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mamacatsbaby - it sounds like we're in a similar situation. I started having losses after my son was born and figured out for myself that it's probably low progesterone or estrogen dominance. I am on my first cycle using vitex and my temps improved a lot (I had 98.5 the past few mornings, and I used to be mid 97 at best) buuut also now I'm on day 15 past ovulation - and I usually don't go more than 9 days before getting my period (or getting pregnant and miscarrying soon after). I have heard that sometimes vitex makes things go to the other extreme before balancing out so I'm going to stick with it a few more months and see if my charts start to look more normal all around. (I do know for certain I'm not pregnant.) If vitex makes me have a really long luteal phase instead of my 9 day, I won't complain...though it would mean my two week wait will be 2+ weeks. Did you have any weird changes at first with vitex?


Siuann - that is coming right up!! Be sure to let us know how it goes. It is kind of crazy how quickly doctors move (well, sometimes. I think everyone on this thread knows they also sometimes don't think things are as urgent as we know they are.) :) 

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@monkeyscience - congrats!!! Here's to a sticky that lasts the nine months!
@mamacatsbaby - that was great to hear do much detail about your journey wink1.gif - vitex definitely seems like a good thing, I think I started the same or a month after you... And I really think it's taken a good 4 months to fully settle things - hopefully that gives you hope @LittleKind it does take some time.
Do you have any idea on hormone levels? At my second (lower) beta hcg last week my oestroidal was 727 and my progesterone 36, I've been wondering about the balance... (AF has now started and onto the next one - if anyone was curious..)
Also someone told me once that migraines before AF are from too much estrogen and after AF has started from too much residual progesterone... Does that resonate with anyone?
Lol and lastly my hormones were out of whack from the hormones in meat! I found that really horrifying and have been trailing safe hormone free suppliers - we balanced it through kiniesiology and repaired the damage... But I totally get @mamacatsbaby how your high animal fat diet could have done that to you... Anyone else have any stories or thoughts?
Any AF yet @NaturallyMo
@adiejan how are you? Hoping its sticky and hcg is rising!
Sticky baby dust all round
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@mamacatsbaby - Thanks! My reply box does not have any icons above it. It used to, but I think I'm using an old web browser which isn't as compatible. Hopefully I did it right! Is it tertiary fertility for us? orngtongue.gif Either way, I'm sorry you're going through it. Being wonderfully fertile and then having it all crash down for no obvious reason really does bite. ETA - Woohoo! It worked!
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AAM - So follies were 21, 17 and 13 today. I'll trigger at 4 am because my dh will be home from a quick trip monday about 3 pm. We're not going to do the IUI. It's just not worth it for this crap of a cycle. It only gives normally fertile people about a 4% increase in success. I don't have any hope for this cycle. But, we'll at least DTD! orngtongue.gif

Back later for persies....

PS. @thecoffeebean That one was for you.
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Hi everyone, I don't have much time, but a quick update...

My back feels like it's breaking all the time, and yesterday my c-section scar was hurting really bad. I was miserable and hurt all over, and feel like AF is coming. but then this morning, my temp was up .4 degrees! So Idk...

