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Thanks ladies! I'm cautiously very thrilled!! @naturallymo roll tide!!! wink1.gif...about the only time we all want it to come!
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Congrats adiejan!!!!!!!
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Adie - That is awesome!!!!!!!! Huge congrats!!!!! joy.gifjoy.gifjoy.gifjoy.gifjoy.gifjoy.gifjoy.gifjoy.gifjoy.gifjoy.gifjoy.gif

Siuann - Welcome.gif Welcome!!!! I don't know much about endo, but there are ladies on here who can give you advice. Thanks for joining us!

Laggie - @Laggie Check in!!!! You've got to have an u/s coming up! It's been 2 weeks since you're BFP, right? So, you're about 6 weeks now, right? I'm ready to hear a heartbeat (and a nose count!) smile.gif

mo - I hope af comes quickly! I hate the wait for af. It's so negative. At least once af comes, you have a fresh start and hope. Roll tide, roll!

AFM - So, this morning the big follicle was still at a 17 and the other ovary had 2 at 13 and 11. At my encouragement, we're going to kind of ignore the big one and try to get the 2 smaller ones to about a 16 and an 18. I don't trust the big one to be any good. No one's certain it's not a left over cyst and it seems like it's abnormal because of how it's growing. It grew huge before my cycle even started and now it's barely grown in a week. The smaller 2 are growing right on schedule. Anyways, if everybody grows evenly the big one would only be a 22 which is still in the running anyways. So, the plan is to keep going and add in Ganirelix to keep anybody from popping early. Hopefully, everybody looks good about Sunday and we'll trigger then. IUI would be Tuesday then. That would be ovulation on CD 12, which seems more like a normal cycle anyways. I know you guys are all on the edge of your seat, so I'll keep you updated! orngtongue.gif

PS. How DO you tag someone in a post????
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This cycle shall forever be known as the Ambiguous Test Cycle. I thought after last week's OPK as HPT fiasco, it couldn't get worse. I took one of my Amazon tests this morning (the one with no timing instructions), and despite a lot of squinting, it appeared to be a BFN at 5 minutes. An hour or two later, when I took my son to the potty, I looked at it again, and there was a very, very faint line. So I don't know what to think. It could be an evap line. I've never had one before, so I don't know. I've never had a line appear later that wasn't there before - and I've checked many times! It's so faint I can't imagine it showing up with anything other than FMU, so I'll have to wait until tomorrow to test again. I'm kicking myself for not just peeing in a cup so I could do multiple tests. I'm going to call the doctor and get a blood test, though, since it's the weekend and I'm worried about the whole thyroid thing.
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Oh my, monkey!! I'll be on pins and needles until you test again!

Congratulations Adiejan! I'm so happy for you.

I'm still exhausted, and of course will test positive, so it's not an answer yet. I'm 11 dpo, and my temps just keep going up and up. It looks like the profit margin of a highly successful business. Rofl!
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Called the doc, about to go and pick up paperwork for a beta today and Monday! Wish me luck, or something. Hope it isn't an evap line, then I will feel dumb. If the blood test is positive, though, I'll be pretty confident I'm only 9 DPO, because 11 DPO  (in all two cases, anyway :p) shows up very clearly!

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Happy Friday!  @Siuann @chuord  I like to keep it light :thumb


I am day 1 of no progestrone and just waiting on the crimson tide to come sweeping in. I'm a little crampy today so something tells me she will make an appearance this weekend. I guess I need to go ahead prepare my husband for the fatigue and mood swings I'm about to have. Maybe I should just sleep in the guest room :Sheepish.


Anywho, I somehow hurt my ankle last night so DH was massaging it and putting bags of frozen peas on it for me last night. It's still a little swollen but for the most part I am ok.


One of my new coworkers just found out she was pregnant last friday . She's about 8-9 weeks along and this will be her 4th (she had a son pass away 5 days after delivery). I'm excited for her but I have to admit that I felt some kind of way on the inside. Then they all looked me and asked why I wasn't pregnant (no one knows about the issues I've had). They figure because we're newlyweds it would have happened by now but no such luck. Needless to say, I am surrounded by 3 pregnant women at work. duh.gif

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I know my neice who doesn't want baby got preggo and let me tell you drives me crazy want baby so bad hate looking at her i know its wrong but aghh soon we will have our baby looking for embryos to adopt
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I called my Dr this morning, because they called me Monday to make sure I got the message on Friday, and I'm supposed to follow up within 7 days of my blood work, which was on Monday, and this Dr is only open Tuesday 1230 through Friday noon. Well, apparently, Dr. L had am "emergency" and won't be back til next week. And she wouldn't tell me my levels! Arg! I told her that I should have gotten a call saying that the Dr was out until next week, not just leaving me with nothing, after calling me Monday and saying you'll call me right back! It's extremely time sensitive stuff. I'm frustrated. I *might* get in on Tuesday evening, which is the only way it will work anyway, because I sure am not taking 5 kids to a fertility appt that usually lasts between 3-5 hrs.
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joyfam - I hope the doc is responsive and you get some answers.

