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One of my new years resolutions is to add some yoga to my life... a LONG LONG time ago, I used to do yoga as in could follow along with a video/teacher kind of thing.  I loved it, but then I had kids and ...well... you know how that goes.


I'd like to add in just 10 minutes a day, a few days a week to start.  Anyone have a good starting place?  Can you do this stuff from a book, or is a video the way to go? I'm not a total newbie, but I may as well be since its been forever since I did any of this stuff...   How do you start if you don't have time for a class???  Any ideas?  (I'm kind of out of my element here...  I always did yoga by joining a class and then finding a similar video to do at home in between sessions... but I just don't have that kind of time)

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I'm in. joy.gif

Long time yoga enthusiast who is so out of practice, esp. after DD figured out the joys of crawling under mama during a downward dog pose or a bridge pose eyesroll.gif but jumping in again now. I can commit for 20 mins of yoga practice, this time with a prenatal yoga DVD by Shiva Rhea.
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Originally Posted by crazytownmama View Post

 How do you start if you don't have time for a class???  Any ideas?  

I started with 1 sun salutation.  I'm not kidding.  Yesterday I did 2 because I was feeling groggy before going to work.  You'd be amazed by that comment if you knew me. TWO!!!!


I like checking out a stack of Yoga Journals from the library and adding one pose or a sequence to try new things.  I might follow the sequence until I know it, then I like to let it flow into my routines spontaneously.  I do like videos, especially when I am feeling like pushing the length of my practice or I'm feeling particularly uninspired.  But I love doing yoga on my own and learning to tune in to what by body is craving.  I don't spend as much time doing it (10-20 minutes), but there is an attentiveness there that is missing in classes and videos and following sequences from magazines or the internet.  I highly recommend others give it a try, too.  It's yoga without a net!


Another video recommendation for Jaxy and others with little kids:  YogaKids ABC's is actually a really nice video, even for adults.  I'm always feeling tall after that one, and being a kids' video the intensity is low and silliness is high.  My oldest has enjoyed it since she was 2 and we still put it on regularly 7 years later.  Rodney Yee also has a family yoga video they have always loved as well.  DD1 named her toyhouse dolls after the kids.

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Thanks so much for recommending a kids video!!When I used to do yoga,ds1 always tried to get on my mat with me lol Might be time to get him his own mat and start a practice together!!And maybe we can add ds2 to our practice!!Any tips on practicing with baby?I know by the time I get my mat out,he'll probably be squalling!

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I did ditch my yoga practice for a long time because it seemed like it was the signal for the girls to melt down.  I felt like my attention and focus was needed elsewhere than the mat. 


But what worked a little was not having an idea that your practice should be a certain length, or with a certain outcome.  Obviously, that didn't work for me all the time, but it might work better for you.  Certainly, we did manage to start doing some yoga again, at first together along with videos, and then I could do it on my own while they played.  Took years for me, but I think my girls' neediness and my inability to ignore it made it more difficult.


A more difficult video that I have loved was Shiva Rea's Yoga Trance Dance.  I have to be careful to not overdo the sequences (I tend to push myself too hard), but dd1 loved the dance sections, and since I love my yoga to move, I do to.  We add some ribbons and long scarves to the dance.  Fun!  (There is a preview for another, crazy DVD, that is cool to watch but insanely impossible.  We never skip past that ad.)

