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Anyone NOT night weaned their older nursling?

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DD is almost 28 months old and still nurses every 2-3 hrs at night. I am craving longer stretches of sleep but am also dreading the night weaning process. Has anyone here ever NOT actively night weaned their older nursling? And if you did let your LO "self" night wean, at what age did s/he do so and what was that experience like? Thx so much for any and all stories!
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My son was actually right about that age when there was an inexplicable shift in his sleep. He was regularly waking a few times per night, then all of a sudden he was able to get through his sleep cycles without waking. The only change I made was to stop nursing him totally to sleep at night. I was about 8 months pregnant, and so totally relieved!!! We still cosleept, just developmentally he changed. That being said he regressed horribly once the baby was born and I did just choose to actively nightwean him again. Because he reached the milestone on his own previously it went super easy. We all still cosleep and now he's back to sleeping through the nightagain. (Phew!) It can and does happen on it's own, but it can be really hard to trust the process. I kind of could tell he was getting close because he would have some goods nights of sleep thrown into the typical nights of waking, but there wasn't too much of a shift of it turning more and more into good nights, rather a more definite milestone type event. Thats what it was like for us anyway.
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I never did night wean, they did on their own -- but then again, both my girls, possibly due to both weighing more than 10 lbs. at birth, started right off sleeping for a 5-hour stretch at the beginning of the night, then nursing every couple of hours after that.


Also, I am not an eight-hour block of sleep person myself. I will usually sleep for about a five-hour stretch and then wake up and fall back asleep a couple more times before getting up in the morning. When the girls were nursing, I found myself waking up just a moment before the nursling next to me would start stirring in her sleep, so I'd pull her to me and she'd nurse, usually without even opening her eyes. 


I actually used to get up one or two times to pee during the night, but over the past year, I've lost 94 lbs., and this seems to have reduced the need for me to get up and empty my bladder. But I still wake up -- this just seems to be my normal. Getting to spend a full 8 or so hours in bed, and having my sleep add up to 7 or 8 hours total each night, seems to do for me what the solid 8-hour block does for others.

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None of my three children were night weaned. I waited until they were ready to stop nursing at night. I did find it easier if the baby was in bed with us, so I wouldn't be running around the house all night. My kids all weaned themselves at night first between 6 months and around 2.5 years and weaned completely between 16 months and 4 and half years.

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My four year old is still night nursing. He decreased notably at 31 months but lately increased quite a bit due to less nursing during the day.
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I night weaned the first two but was too lazy to do it with the third! ;)  It worked out quite well because she did it n her own just before she turned two.  It was so peaceful and natural, I think I will do the same with our new babe! 

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