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Hi ladies,

I'm debating whether to join July or August, as my baby is due the very beginning of August, but this one will be my 4th, and I've yet to hit my due date.  I'll chime in here in any case.  I'm Jenny. Due the beginning of August. 

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Originally Posted by mandmleona View Post

You know I tried the due month with my first and NO ONE was satisfied.  They just kept pestering me until I gave them a date.


Since I (and all the women in my family) tend to go about 2 weeks early it's not an issue at the end.  My first was 18 days early and my second was 10 days early.  The latest a woman in my family (just counting my mother's side) has gone in the last 3 generations is 2 days past their due date.  The ones that get close to their due dates are always later babies...never first.


I tried to ignore this and expect that my first would be late, and I'm a procrastinator at heart...so I wasn't prepared for her to come 18 days early.


You first time moms should consider talking to your moms about their experiences...especially their first...It's a much better guide than the society standard.


My mom came 4 weeks "late", Grandpa was in the military and so dates were pretty set. My mom had all 3 of us "late. My first 2 came at 41 weeks. My third was almost 42 weeks. So I'm planing on this one to be "late" as well. Since EDD is the 23rd I'll tell everyone the beginning of Sept. 

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BBerryBliss, due August 18th. This will be my second child (4th pregnancy) My son just turned 9, so it is a large age gap, but I'm really excited.

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Hi Everyone.

Prone_to_wander due August 1st.

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Eeey2 due August 17th ish according to ovulation. Audrey was born on her due date and my mom went 2 weeks late with her first.
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Welcome ladies! Love to see this group grow joy.gif
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Hello! I'm krisnic - due August 12!

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Originally Posted by krisnic View Post

Hello! I'm krisnic - due August 12!

Hi krisnic, I am also due the 12th. Good luck to you!!
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Oops,, I was off . Due date 8/14
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Hi my names Elise, username 35173, and I'm going with August 20th for my due date right now. My lmp was nov 2nd but I was 2 weeks late and testing every day until I got my positive so I'm pretty sure I ovulated late.
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Tamsenleigh due August 10 (so far) with second child! joy.gif
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JHopesMomma (Jessica), due Aug 17th, with our third!! My first two came before their due dates, but who knows this time smile.gif.
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cece August 25th

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Welcome everyone!joy.gif Hope it's a h&h nine months for all!
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WendyJo410 ~ August 24

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Johanna, August 26 


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Bemyrainbowbaby August 28

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StartingAllOver due August 26, according to the Woods method, which when I plugged in my info from my last pregnancy, was dead-on accurate for my dd's birth date. NOT 8 days late as we had been told. :)
Love that link! Thank you!

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Due August 25th with our 3rd baby

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Hi I am due towards the end of August with my 4th:)

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