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Ok, so just caught up on this thread and good on ya ladies for getting it in where you can fit it in thumb.gif . That's what I'm doing lately and my oh my does it make a huge difference! Something MsBe said really resonated with me, about how she would diligently use her book but when it came time to lead someone else she found she didn't need it. That's so how things tend to flow with me. I'm really working the drop-by-drop and letting go of my more perfectionist tendencies with things as this really keeps me from doing anything at all if I can't have it "just right" and that's just nut.gif . My DS1 (7) and DS2 (3) emulate the poses and chants and that makes me so happy that they can find joy in this thing I love so much. My life is super busy and what I tend to do is just stop in the middle of going from one task to another and do a Wheel or a Downward Dog or a Rocking Bow or whatever I can fit in. Love releasing the disappointment of not being able to get through a whole anything of what I want to do yoga-wise. Instead, I am here, right now, and do my best to honor wherever that may be, even when I fail orngbiggrin.gif . Working on getting in some Moon Salutations this week blueman.gif .
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I found this thread at the perfect moment! I am ready to begin a consistent home practice. I look forward to giving and receiving support. I have been practicing yoga on and off for many years, and I certainly have taken enough classes and used enough videos that I have yoga teacher in me! And I may or may not picture this guide as Rod the Bod ;) Here is my plan for sticking to a daily practice.


I teach part time and have a 2yo for the rest of it, so I have been trying to find the right time of day to practice. I like to do something in the morning, but that is the sketchiest time of the day for me in terms of distraction, obligation, motivation. Sometimes I can only think about one thing :coffee.  Nevertheless, my goal is to do a few salutations to get my blood flowing. Once upon a time, I took a Qi Gong class in the morning, which was an amazing way to gently get my vitality flowing. Sometimes I incorporate those moves in to a morning practice, such as the slow torso twist - arm flap, aka. the washing machine. This is also a good time for me to set up a good mental focus for the day. It works if I think about what I am grateful for and plan to do my daily tasks out of love. So, I would like to dedicate 10 minutes in the morning.


Then, after a long day (they are all pretty long, in a good way, usually) I want to do a solid yoga practice. I like your 10 minute routine SweetSilver. I want to do something like this for 20 min. in the afternoons at least 4 days a week.


Finally, every night before bed I want to do a meditation that may include some yoga. I have been doing something like this for a while, but quite sporadically. I want to do it consistently because it helps me sleep better. So far I do this: I like to stretch my arms up in the air while breathing in each direction that I associate to an element and consider the power that I draw from them. Then I do a sitting meditation. Again, I like to consider what I am grateful for. Usually my body chimes in after I have turned down the volume in my head, and I am compelled to do a little stretching in my chair.


I also like the idea of a walking meditation. I would love to do that once or twice a week if possible! Early morning would be great for that, for me. I love being outside when the sun in rising. But this may or may not actually happen on a consistent basis. Anyhow, I will shoot for a walking meditation once a week and see how it goes.


I am reviewing my goals; is this reasonable?? I want it, but I fear I over shoot sometimes!


@ SweetSilver 

 Thought #1 (mainly to myself, but I hope others can benefit as well)


During your yoga routine or any other time, you don't need to stay in the fire if your body is begging to back off.  Perfectly OK to slow down, lower your heart rate and keep it there or return to the fire when you are ready.  Listen to your body.  If it groans too loudly, it's telling you that you're not listening.  Give yourself permission to dial it down.

I live by this! I often (and our culture at large?) keep pushing pushing pushing, searching for that last reserve, squeezing every ounce of "go" from myself for so many reasons. But I have found that 10 minutes of slow and steady can be the best way to re-energize and realign with energizing thoughts.


Happy New Year Everyone! :bgbounce

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I love when you start your routine as sluggishly as ever and find the energy and fire without trying too hard.  


Thanks, MDC for featuring this little thread.  Except the picture *should* have been a mama doing downward dog, the baby crawling underneath and the toddler jumping on top for a ride, the mama mentally chanting "om shanti" to keep her good humor intact.  That would have been closer to the reality!

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Originally Posted by SweetSilver View Post

I love when you start your routine as sluggishly as ever and find the energy and fire without trying too hard.  

Thanks, MDC for featuring this little thread.  Except the picture *should* have been a mama doing downward dog, the baby crawling underneath and the toddler jumping on top for a ride, the mama mentally chanting "om shanti" to keep her good humor intact.  That would have been closer to the reality!
ROTFLMAO.gif Oh so true! That's exactly where I was this morning! Only it's a 7YO and a 3YO biglaugh.gif .
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Thx SweetSilver for so many tips!