Mo - How do you do the @ thing????? I've got issues with my format. MDC is yelling at me about my outdated web browser and I've lost the smilies on the side! :P Come on AF!

Monkey!!!!! - OMG!!! So, what did the next test say? You bought the pack of 500 HPTs, right? So, you must have tested again, right? Do they all have the evap line????? And, when will you get results from the test today? Don't tell me they'll make you wait until Monday?!?!?!?

AFM - So, now the follicles are at a 19, 15 and 12 and my estrogen is at 202. I'm not doing the IUI. We're just going to do TI. DH is out of town Saturday through Monday morning. We'll BD Saturday morning and Monday afternoon and I'll trigger Sunday morning, so I should O Monday night. So, I don't have a lot of hope for this cycle, but we'll play it out.
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I am pregnant. Clear (faint, but darker than yesterday) line in under 10 min. And X, I don't know when they'll tell me my results! Probably not until Tuesday or Wednesday after my second beta. It's just a regular OB, so I doubt they get the stress of my waiting!

Sorry for the AAM. It's 4 I the morning and I couldn't sleep, so I had to get up and test! Hope I can sleep now.
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monkey!!!!!! Holy crap!!!!!


Now go to sleep! smile.gif
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Gratz Monkey!! 

Everyone else: I'm sorry I'm still new to this, I have no idea what most of the things are that you guys are talking about with numbers, abbreviations, etc. But I'm cheering for all of you!


Update: they called me Friday to schedule surgery for Tuesday! WOW that was fast. I don't think I've even processed that I need surgery, much less that its going to happen so quickly. We still need to get with the hospital billing people, and its kind of stressing me out that we haven't been able to speak with them yet, I'm pretty sure they will help us set up some kind of payment plan (we have a high deductible insurance), but I just like the details. It would suck to have to leave my hubby to deal with that while I'm under or something crazy like that. We both make financial decisions together, but I'm the one that executes them. 

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Yay Monkey!!!!!!! Now grow bean grow!!!!
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Aww, Monkey!! I'm so, so happy for you :)

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Monkey and Adie!!! Grow little beans grow!


AFM - My LO is only 2 months old but I am already finding myself thinking about ttc a lot again. Whether we will or not I don't know, but I was fantasizing about my leftover Follistim in the fridge and whether it will get used or not. It's like once you start you can't stop. It's like IF is something you never totally get over. For now we are focusing on trying to get our sex life back to "normal" since we've been ttc or pregnant for the last 3+ yrs. There has been talk about growing our family through adoption in future...


Back to lurking and reading along :)

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Congratulations adiejan and monkeyscience!! Sending major healthy, super glue vibes to you both!!

My DH just took our two boys to the library so I have time to finally delurk orngtongue.gif . I've been reading along with you guys for a few weeks now but don't have a whole lot of posting time on forums ATM since I've got so much on my plate right now dizzy.gif . I've definitely been riding the Fertility Challenged hurricane for about the last 16 months. We have two boys that were conceived the first time we didn't prevent and those pregnancies and births were straightforward and easy; loved being pregnant. Now with two B2B m/c's and issues conceiving, I'm just now starting to not be confused when another cycle goes by with nothing. Secondary infertility can bite me. I believe that I am dealing with a nasty little hormonal issue (estrogen dominance) and after everything I've been looking into the last almost year and a half, I realize now how miraculous it is that our boys are here. I absolutely believe that I've been dealing with estro dom issues my entire life looking back. When I started m/c'ing, developed severe menorrhagia after the first one, and then started dealing with a whole host of other issues that pointed straight to hormonal imbalance, some things started clicking. I'd never even heard of hormonal imbalance before I started losing pregnancies and it made so much sense the more I read. I started treating myself for the suspected imbalance and began getting better when various doctors over the years had never been able to tell me what was wrong with me. No one ever brought up hormone testing. I think that trying a grain-free/high animal fat/protein diet helped knock my already super sensitive hormones into another dimension. Since cutting that out and getting back to moderation as well as exercising again and taking Vitex, I'm getting better, slowly but surely. Working on getting my hormones back into balance has been an exercise in pure insanity and I'm still not there. This is my sixth cycle on Vitex and I love this herb heartbeat.gif .

So that's just a quick rundown of my story. Gotta get ready to meet a friend so off I go! Oh, Xerxella, the "@" button is on the list of reply options above the reply box. Click that and then you can begin typing a poster's name and suggestions will come up for you to choose from. Or you can do [ @ ] [ / @ ] (w/o the spaces of course winky.gif ), just put the poster's name b/w the open and close brackets.

Hi chuord! flowersforyou.gif

Hope my quick post made sense and I don't have too many typos orngtongue.gif . Have a beautiful day ladies! And thank you for having this thread blowkiss.gif .
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Congrats monkey science!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Congrats to all with bfp way to go now pass the baby dust
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Thanks, ladies. I ended up using my Answer pregnancy test and a cheapie OPK to confirm. All very definitely positive. Hoping very much for good betas and a sticky bean!

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