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:lurk  I'll just sit right here and live vicariously.  :wink 

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Wow! This thread took off. I'll try to start a new one every season. (Hopefully, I'll be successful long before then).

hayhurst - What are your next steps? Just taking some time to try to figure it out?

Sourire - I follow your blog sometimes and I'm rooting you on! smile.gif

Laggie - It sounds like everything is moving along perfectly! A triple stripe is what they look for. It's a sign of a good lining. smile.gif I'm so excited for your trip to Greece!!!! Will they be doing a 3 day transfer or a 5 day transfer or does it just depend? What about frosties? Do they just hold on to them for you?

naturallymo - Good luck on losing weight over the holidays! But, I had a really hard loss last year around October and I HAD to lose the "baby weight" for my psychological well being. It went through the holidays, but was fine and I've kept it off which has been great. You can do it, too. smile.gif Are you seeing a specialist about the PCOS? I don't know much about it, but know that there are other things they can try such as Metformin which can really help.

Sila and RCR - I can't believe you two have had your baby girls! How time has flown.

wifeofant - Be kind to yourself. The depo shot's not a death sentence. It'll clear form your body in time. What are you doing to help your PCOS?

tracy - What are your next steps? Are you still working on adoption?

toothfairy - Any plans?

fierrbug, lilac, tenk, hope, tear - I love stalkers..... They make us feel special. orngtongue.gif

milk8shake - Always thinking about you. (But in a non creepy way....) And this race to see who can get more little angels at the bottom of their siggie is really getting out of hand. Let's just call it a tie and quit already.

AFM - I have absolutely no idea what I'll do if the bean was genetically normal. Probably cry. This last cycle we tried Intralipids, Lovenox and Prednisone besides all the normal stuff. I guess maybe Letrozole and Neupogen.... And, Intralipids, Lovenox and Prednisone? I don't know.

Reason for Letrozole: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/22246449
Reason for Neupogen: http://www.medscape.com/viewarticle/712831
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Originally Posted by Xerxella View Post

wifeofant - Be kind to yourself. The depo shot's not a death sentence. It'll clear form your body in time. What are you doing to help your PCOS?

Mostly nothing. I tried Metformin before trying for DS (I was diagnosed while DH was deployed) and didn't help. It made my cycles more irregular and made me sick. I cut out a lot of dairy and that helped but I have a cheese weakness. I was 125 lbs for the longest time (at 5'3") but Depo Provera made me gain 10 lbs. My BMI is still "normal" but I've visibly put on quite a bit of fat. I tried for a little while to lose it but it didn't budge. I'm sort of hoping that it slowly comes off on its own when Depo Provera is completely out of my system but that's quite a big hope. If not, I hope I follow the same pattern and lose weight easily after baby #2 is born, I went below my prepregnancy weight before DS ate very much solids.

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@Xerxella - thanks for the vote of confidence. My hubby is losing weight with me so we are doing this together. I'm keep the faith that things will work out.



– Thanks about the natural hair blog. I need to update it. I’ve been so busy I haven’t had a chance to do much of anything lately. I haven’t started to see a specialist yet but those are the next steps.



My OB recommended Metformin but everyone I know has said how horrible it was for them in terms of the runs so I'm not sure if I want to use something like that unless necessary. I'm going to try weight loss first and then revisit later.

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I love the avatar change sourire!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! N
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Thanks Tracy... It took me a while to find one I like as much as the last one.
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I guess I fit here too. It's been a while since I posted on MDC, so here is a short summary:

Secondary infertility since 2008, unexplained expect for borderline male factor.
3 IUIs in 2010. One IVF in 2010 resulting in a missed miscarriage @ 12 weeks. One FET in 2011 that used up all our frozen embryos.

We decided on no more treatments, no charting, no active TTC. Nothing fertility wise since then, besides developing PMDD, possibly endometriosis, and chronic vestibular migraines.
I am facing my first day 3 tests since April 2011 to see if my numbers have changed now that I am over 35. If they are on there way down, well, I am just not sure yet.
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Posting from my phone, so keeping it shortish.

X - I think this cycle we're mostly hoping for dh to actually be home when I ovulate. Thinking it will be in the next few days, if I'm reading the signs right and my body is actually following a pattern. (Not its usual MO, but anything's possible!) Still feeling ambivalent. Also, I very much agree that you and Milk should stop the angel race. greensad.gif I can't imagine how sucky it must be to get pregnant so easily and then lose so many little ones. Hugs to you both.

