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Advice please?

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any advise for first time mummy and daddy 2twins.gif


things to do before my little girl is born?


what exactly is a birth plan? when should i write one? when should i pack my hospital bag and when should i start washing everything ready for her arrival?

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Congrats on your first little one!  A birth plan is pretty much listing everything you do or do not want to happen during labor, delivery and after. Especially if you will be in the hospital. This is one thing I did not do with my first and really really wish I would have. One of the other Mamas here just posted hers in this thread and I thought it was great  .. http://www.mothering.com/community/t/1393753/december-chat/0_30

Hers is at the very end of the thread as of right now! You could start writing it right now just so you have it done and out of the way and have more time if you realize you forgot something. 


I think with my DD I packed my bag around 37 weeks and ended up having her at 38 weeks. This time I am doing a home birth so this isn't something I need to worry about this time around! :wink 


I have already washed most everything for my new little one. So just whenever you feel like it. I would probably say before 37 weeks but you can do it whenever. Just don't wait too long in case you would happen to go early! You don't want to have to worry about the washing after getting home from the hospital. Plus, you will want to have a few outfits for baby there at the hospital with you! 


I hoped I helped at least a little bit! Good luck! 

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One mistake I made with number one was opening gifts and getting things ready early.  I had multiple showers and ended up with multiples of things, which if I had not opened the first bunch I could have returned them.  I got so many baby towels and washcloths!  Just excess.  I would have organized and kept things in packages with receipts until about 35 weeks, then returned what I did not like or need, or if I got multiples I would have kept the nice one and returned the others!!. Then wash and organized the stuff I wanted and used the return money to buy stuff I needed.  For some reason we ended up with tons of clothes and cutsey stuff and not much of the necessities.


I will get the hospital bag and a very basic birth plan ready by 36 weeks.  If you go before then, it is a real emergency and everything is probably shot to hell anyway.


Birth plan - if this is your first one, take some time on it.  It will help you get an idea about what kind of things you do or do not want.  If you understand the intervention cascade, then you may decide that you do not want to start on Pitocin just bc you are 7 days overdue.  But if you have not done your homework and don't know where you stand then you might look back and say "I wish I had known that could lead to that".  There is a ton to consider.  If you google "birth plan worksheet" you will find some starting guides, but they are pretty basic.


Tspencer - not to be negative, but you might want to have a very basic bag packed in case of emergency transfer.  I had one for my HB.  Just basic clothes for me and baby to come home in, some snacks and a note to remind me to get wallet and phone.  That kind of stuff.  My Midwife asked us to do that.  I remember it bothered me to see the bag bc it was like admitting it might not work.  LOL.  SO I hid it in the corner of the closet.  But it was probably good to have it ready anyway.

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  • vtamanda- I know I know. My midwife told me the same thing. But it is exactly like what you said... I feel like if I pack one I am counting on it not working out with the HB. I know that is silly and not the case. That is it just practical. I have just really been struggling with it. It shouldn't be a big deal and I don't know why I am making it such a big deal... I guess I was also thinking the same thing as you said for going early..... If I can't have the home birth it is because something is majorly wrong and everything will be all shot to hell anyway!! hahaha. But no, you are right. And you are not being negative, just wise! Thanks! 
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