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current sns users

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Thought I'd start a thread to see if there are others using sns/Lact-aid, full time or for top ups.

I'm using it for my Preemie for top ups and feeling alone with it! Still prefer it to bottles but just feeling a bit blah!

Thought it would be nice to hear from others in similar boat.

She gets weighed tomorrow (14 weeks old, 4 weeks corrected) and I'm feeling anxious, really hoping she has a good gain.
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I think there's actually a fair number of us lurking around here. Maybe 7 or so that I've seen. I am glad you've found this as a solution! It took me way too long to trade bottles for the Lact-Aid (another brand of supplementer) and I wish I had done it sooner. It's a lot easier to know that they are actually eating as much as they need without sacrificing a BF session to get that extra food. Also, I found that my daughter immediately gained weight better after switching, because she used to only take a bottle when desperate, and now peacefully eats that supplemental food from the breast. 


One thing that's a common issue is that babies eventually get grabby with the tube and pouch. I solve it by tucking the pouch into my shirt and routing the tube out from under my shirt so the tube isn't available for grabbing. I also sometimes offer her my hand or my teething necklace to hold while she nurses so she doesn't flail it wildly! 

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How much do you supplement? Will you need to carry on for long?

Our dd needs extra calories probably due to a PDA that she has. My confidence has really been knocked I feel like I'm not providing her what she needs, but realise that the supplementer is giving her that, and still at the breast, I just need to go easy on myself a bit but its hard.
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For us it's a permanent state of affairs until she weans. I only produce about half of a normal supply.
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Does it take your lo long to finish a feed? Our dd takes up to 45 mins for about 1.5 oz (she's still just under 7lb)
Think we'll be using it long term too - but its OK if it means we still get to breastfeed - its so worth it despite the problems.
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I'm currently using a SNS to supplement my 20 day old, because he was slow to regain birth weight due to inefficient milk transfer (poor latch, tongue tie, & posssibly low supply). I can still pump some milk after he's done nursing without the SNS, so he's getting that plus a few ounces of formula throughout the day via SNS. I'm hoping we'll be able to get by without it in a few weeks... It's early days yet, though, so I'm just trying to focus on the present & keeping him happy & fed for today.

I hear you on the anxiety,@Sienna-forever... I hold my breath every time the midwives put DS on the scale...
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She used tot ale 30-45 mins, but now at 4mo, she takes 10-20

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That's good to hear, @cynthiamoon! My DS would stay all day on the breast & still not be full... As a new parent, I didn't realize that this wasn't normal! Now he'll often be satiated enough to fall asleep after 20-30 minutes of unassisted nursing, but then usually wake up hungry again half an hour later. Still, it's progress!
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That gives me hope that she'll get stronger and more efficient at feeding - good to hear from others going through similar -
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Out of interest Cynthia- it takes your little one 10-20 minutes to take how many ounces/MLS?

Dd took 40mls then slept 4 hours. Now breastfeeding without sns as I'm feeling quite full. So hopeful she's gained.
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Julia gets roughly 35ml of breastmilk for every 20 mins of BF'ing, and in addition to that about 2oz of formula. If she is sucking harder, she'll take about as much breastmilk but in 10 mins, and 3oz formula. I only RARELY give more formula than that at once because then she is so full, she won't eat for 4 hours, which is too long for keeping up supply! 

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If you can handle it, maybe try pumping midway through those long naps? 

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Yes was thinking I'd better start to express again - its a balancing act isn't it! Although she's only supplemented a couple times a day so hoping the rest of the feeding she does is keeping my supply up. Glad I started this thread as I needed this - thank you.
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She gained 3.5oz in 5 days. Happy its a gain, but will increase frequency if top ups .
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C - do you make the formula up in advance?
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I use ready to eat formula only. The mix up stuff clogged the lact aid tubes a ton, even when I used the recommended filter. Since we are using this long term, I invested in 10 units. I fill them up all at once for convenience. I bring then with me filled too when I go out, in plastic food containers with a paper towel to catch leaks, and on an ice pack in my lunch box.
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Sounds like you have a good system. We only have the one sons unit at the moment and make one ounce of formula and one ounce of ebm each time. Yesterday she was very hungry and we supplemented more often, today she's very sleepy. I think at least one more unit will make life easier especially for cleaning overnight etc, I also expressed after each supplemental feed yesterday and feel my milk supply increased slightly today - just need her to wake up and feed. She has been feeding but a lot quicker than usual, so I'm not sure. She gets weighed again tomorrow.
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I had to use an SNS with both kids. Used it for a couple months in both cases. After that point I was always able to switch them over to bottles for the supplementing... Without sabotaging breastfeeding completely... it was really such good thing to have and I think it really saved breast-feeding for me. Even with the ongoing supply issues it makes it possible to breast-feed exclusively for some meals, which is nice.
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I'm an SNS user here! I'm currently nursing my third baby and using an SNS for the third time. I really hate it, honestly, but it's better than not being able to breastfeed at all. I have insufficient glandular tissue, so the SNS is a long term thing for us, too. I did wean my middle child off of it and onto a sippy cup around 7 months, and that's what I intend to do with this baby, too. I nursed both my older babies until gentle weaning at around 3.5 years, including pregnancy/tandem nursing. I hope to nurse the baby that long, too. I get tired of having to do this stuff to breastfeed, so it's nice to see other mamas doing it too. Helps with the discouragement. =)
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My baby is now on mostly sns feeds - she just seems to need more calories than my milk alone provides. I breastfeed without it overnight/first thing in morning. She's growing and thriving so that's my incentive to carry on. It is hard though, and I haven't attempted going out and nip with it yet.
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