Is YogaKids ABC's by Marsha Wenings? I tried one called Yoga Alphabet, it's cute and about 13 mins, it's a good stretching exercise. DS is too young to do anything but try to grab the computer lol, but sometimes he looks at the kids and laugh ahah! He likes to jump up and down. But I guess it can only be good and soon he might try a few things with me :)

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what are some good beginner poses that can easily be done while just going about my day?

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BlueInTheEyes: Some upward dog and downward dog would be good, some cat and cow stretch, twists, and spine flexes too smile.gif .
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Mountain Pose! Stand still, feet well in the ground, top of the head touching the sky... :)

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I throw in some forward bends in with a nice mountain pose.  Arms up, then down to forward bend, up again, then namaste.  Breathe in and out with your movements, whatever feels natural.  I do those several times a day.  Cat-cow.  Child's pose.  Downward dog, sphinx pose (like cobra, but on forearms like the sphinx statue).  Cobbler's pose (seated, soles of feet together), and reclined cobbler's pose (lying on back, feet together).  Ahhhh.........  


Not necessarily those all together, nor all in one day, just here and there as you feel inspired.  

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I was reading a postpartum article by Gurmukh this morning on Mothering and on clicking the video in the article, I found a prenatal yoga session by the same lady on YouTube. I ended up trying it this morning and it feels so good.


The sessions are chopped into 5 videos (1-5, 2-5, 3-5 etc) I didn't do the meditation in the 5-5 video though but it still feels very relaxing.. I might do it every morning.
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Happy New Year! I really love what you had to say here:



Originally Posted by SweetSilver View Post

Because yoga doesn't happen out there.  Yoga happens here and now.  It is where you are.  So, bring it home and join us here, too.

I've come to yoga much later than many of you. I'm 49 now, and my girls are 13 and 8, and I began my practice with YouTube videos in the summer of 2011, when my girls were 11 and 6, so I haven't experienced the same challenges of practicing while pregnant or with toddlers climbing on me or creeping under me. When I first started, I became so enthused about the Five Tibetan Rites that I started getting up an hour earlier than usual, which seemed to work well for a while, but it ended up taking quite a toll on me and I became really ill and exhausted with a respiratory illness about 7 months after beginning my practice, and drifted into a place of just wanting to lie down and rest every chance I got....


Then after some months of being very sedentary, I went to the doctor for the first time in years and learned that my blood pressure had moved into the pre-hypertensive category. I had been morbidly obese for quite some time -- weighing about 124 lbs. more than was healthy for my height. I was also suffering from a lot of knee pain (which is pretty much gone now!). That was in November of 2012. I decided to ease back into my yoga practice and also to remake my relationship to food and start eating very mindfully, and I lost 94 lbs. in a year.


But lately I've been eating more, and I've stopped losing. I actually think I lost a few pounds right after weighing myself around Thanksgiving, but then gained it back a couple of weeks later. Then when I had another chance to weigh myself on New Year's, I saw that I was still at my Thanksgiving weight. At least I don't seem to be gaining -- but if I'm going to lose that remaining 30 or so lbs. and get myself into a healthy weight range, I need to rework my relationship to food again.


Because I know I don't have time to add in more exercise, and I also have no desire to switch to a more intense yoga practice. I love really being able to slow down, meditate, and savor my connection to life during my practice.


Also, I've absolutely decided NOT to give up any sleep. So I'm still getting up at my usual time of 5am, just one hour before starting work giving telephone English lessons at 6. I find that it really helps me get rid of any feelings of stiffness if I do some headrolls, then I do a couple minutes of facial exercises, and then I spend about 5 minutes doing 7 each of the Five Tibetan Rites. Then I get my coffee and a quick breakfast and start work.


