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So happy for you Laggie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Laggie- I'm thrilled to see your good news. Congratulations & happy & healthy next 9 months!
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So for those of you doing cinnamon - the only inexpensive cinnamon I could find also has chromium in it. Any idea why this is, or if there's any advantage/disadvantage to it? Also, there are warning labels saying it's not for pregnant/nursing women, and I'm curious if this is just the standard liability disclaimer (which usually says talk to your doctor, not don't take it), or if there's something to it? Honestly, I could easily eat the amount of cinnamon in the capsules in various food throughout the day, so I don't see why it should be a big deal.

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Laggie!!!!!! joy.gifjoy.gifjoy.gif

I am so happy for you! Congratulations! Those numbers are fantastic! I am thinking twins too joy.gif

Adiejan- those follicules sound promising! Your trigger shot must be any day now. Good luck and keep us up dated.

Mo- it's really a good idea to not take meds unless you are certain you need them. I had lots of trouble when I was put on insulin too soon. Thankfully that has been corrected and I am off it again but still...

Monkey- I sympathize about not being in the right space to post. Hang in there and we will be here when you are feeling up to it.

AFM- we jumped in with both feet to our new cycle. Only had half our meds and one lonely vial of sperm but we are going with it. Now on day 4 of stems and I am crying at everything and just this afternoon am starting to feel a little too full in the lower belly. Really hoping for a great big cycle just short of OHSS since the doctor seems to think this will be all the sperm we get from DH. We are going to try for one more frozen vial before retrieval. Doctor is pushing for backup vials from a donor but it is to difficult for us to consider just yet. As long as we have an option for DH in any form that is our preferred path. Now if I can just get the rest of my meds by tomorrow afternoon...
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I finally got through to my nurse and doc. My appointment with a doc to specializes in women with PCOS is scheduled for January 10 at 2:30pm (EST). More than likely he won't do that ultrasound then but he will probably put in the order for it. At least I'll be meeting with someone to discuss my growing concerns.


You know what I'm not looking forward to? The look on the nurse's face when she says "When was the first day of your last period?" and I say "October 2013". :rotflmaojaw.gif

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I just had my egg retrieval. I'm kind of a mess. Went into it thinking I had 2 great sized follicles and one catching up. They got in there and found that both large follies were empty!!!!! They were able to retrieve 3 immature eggs that we will see how they grow today. I am feeling so discouraged. I HATE infertility.
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hugs @adiejan  i'm sorry to hear that and I totally agree about infertility.

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Ohh Adie I am so sorry to hear that. I will hope for the smaller three to mature and for a healthy embryo to transfer.

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Naturally mo - lol I'm sure you're not the latest they've seen smile.gif my best friend was lucky to get her period in 7 months - weirdly it didn't stop her getting 2 kids.

Adie- huge hugs, totally! Fx for those 3 eggs being workable... It sux, but you're not out yet xxx
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Adiejan - I'm sorry, that is disappointing. I hope you get a healthy embryo out of this cycle.


AFM, today's beta was 555, which is a 48 hour doubling time. That's good, right? I'm kind of bouncing between my GP (who is clueless about the IVF process) and the clinic in Greece to get test requisitions and prescriptions. I don't think it's a twins number in any case. 

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@adiejan hugs to you!! Be gentle and kind to yourself through this process.
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Laggie that is a great number ! My numbers were lower when I was pregnant with twins so you never know!!!!!!!!
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Not sure if you ladies know this site already? If not its a beta number data base smile.gif always good for a look
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@adiejan 3 immature is better than none. Let's keep the hope alive!

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Laggie, those are great numbers, twins or not.
Adijan, that's very mixed news. Good that they got some but sorry it wasn't what you'd hoped.
Mo, any chance you'll do a home pregnancy test before seeing your dr...just in case?

As for me, I emailed my RE to ask about thyroid testing, as you ladies suggested. I also asked him if he'd test progesterone and do a uterine lining measurement....those being the only things I'd found online related to recurrent miscarriages that he hasn't already tested for.

I wonder if I'd need to remove my iud for the uterine lining measurement. Since iud disrupts development of uterine lining?
I do want to take it out and ttc in May, as I only used it to calm anxiety about conceiving again before getting ANSWERS ...but the thought of takin the iud out and being vulnerable to pregnancy loss roller coaster is still scary.
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Hi All!  Thank you so much for you support. It was so nice to feel all of your kind words and energy!! Yesterday was rough and I really felt like we were probably going to hear that it wasn't going to work out this cycle.  The Embryologist called today to let us know that ALL 3 eggs had matured overnight in the fluid from my own large follicles with no eggs in them!!  They performed ICSI on them and I we will see what happens tomorrow!  I am in complete shock and happy that they took that extra step for us!  The Embryologist said that if we achieve pregnancy this will be pretty pioneering stuff (with the in vitro maturation process involving my own follicular fluid)!!  This journey is a roller coaster that's for sure...bracing for the next wave tomorrow!!

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Adie you ground breaker! That is great news - fx for those eggies!
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Roller coaster update: Told yesterday that all 3 fertilized but 2 were abnormal and 1 they are still waiting on to see for sure.  I'm definitely not feeling confident in the completion of this cycle.  We will hear more today. I was a mess yesterday.  I had to go to work for a second and it was extremely hard to hold it together.  I am a psychotherapist so it is pretty crucial that I attempt to hold it together ;).  I went to walmart after work and I saw two of my dear friends that I have been talking to though this whole process.  They have both been through this hell and have come out on the other side.  It was CRAZY as I never see them out randomly.  In fact one of them I haven't "seen" in 13 years...we talk on social media.  I really felt like it was for a reason...I don't know comfort, hope, learning not to give up.  I can say I have never cried at walmart until yesterday ha ha!


How are all of you?  I am sorry I have been kinda self focused the past few days.  I really appreciate all of your support!

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I am so sorry to hear about the two embryos. It is frustrating and you do need to focus on yourself!!!!!!!!!!! Would you do another retrieval cycle?
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When we did this cycle we signed up for a pregnancy guarantee plan.  So we have another cycle that we can do.  That is a nice feeling...that we didn't pay all of that money and not even really have a chance!  Thanks for your thoughts @tracyamber!!

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