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OB/Midwife in Kalamazoo?

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Hello everyone!


DH and I are ttc and I wanted to put some feelers out there for a doctor in Kalamazoo. I would like one that isn't quick to push epidurals or C-sections, but I have no preference on gender. Any ideas? Also I need for them to be able to accept NGS insurance, which is often Bronson network.

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Many good wishes to you for TTC. It looks like your post may have been missed, so I'm bumping it up for attention. :bump: Anyone have a recommendation to share?

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I really loved Dr Carly Davis at obgyn pc. I lucked out with her having the weekend call that I went in for an induction for my twins. She encouraged all the natural things first in the birth of my twins even though it ended up a c section the next day. She didn't push cervical exams, I had a nurse that got my twins on telemetryso I could labor in the birthing tub (something generally not done with twins or drs in the practice I went to), and she recommended position changes, different birthing balls, etc. If my babies heads wouldnt have been fighting to exit, I think I would have had a vaginal birth. She definitely didn't push ¨hec section but going from 7:30 am Friday to 2:30 pm Sat with only juice and jello to eat, I was done and just wanted to see my babies. I only dilated to 5 cm even with pitocin and breaking waters.
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