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Started exploring a new Shiva Rea find from the library--though not actually new, 2009.  I love it.  "Daily Energy Vinyasa Flow Yoga".  Like other videos of hers, they tend to be better for yoginis with some experience.  Not so much that the poses are inherently difficult, but I find that her sequences require the student to know their limitations and make the proper adjustments, especially if you are prone to pushing yourself like I am.  With that in mind, I am a big fan of her cycling back to energy flows from the earth to heart and radiating out.  I find myself close to tears in several of her routines in this and her Trance Dance routines, another video of hers I highly recommend.  


This is the first video I have done in ages, and it feels marvelous.  I had a few mental breakthroughs as well, and that's what I love about yoga and movement.  A one-time yoga instructor said that you haven't truly experienced yoga until you cried and farted.  Love it.

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Now I'm off to purchase some "public" yoga pants for leading my girl scout troop in some animal yoga.  My jeans are a size too small and my "private" yoga pants are a bit too, um, not private :Sheepish.  They stay up, so I haven't felt the need to replace them.


And shave my legs, too.  I like knee-length pants and I don't want to frighten the more properly groomed families out there!

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Update on my "fear" practice (that really sounds awful!)  - I have to say, it has been difficult for me to actually think about fear while I am in the midst of practicing, moving. And I think that is a profound thing in and of itself! But I have been thinking about fear a bit, usually right before or right after visiting my mat. MsBe, the book you bring up matches well with what I have been thinking.


One, it is alarming to recognize how many decisions I make based in fear. I'm sure the numbers aren't exact, but I would say somewhere upwards of 85% of my decisions are somehow related to fear. This includes fear of being judged, fear of failing, and fear of wasting time. Just those three fears can take up an embarrassing amount of head/soul space!


Two, the quickest and most powerful way for me to switch the fear mindset when I recognize it is to devote my activity to love and gratitude. It doesn't work (for me) to just try to reason my way out of the fear. Reason helps me identify it and want to change it, but only through changing my intention do I alleviate the actually feeling of fear. Its kind of amazing! Saying, "I do this out of love" can put a complete stop to whatever negative spin my head was in. And you can pretty much do anything out of love, especially if you include love of yourself (yoga, cleaning, eating or not eating, sleeping, etc). For example, if I am distracted from the task at hand because I am worried that I am not doing the right thing (in other words, I am afraid that I am wasting my time) I think, "I do this from a place of love" and then the task seems as important as anything I could ever be doing. It puts me in the moment. Or, if I am laying in bed with negative thoughts welling up I think, "I love myself and it is good for me to rest peacefully. It is good for my daughter if I am rested." and, usually, it helps relieve the anxieties so that I can get to sleep. When I am worried about being judged I remember to love myself and appreciate who I am. I mean, love can help so many aspects of one's life, even those that aren't connected to fear. All in all, I have really gained great insight from thinking about fear. But now I need to cultivate the love and gratitude that transforms fear. So this will be the focus of my practice for the next week! :stillheart

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I'm out of town for work. I miss the family of course, but upside is 2 mornings free for ygpa. But I have a cold. greensad.gif Anyone have recommendations for decongestant poses? Does such a thing exist - I hope it does!
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I fell off the wagon so hard, I think I lost consciousness.  First yoga in, what?  2 weeks?  


I desperately need to start putting intention back into my day.  I feel so scattered.  This computer doesn't help, but it just exacerbates what is already there.  I'd love to just turn it off, but we homeschool and having it on is good for our day in many ways.  Just...ignore...


Gotta start somewhere.  Where would you start?

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Originally Posted by Yammas View Post

Hi Im slightly new to yoga I downloaded an app on my phone but havent got a consistent practice going just yet I have a couple youtube channels im subscribed to but again have yet to try them I like what a previous poster s aid about just going with what your body wants to do rather than following a video or book.

My questions are what mats do you use or would recommend? and how do you go about adding new poses to your practice do you do them seperately after your sun salutations or try to put them into a routine straight away?

