, a single stroller with an optional second seat you can attach/detach as needed. I don't use it as much as I'd like but that's because I discovered baby wearing and DD1 loves to walk. It's also too cold to do the full day park picnics we love so instead we dash to the nearby literacy centre or grocery store with toddler miss walking and baby miss being worn. I foresee a lot more stroller use in the spring/summer when we need to cart lots of cold water and food for extended excursions smile.gif
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Guess it depends on the kiddos. We've got the one 2yo right now who absolutely loves to walk, so wearing is limited to crowded places or rough terrain hikes where I won't want her running of towards a cliff lol.  She'll be older before we have another so for us I can't imagine needing a double.  Our neighbor on the other hand has a 2yo and 6mo - the 2yo used to love walking and they barely used her stroller once she was able to walk.  But....now with the baby, the 2yo wants to ride in the stroller (of course!) so the baby can't, so she wears the baby and pushes the toddler in the stroller and commented that they are now looking at doubles because the baby is getting too heavy for her (although she does use a bjorn so I can only imagine the back pain since I stopped using one after about 2mos old and maybe only used it 5x before I discovered ring slings!). 


I think the sit and stand options are nice for the baby/toddler combo because they aren't that much bigger/bulkier but allow just enough space for a tired toddler to hitch a ride.

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I also want to add that I found it VERY hard on my back to push a stroller while wearing a baby. Just wearing a baby is fine. Just pushing a stroller is fine. But doing both simultaneously was hard on my body for long walks. I found it much easier to push the double stroller than to wear one and push a single stroller. Then, of course, there were the times when one clamored to be worn so I'd wear her while pushing the other in the stroller, but it wasn't for the WHOLE walk so it was easier on me.


There was also that day when I was babysitting for a friend's toddler and had errands I needed to do- so my toddler and the friend's  toddler in the double stroller, and the infant in the sling. That day would have been impossible (ie, push off the errand for another day) if I'd only had a single stroller.

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I liked my double stroller even though I baby wear bc sometimes you just can't wear the baby, like going to the bathroom at a public place( you can but it's kind of tricky and I worry about germs!) I also liked it yo pack stuff in. Try getting a used one on the internet orcs mom to mom sale you can find one much cheaper. I would say get one but that's just my opinion.
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Oh and my kids are 4 years apart. Even now that oldest is five she still likes to get in sometimes when tired like at zoo or mall or long walks.
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Mine were only 2 years apart, and the second was a winter baby. Had he be born in the summer I may not have needed the double much, as it was however I used it quite a bit.


That said by the time DD was 3 we didn't use it much. If I took the double she always wanted to sit in it, if I only took the single she would walk most of the time. I always set of with the sling in the basket just in case we needed to swap passengers.


I think in your position I'd go for a good quality single, and then think about a cheep used double if you find you need one for a while.

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We got a Bob double when we had dd2 and dd1 was a little over 2. We used it all the time. We luke to do runs and long walks, so the girls still both go in it. Ds goes in a jogging single stroller for runs and I wear him for just walks. I am so glad we invested ina high quality double. You can find them used on craigslist if you are lucky. They really retain value so you can resell it after you are done.

Also, my 5.5 year old can walk about 1-2 miles now, but not as fast as we like to go. She still fits in the bob for times we want to walk fast or run, or when it is super crowded and we want everyone close together.
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