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Leave Kindergarten mid-year to begin Homeschooling?

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I have decided I want to homeschool my kindgergarten-aged child. There are no major problems at school that make it urgent to get him out of there, but I'm just itching to get started and feel like his days spent there are such a waste of time. 

I am wondering if, despite my desire to bring him home right away, should I let him finish the year so that there is a sense of completion, no hard feelings with parents/teacher/school friends, and just so we don't feel like "quitters"? 

Thanks for any comments!

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How does he feel about it? Some kids are itching to come home, some hate the idea and accept it better if allowed to reach a natural stopping point.

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When my son was in kindergarten, he hated it there. He was more than ready to be home whenever he could stay. Pulling him out couldn't happen soon enough for him. He simply wasn't ready for all the noise and confusion. I agree with ocelotmom. How is he doing in school? Is he happy there? Does he want to come home? His comfort zone needs to be taken into consideration.

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We ditched public kindergarten halfway through the year. We asked DD what she thought about homeschooling and whether she would want to come home or wait and she was all about coming home! We had no red flags either but little signs here and there that PS wasn't a good fit for us.I would talk about it with your child and if he is enthusiastic about it then go for it.
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I'm in the same boat. I think we are going to wait even though I think my son would rather stop going now. I want to keep the option of returning to this school and I am worried it might burn bridges to pull him out. There is no big reason to take him out now. It just isn't a good fit for him. He isn't miserable. I am also looking at this summer as a kind of trial period because I have never homeschooled before and know only what I have read. The summer break seems to be the perfect time to see if it works for us. If it does, we will continue to homeschool. If it seems like it doesn't work for us, he can go on to 1st grade in the fall and he will stay with his class. 

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Nothing wrong with pulling a child mid-year. You could quit homeschooling mid-year too if you change your mind. No need to keep a child somewhere that isn't working just to avoid making a few waves. You'll probably find that nobody even cares anyway.
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For the sense of completion issue, there are lots of times within the school year that would make a natural transition for a kindergartener: christmas break, spring break, any given Friday, etc...


For the not-burning-bridges issue, I've found that most of the teachers, etc... that I've dealt with are fairly aware of the fact that there are many different learning styles, etc... Most are also aware that the school isn't equipped to meet everybody's needs fully.  So as long as you assure them that you're not dissatisfied with anything they've done, but just want to explore all your options fully, most will be fine.  I've encountered a couple people who were seriously anti-homeschooling, and they also seemed to be adept at finding ways to be offended by homeschoolers.  I don't bother worrying too much about offending people who are committed to being offended.

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