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making cloth baby wipes

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Hi!  I need someone's help in terms of making cloth baby wipes.  I decided to stop using disposable wipes for myself as well as for my 4 year old niece.  Its just getting too expensive to buy disposables now.  I use them for cleaning my ileostomy bag, and I also use them on my 4 year old niece, who has bowel incontinence. 

I have seen online how to make some cloth baby wipes, but some sites show them being made out of flannel and others out of fleece.  I know that flannel is very absorbent, but I don't know much about fleece.


Is there a way to make fleece absorbent to use for cloth baby wipes, if you want to keep them in a baby wipe holder with the wipe solution?  What material do you all use?

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I just used a bunch of inexpensive hand towels that I bought from target. They wears really thin and easy to wring out. But they worked perfectly for my baby's bum.
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Do you sew at all? Flannel is very easy to make wipes out of as long as you can sew the edges (mine are folded a bit and then sewed) so they don't unravel. Though I've heard some just cut up the flannel and let them fray, eventually they stop after a few washes but I think that would bug me. Fleece has the benefit that it won't fray but it's not absorbent and I'm not sure how well it would do at wiping things like poop off the bum. You could also try something like t-shirt fabric, either buy or repurpose old shirts that are going to be tossed anyway. This fabric typically doesn't fray but it's thin and the edges are likely to roll up.  

Another popular option for wipes is cheap face cloths. Specifically the cheap ones because they tend to be thinner and less bulky to use, which also makes them dry faster after laundering.


Also, consider if keeping them in solution is worth the trouble. That was my plan at first but I decided to just keep it simple after reading about wipe containers getting mildew after a few days and such. I just keep my wipes stacked up dry and use a spray bottle from the dollar store to squirt them when I need them. I started putting a small amount of baby wash in the sprayer but then just went to plain water and find that works fine for me.

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I stupidly bought a pack of 12 cloth wipes for $12. I would recommend making your own, or if you're like me and can't sew, just cut an old flannel shirt or bed sheet apart.

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I just use cheap baby wash cloths from Target. I thought about using old t-shirts, but I find the terry really helpful to remove poop. I fold them special so they pop-up and put them in an empty disposable wipes container. Youtube has a video on how to fold "pop up wipes" if you don't know what I mean. I haven't started using wipe solution because I have a breastfed baby and he isn't that messy, I just use water. I wet down enough wipes for the day at the sink (6 or so), and put them in the container.

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How cool, CL! I don't have audio on my computer at home (house rabbit with the nibbles = many severed cords), but I found this video showing the folding technique for making cloth wipes pop up out of wipe containers. (Folding starts about minute 2:00)



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We use cheap face cloths and water too!
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I made double layer wipes, with a combo of old t shirt fabric, flannel, and birdseye diaper fabric. I sewed the pieces together a 1/4 in. And then cut with pinking shears.
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I use cloth wipes instead of TP made from 2 squares of old T-shirt fabric serged together. They've held up awesomely for years! Plan on making more for baby wipes too! TTC #1

If I didn't have access to a serger I'd probably do something like a PP said and sew two pieces together and then pinking shear the edges. I've got a bunch that are terry cloth too, but I typically line dry everything and terry gets a little rough on the bum when it's not machine dried. 

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I really like old sweatshirt material for wipes.  It has the benefit of not fraying like t-shirts, but is thicker and one side has more texture when you need that.  Just cut, no sewing.  They do roll up in the dryer, but we almost always line dry and rolling edges hasn't been an issue.  That said, baby washcloths are really nice too.  I use raw apple cider vinegar and plain water (about 10% acv) for wipes solution.  It helps keep the wipes fresh and bottom skin healthy.  We go through all our wipes about every two days with no mildewing.  But the other day we weren't using them quite so fast and there was a little mold on the bottom wipe.  That's only happened once.

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I love the sweatshirt idea, Brambleberry!  I've used t-shirt material in the past to avoid having to do anything more than just cut it up, but it was pretty thin.  

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I use face towel as it absorbs more water... Or you can get more ideas from internet...

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baby wash cloths and cut up old receiving blankets. They do fray, but eventually stop. The baby wash cloths are the best, imo. We just used all the ones people gave us as baby presents

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