Yammas- to answer your question about mats, it mostly depends on the comfort for you.  I practice hot vinyasa yoga so I needed to find a mat that was sticky because you sweat a lot during class. (Crow pose was impossible for me to do on my old mat).  I currently use the monster yoga mat- http://www.beachbody.com/product/fitness_gear/yoga_monster_mat.do. Its comfy and I don't slip while in my practice. I would add new poses right into your routine.  I also practice new poses on my own separately as well.  

I take hot yoga classes at a studio near me, but I would love to start doing more yoga on my own time. If anyone has recommendations for online vinyasa classes I would appreciate it :) 



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Thanks for the recommendation smile.gif I bought a cheap one from us pro I think? Its got a slight texture but I still find my hands slipping they get quite sweaty during normal practise so I think I might have to keep a towel on hand unless someone can suggest another way to keep hands dry?

I did my first yoga class yesterday it felt great plus I got crow for the first time!!!! I was too proud of myself progress can happpen when least expected orngbiggrin.gif

I really wanted to try hot vinyasa but I think I wouldve died the room wasnt even that warm and I was sweating buckets.

@Sweetsilver sun salutations are my go to for a quick simple practise when Ive been out of the loop for a while.

Hope you ladies are well x
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I am so glad that my mat doesn't judge me! :D Gotta get back to it!

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Hello All!


I can't believe I haven't checked in for so long!  My practice sputtered through February. Ugh, February.   I am running a 5K with my in-laws in April, and my DH and I joined the Y so we could start running a couple of times a week.  And I started taking a ballet class.  I always wanted to take ballet but never had the opportunity before now.  So, it's taken a while to adjust but the last couple of weeks have begun to look like a daily practice again.  It feels great to return after a hiatus.  


How goes it for you SweetSilver?


RebeloveMa- I never got a chance to respond to your last post about fear; I loved it!    I can't read what you said about reason and fear enough times,; I spend way too much time worrying when I need to just relax into the love in this moment.  Thank you for sharing that.     


Yammas-  I adore crow.  I hadn't done it in ages either and then we did it in a class I am taking about two weeks ago.  It feels amazing when you are balanced up there. :)

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Originally Posted by MsBe View Post

How goes it for you SweetSilver?


My posting is about as fickle as my yoga practice.  Largely, I keep forgetting!  I'm so busy, then I'm out the door.... it's been a hard time, but I get in a sun salutation here and there.  I'm so frickin' tired!

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I twisted my ankle in feb and have been off yoga since. greensad.gif might be about ready to start again. Any advice for ankle strengthening poses?
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I am thinking tree pose?  Modified on the bad side--just put your foot just above the ankle.  You don't want to work the ankle harder by making the balance  trickier.  I would avoid or modify poses that might put pressure on the ankle--even poses where you squat might put pressure there.  I went back into yoga after a knee injury, and I had to do a lot of my own modifying as I went.


Anyway, I will try to think of more.  I even think some time in mountain pose would be a great place to start and feel out the limits of your ankle.  Changing the weight distribution, just feeling around.  And most definitely ending the session with legs up a wall for a time, especially if you still have some swelling.


I am a great believer in the "walking asana".  Walking seems to set everything back to normal.  Though, I have a tendency when injured to overestimate my abilities, and have found myself too far from home, relatively, and facing a painful walk back. Up and down the block, or even around the house (because I remember after my cesarean being stranded just 6 houses away!)  Long enough to have as natural a stride as possible, but not so far that the commitment is too great.  


Good luck!  Bummer about ankles.  I sprained my ankle badly about 20 years ago, and I still wasn't 100% 3 years later, though I only noticed it after going on some very long walks.

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Thanks. I have been walking (carefully), but not with a yoga mindset. And some exploration of mountain/tree does sound like a good idea. smile.gif
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I have been a lazy girl.  


Today I did my 10 sun salutations rounds after not doing *any* yoga for weeks.  Nt even a measly 2-salutation round like before.   have been walking more, which is always a good asana for me, but no mat practice, nothing.   


I have got to whip myself back into practice.  I am now 15 pounds up, and no twisted ankle as an excuse.  