I forgot who mentioned metformin, but I will say it NEVER gave me diarrhea. Permanent headache and terrible nausea, yes. The runs, no. Every doctor I've told about the headache looks at me like I'm crazy, but there's a very clear pattern of met = headache for me, personally. It didn't help me ovulate, either. On the other hand, South Beach worked for getting both me and my cousin (who also has PCOS) pregnant, even though I was not super overweight and didn't lose a ton before conceiving.

TF, Milk, I also think of you ladies all the time in a non-creepy way. Good to see you again!
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Hi Everyone!  I hope it is ok if I join you!

We have been TTC since 2009...long, long, story short...

10 failed Clomid cycles, 1st IUI BFP ended in ectopic, 3 more failed IUI's

Now we are preparing for our 1st mini IVF cycle to start next week. I have pcos and hubby is normal.  I have been working so hard to lose weight...no carbs, no dairy and doing everything possible!  Here is to working as hard as possible and hoping!! I am so glad to find this thread right now.  I really hope I can support all you ladies on your roads as well!

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Welcome adiejan!
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I'd like to join, just to keep an eye on everyone's progress and get some suggestions about the options out there. I am not TTC right now - in fact, I have a copper IUD because the thought of conceiving and losing again was too much. I have a son who is three, and have lost 3-5 pregnancies since then (3 on my med chart, two other positive pregnancy tests followed by loss. Chemical, I guess?)


I finally am thinking I might try again in the spring, so I have an appointment to start seeing an herbalist (I am taking vitex and macca already) and I've cut out coffee because I think I might have estrogen dominance. I also have cysts on both ovaries but the doctors said they're of the fairly normal variety. I read those are another symptom of estrogen dominance though. I used progesterone cream with my last pregnancy and still lost it, but I think my plan for the future will be to try herbs and diet to get my hormones under control, and get progesterone injections during pregnancy. 


I'm looking forward to hearing what works for all of you and getting some ideas. Good luck!

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Thinking about you ladies often as well. I really wish when I came on here there weren't so many familiar faces. 

monkey, milk8shake, xerxella, laggie…. Hope you're all off this train soon.  The whole recurrent miscarriage thing is a real downer. As if it isn't bad enough to be infertile but then to add miscarriage when you finally do get pregnant… just mind-boggling.


I'm still in treatment. We did a fresh cycle in Oct and had a 'chemical pregnancy', basically my period started the day after my BFP and then I had a miscarriage a week later. My beta increased in the first week, despite the heavy bleeding.


This cycle I went to NY for intralipids and am on lovenox injections. I only had my transfer a few days ago so there is no news as of now. I've gotten pregnant all 3 times so it is hard to imagine not getting pregnant but I know it could happen. I'm just searching for a miracle. 

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Toothfairy- I agree that it is hard to see familiar faces! I feel that way about you! Hugs and I hope this one is your take home baby! Are the intralipids the transfusions to help with implantation or is that something else?
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Toothfairy - my fingers are crossed that the added meds will make a difference for you. I want so bad for this to be your turn!
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Oh, Toothfairy, good luck! I am excited for you to be in your TWW, even though I realize it's probably nerve-wracking for you. And will continue to be nerve-wracking even if/when you get your BFP. Hope you've got the winning combo of treatments this time. I'm so sorry to hear you had another loss. I want so much to wave a magic wand and make recurrent miscarriages disappear. I will keep your family in my prayers.


Sourire - Oh, that is a nice new avatar! I, too, frequently stalk your blog. Glad that despite some scares, everything is going well.


Laggie - Thinking good thoughts for you! I hope the donor eggs are the magic bullet. The only thing I have against September babies is there are already 4 between our two families - we each have 2 siblings born in September! Three within 4 days of each other!


X - I think the time was ripe for a new combined IF thread. Hope this place continues to be hopping with support, unless everyone just gets pregnant in one mad rush of universal joy. (A girl can dream, right?) I may have to read your blog to catch up on your story. I've semi-followed you through some of the TTCAL threads and the IVF thread, but I think I'm confused about things at this point. Anyway, I hope your embryoscopy results reveal something useful.


Welcome to those I haven't met before, and welcome back to a lot of old familiar faces. It's a little mindboggling to think I started posting in IF threads 3 years ago this month. There have been so many triumphs and heartbreaks in that time.