On the four days a week that I work a full schedule, I have an hour break in the morning and an hour break in the afternoon (plus other assorted unplanned breaks). On my morning break, I usually spend 30 minutes hula hooping to music. Then on my afternoon break, I usually do this 43-minute Hatha Yoga 1 -- Easy Ground Work video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o3kA7G3hZbg


On the three days a week that I either finish work at or before 1pm, or don't work at all, I usually do this 50-minute Introduction to Kundalini Yoga video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B9C4HJIS6lU -- before doing that, either on a morning break or right before doing the Kundalini, I usually do eye exercises, and do a series of 12 sun salutations (6 sets), which takes me about 12 minutes, and take a couple of minutes to work on my tree pose. SweetSilver, I think those sun salutations are less intense than the ones you do; they don't include the plank pose, for one thing.


I learned the sun salutations (and eye exercises and tree pose) a few weeks ago from a friend who recently got his certification to teach hatha yoga through a course at Yogaville in Virginia, and wants to get some practice with willing guinea pigs like me before trying to give formal classes. We started practicing together, one night a week, a few weeks before Christmas, and it's really nice because their son is dd2's age, so she comes to play with her friend while I do yoga. It's been really fun to finally get to practice with another yogi, but I still see my core practice as what I do at home every day and moment by moment.


I love the tingling that I often feel in my spine now, and the constant urge to straighten up my posture, and one way that I like to center myself throughout the day is by periodically doing the spinal flex kriya that I learned from my kundalini video.

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Originally Posted by mammal_mama View Post

I love the tingling that I often feel in my spine now, and the constant urge to straighten up my posture

I feel this way, too, even sitting at he computer or in the car.  I'm small and the shape of the seats encourages slouchiness and neck strain.


mammal_mama has an ongoing yoga thread in Spirituality, with a slightly different focus that I think others new to this thread, and who might not have seen it, would enjoy.

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Oh what luck to have stumbled on this thread...
You ladies INSPIRE!!! Your honesty and commitment to your practices (great and small) is like fuel for my fire...
I am enjoying a decadent morning without my DS...(preschool) and even alone I often struggle to put aside the laundry, chicken chores, bills, etc.. to make time for clearing my mind with yoga.
I feel so so lucky. I am 16 wks pregnant with DS#2, and have the incredible blessing and challenge of being enrolled in a yoga teacher training.. which I have been enjoying so much.. but questioning my sanity for thinking I could do while working, mothering and growing another babe. You all make me want to push my not pushing.
Sometimes doing is just showing up on your mat.
My training is small...only 7 folks. And all of my classmates are otherwise remarkable atheletes.. CrossFit, Barre classes, pilates...I just applaud myself for showing up to our once weekly meetings. And now at 16 wks, I am adapting poses, beginning to do a little less perhaps, push a little less than my colleagues..
Last night I couldn't help but notice that I was somehow managing to feel badly about this... and then I shook myself. I AM GROWING A BABY!!! The balance between discipline and respect for my body and my limits is such humbling and revealing process. Even in yoga I push, I criticize myself, compare myself... and then I remember. This is why I do yoga. To see this, to release it, to soften into the quiet space, the calm, pure kernel of me that exists when I peel the rest away.
It is lovely for me that the more pregnant I become, the more I seem to find ease in quiet poses, more restorative poses.. I don't have to "work" to quiet my mind ALL the time. Its certainly not all the time. But I am having glimpses of peace in unexpected places.
Thank you all for sharing your journeys. I look forward to hearing more and sharing.
Mamastay smile.gif
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Welcome!  It looks as though you've lurked here for a while, and feel honored that you chose this place to post.  


Off to do the first quick round of yoga I've had in days.  I've been so flippin' tired, I just don't know what.

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Originally Posted by featherednest View Post

This is why I do yoga. To see this, to release it, to soften into the quiet space, the calm, pure kernel of me that exists when I peel the rest away.

I love this!

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