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prosciencemum-  Hope that ankle is healing nicely.  Sorry I don't have any strengthening advice for you, but I'd like to hear if you find something that feels great and really seems to help. 


SweetSilver-  Yay for your 10 rounds!  May this be the beginning of your triumphant return to the mat :)  It is great that your walking meditations have picked up.  I am currently visiting my sister in Virginia and it is truly spring here.  I have been out walking or running everyday, or just bringing my mat out and doing some slow stretches in the sun.  It feels so incredible after what was beginning to feel like like an interminable winter.  Tomorrow I head back North and I'm hoping and praying for just a little less snow cover when we get there...


I'm still a little plumper than I'd like to be too, but I figure it's just the time of year.  Once the days are above freezing, the ground thaws, and I can spend my time out in the garden instead of sipping cocoa by the wood stove, I figure I'm bound to drop a few pounds.  


My mat practice has been somewhat spotty, but much better than February now that I am tracking it again.  I'm still missing two or three days some weeks but most days I am managing at least 10 minutes at some point.  I think I mentioned before that I am trying to train for a 5K later this month and that makes it difficult to carve out significant time for yoga.  My asana work is also suffering a bit from my renewed efforts at sitting meditation, but things on that front are at least moving forward... slowly, slowly.  I am up to about 20 minutes most days, although sometimes that is one 20 minute session and sometimes that is 10 in the am and 10 in the pm.  My goal for this season is to establish a 30-40 minute/day sitting practice, preferably 20-30 in the am and another short session before bed.  Spring has always been my least favorite season.  The weather is so inconsistent and unreliable, and everything is mud and slush and ice, and yet it is so busy.  There is so much to be done before summer comes.  I am already starting to feel overwhelmed.   Blech.  But I making an effort to embrace it this year instead of letting it get me down.   


Rebelove, Jaxy, and any others who are MIA-  How are you?  Where are you in your practice?  I miss you & hope to hear from you soon.  :)

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My ankle is improving slowly, and I'm aiming to go back to my classes following our 2 week Easter break. Getting a real break during that period which I'm really looking forward to. smile.gif
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Going to post every day I do a routine.  Don't hear from me, I didn't do it.  Must get my ass in gear.  For the record, did 10 + my core work this morning.  Hope I don't bore you with the repeptition.  Hope I *do* bore you with repetition because that means I'm doing it!

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Nearly forgot to check in.  Yup, did my routine this morning.  I felt like I was my own mother reminding me to do my homework.  The joy was not apparent, but it got done.  :)  Sometimes dedication feels nothing like bliss.  Need to remind myself of that from time to time.  Well, more often than that!  That's part of the problem!

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:Peace One more session.


Instead of the core work on the floor, I did udyana banda, which I highly recommend as an alternative to or addition to core work.  I always take an extra breath or 2 or 3 in between repetitions.  I'm amazed that doing 3 rounds of this seems to affect my posture better than more difficult core work, and without the soreness.


Followed that with 10 sun salutations, adding some good hip strengtheners (half moon pose, standing splits, flying warrior) as well as warrior 1 and 2.  Sample:


Forward bend

step back, knee on floor to crescent pose

plank pose

push up pose to floor

low cobra


down dog

warrior 1

standing split



repeat on other side


next round, change out warrior 1 for warrior 2, half moon pose for standing split


at some point, I drop the step-back to crescent and just jump back.


keep changing it up with every round until the last (10 salutations, 5 rounds, for me) you move into pigeon pose on each side, then done.


I threw in a twist in there somewhere and cobbler pose where it made sense, at the end I like to move into prayer pose before pushing into down dog.  Just feel what your body needs.  If it's a strong routine, pepper it and finish with more supple poses.


Nope, no savasna.


ETA: I just read the instructions on the link I posted.  I wanted to emphasize that you *release the lock and relax your abdominals before you inhale*.  Also, my teacher did this crazy thing where she held the lock, then started undulating the belly up and down.  It's weird and jiggly, and I recommend doing it without an audience at first :p

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