AFM, well, my ds puked 8 times in 4 hours tonight. Meanwhile, my dh is out of town until Friday, which is not unusual for him. As I was talking the 4th load of barfy laundry downstairs, I thought to myself...what would I do if I had a newborn that needed me and a barfing toddler? All of my friends have kids themselves, and I wouldn't want them to leave their families and expose themselves to germs to help me out. And I started thinking it was totally nuts to TTC while dh is still traveling so much. Except we have not the vaguest notion of when he might not have to travel so much. Sigh. This ambivalence just keeps coming up. Yesterday, I met with the same OB/GYN who told me about South Beach two years ago (does that sentence even make sense?). He asked if I was TTC or not, and I didn't know what to say. So I just spilled to him about how we'd conceived and miscarried, and about how I wanted that baby, but wasn't sure about trying again, but my dh had been very worried about the pregnancy that I lost, but was gung-ho about trying again. He was very understanding, and correctly identified the fact that my husband wants to "fix" things by having another baby. And told me an engineering joke when I told him my husband was an engineer, and his whole job revolves around fixing problems.


Anyway, he basically said that if I'm not TTC, he thinks it's in my best interest to be on ovulation suppression drugs (i.e., birth control), and if I am TTC, I should be on metformin to reduce my miscarriage risk. He also agreed to run a standard PCOS panel to see where my hormones and cholesterol are at, just to see if there's anything worrying. And a thyroid panel, since I'm paranoid about thyroid issues since we have a lot of hypothyroidism in my family. I have to fast for the blood work, so I haven't done it yet. I was going to try for Friday, but we'll have to see if ds is well enough to be left with someone. He said he doesn't think being heterozygous for MTHFR C677T is anything to worry about, but I wonder if some of you ladies who've done more research have a different opinion?


Most importantly, he readily agreed to do serial beta tests and an early ultrasound if/when I do get pregnant. I was scared to ask him, because I delivered my son with midwives, and will most likely do the same with future children. (I never saw him again after that initial visit 2 years ago - he gave me BC to take while I worked on losing weight with South Beach, I was waiting for my period to come to start them, and, well, it didn't come!) When I brought it up with him, he said very matter-of-factly, "Of course I can do that for you. I'm your doctor." I wanted to hug him at that point. I'm philosophically anti-unnecessary-testing-in-pregnancy, but I can't go through another 10-week wait to see if things are really working out or not. It made me bananas with my son, and I only did it because I didn't have anyone to ask for lab orders. (Apparently, I should have called Mr. Nice Doctor back!) After losing this one, with zero idea of when things went wrong or what went wrong, I just... can't. I can't get that excited about what might be a blighted ovum. I just need to know what happens, whenever it happens.


And now... I wait. I'm pretty sure I ovulated either Monday or Tuesday. (Chart stalkers click here.) I never got a +OPK, but I've been very sloppy about when I test, and Monday's test wasn't until something like 8 PM, I think. Sunday's might have been just as late, I don't remember. But the cervical change is pretty clear, and the temp pattern looks like my O pattern, though of course it's too soon to know for sure. The last two days' OPKs have definitely been fainter than before. The timing isn't impossible, though the CM was not very encouraging. I don't know what I'm hoping for, really. I guess I will take what I get.

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@toothfairy2be that just sounds so hard ! You are brave and strong to keep trying and sharing the info about your recent cycle. I hope this will be the one! Best of everything to. Keep us posted.
@monkeyscience wow ! What a dilemma! Hugs to you! Things just are not as clear as we''d like. I had my last cycle in July (FET) and we finally used up all our embryos and I am just too old( I feel) to go through another retrieval and medications that made me crazy and I have a toddler too! Having a baby is not suppose to be so hard! So I am grieving and trying to get the energy to get another child somehow in our lives. Hope your son is feeling better.
@Xerxella I am thinking about you!
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Hi @monkeyscience . You and your sister used the South Beach Diet to lose weight? Is that a diet that is good for those with PCOS? I'm in the same boat that I need to lose weight in order to get pregnant but I'm not following a specific diet plan. Just increased proteins and physical activity and very little white carbs. Any advice is appreciated.

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Mo - she's actually my cousin, but yes. smile.gif I only lost about 7 lbs before getting pregnant (which actually caused me to lose 4 more lbs initially!), but that was in only 3 weeks. I think my cousin lost 15-20 lbs. (Neither of us were hugely overweight to begin with, but if you have more to lose, you would probably lose more faster.) It's a good PCOS diet because it's a low glycemic index diet. Also, it's more about permanently changing how you eat than just dropping weight and then abandoning it. I'd highly recommend getting the actual book and reading it. It's a fast read, and you can probably get it through your local library.
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And today my temp is down and my cervix is back up. Apparently my body is just messing with me. Sigh.
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Mo-south beach is great for PCOS! I have been doing a no refined carb and no dairy diet since the end of Sept and I've lost 30lbs! I've also been working out more. I know also that eating this way is helpful for fertility. I was told to start eating a high cholesterol diet with the start of our IVF cycle next week. Has anyone else heard this?
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