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Have any other Mummas pimped their carriers?

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Looking for inspiration, dd 9 weeks and I L.O.V.E our manduca, it's now almost 4yrs old and she is our third bub so it's looking rather well worn. Curious to know if I can dye it or if sewing/appliqué is the route to go.
Feel free to show off your creations! :-)
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We'll, I definitely like your title for this thread!
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Oh man, such a good thread starter. I'd love to see some photos too. Patches? Embroidery? There's gotta be some cool ones out there. 

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This reminds of a trip I took in the spring of 2011 to the north of Vietnam where I stayed with the Hmong hill tribe. They have some of the most beautiful embroidery I've seen and also have gorgeous embroidered baby carriers, that look something like this: 



I just did a Google search and found someone who is selling these gorgeous Vietnamese (some vintage) baby carriers on Etsy!!!!


Here is her shop: http://www.etsy.com/shop/KulshiMumkin/search?search_query=baby+carrier&order=date_desc&view_type=gallery&page=2


Has anyone ever bought or used one of these? 

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Monica s - those are stunning carriers. I'm also pretty partial to the obimama mei tais but at between $600-$800 I certainly can't justify the funds.
Here is our carrier as a before shot!
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Oh the ones that I posted from that Etsy account are all $45 a piece, not between $600-$800. That price would be ridiculous, I agree. 

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A local mama in my babywearing group dyed her very basic MT with Dylon. I think only the body panel went pink because the straps were black but it looked great. I also see lots of funky coloured Ergos on the swap where people simply dyed the whole thing. You could start with a dye job. At least it would freshen up the straps and you could sew on panels/appliqués if the dye isn't enough
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