Oh, and I'm extremely bloated since yesterday
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Quick question: I read a lot about giving up sugar completely to help fertility. Do any of you put stock in that? I've given up caffeine and cut down to like two gin n tonics a month and now ice cream is my last indulgence.
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Little kind - I dont know about about the medical significance... But when in doubt I go with my gut, someone explained to me that if you put an item on a clear bit of bench focus on it and relax a little - your body will naturally sway towards if it wants it or away if not... It really weird and I was skeptical lol but it worked... I know it doesn't answer your question, but sometimes you just need to keep a perk or two to get you through the rest! I hope you work it out
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@Xerxella, you are hilarious... Much love to you and @Milk8shake.
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Ok @LittleKind I may have found out something useful... Was talking to my friend, she used to go anywhere from 4-8 months without a period (in her case she still had two kids) last year she had her gall bladder removed - hereditary issues... After that and in changing her diet to reduce a lot of sugar and bad fats (that she can't digest) she now has a regular cycle... First time in her life.. It just came up in conversation - but hope its useful to you or maybe the others with cycle issues
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Littlekind, from my research in natural medicine as well as some traditional medicine sources, my understanding is that cutting out sugar has the greatest to do with insulin resistance. Fertility - specifically ovulation and regularity - are greatly affected by insulin resistance. It should be noted, however, that to the extent that this may be true, all grain based carbs have almost as much impact on insulin resistance as white sugar. My belief is that products made with sprouted grains or sourdough, brown rice, sweet potatoes, and fruit - IN MODERATION - are perfectly acceptable and will not contribute to insulin resistance, provided they are in limited amounts.
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adie and monkey - CONGRATS!!!!! Here's to a h&h 9 months!
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Sorry for the AAM... I'm really worried. I had some spotting yesterday, and a temp drop and cramping today. Plus my cervix is not as low and firm as it was. I'm afraid this one's over before it even started. Second beta this afternoon. Probably won't know anything until tomorrow. greensad.gif
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Oh no monkey! Please rest and relax.the outcome is out of your hands. Fingers crossed.
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LittleKind, My temps stabilized my first cycle on Vitex; I was also doing a cleanse of sorts. I was so surprised it worked so quickly for me, wasn't expecting that at all. I had what I suspect were some cysts burst around O but otherwise I felt fantastic and that was a textbook 28 day cycle with O on CD14 plus a sweet temp shift, nice stable, high temps during LP. Too bad we took that cycle off eyesroll.gif as I was feeling all kinds of ways and needed to step back. Next cycle was all over the place with the temps and other hormonal issues and I suspect I was getting too much of a good thing. I had been trying a few different brands of Vitex when I would run out and working on finding the dosage and brand that works best for me (which turned out to be Nature's Answer Organic Alcohol Tincture, around 1,000mg/day on an empty stomach). Next cycle I added in Awakening Woman bio-identical progesterone cream after O and whereas my FP temps were fairly stable, my LP temps went insane and the exacerbation of my issues were legion (my body is super-duper crazy sensitive to hormonal stuff dizzy.gif ). Had a 15 day LP even though I stopped the P at 13DPO; my usual LP tends to hover around 13/14 days. Next cycle, took P out, had early O and 12 day LP for a 23 day cycle (seemingly decent O and temps though). Then this cycle, O CD11 again and hoping that I go back to my usual 13/14 day LP (feeling like AF will show tomorrow so that's aces with me thumb.gif ); will be a 24 day cycle (my cycles usually hang out around 26-28 days unless I'm nursing then they can be anywhere b/w 24-26 generally). So I said all that to say that yes, your cycles can get longer or shorter for a period of time while Vitex is overhauling things in there. I'm going with it as I've seen so many improvements in my cycle including the cessation of mid-cycle bleeding (not spotting, bleeding like a lite period around O which started happening after the second m/c) as well as major reduction to damn near elimination of severe PMDD. My thinking right now is that with the shorter FP these last two cycles, estrogen is getting her butt checked so I expect things to even back out at some point or another. Did I mention how much I adore Vitex?! lol.gif I'm still dealing with a lot of other issues that I'm sure are related to my hormones being stupid so still working on it. No easy fix for hormonal issues and I'm working diligently to bring some semblance of balance back to mine. As for sugar and grains and all that, I'm all about moderation in whatever you're into and getting back to that has been helping me to find some sort of sanity again in my life. I will never go to another extreme again, especially with my diet. I did just fine, at least fertility-wise, before I found all these purported paths to lead my family to the panacea of health. I say do whatever feels right for your body and makes the most sense for you as not everything works for everybody. Trial and error for sure, trial and error wink1.gif .

chuord, when I was doing the meat and bone broths, lard, etc. and so on, supposedly those animals weren't fed any hormones shrug.gif . I think it goes right back to moderation for my own personal situation. The dietary changes I was talking about above I believe also helped to throw my DS1's body out of whack. His eczema (which we hadn't dealt with since I cut out dairy when he was around a year) went in-freaking-sane and his food and environmental allergies did too; he even developed new ones! Back to moderation, he's pretty much back to things being manageable again (I'm old so it's taking longer for me ROTFLMAO.gif ). I think meat, no matter what kind it is, may mess with estro levels if eaten a lot, at least for us. We feel better with just a little meat protein in the diet so we've gone back to that and make sure not to overdue it (this was after we went veg for a bit to give our livers a break). On the residual estro and progesterone, I can see that. It seems like when it's time for a hormonal shift in my body, my lower backaches ramp up and my skin breaks out; really aggravating. I never had backaches before all of this mess irked.gif . My lower back hurts like hell right now and I suspect AF will come on with it tomorrow.

Xerxella, for shame! faint.gif Get thee to the latest Firefox install!! winky.gif And ha! Tertiary indeed lol.gif . This is w/o a doubt one of the most difficult periods of my life, to put it mildly. It has given me a whole different view of this process and a different kind of awe for how my children were able to make it here in the first place. I love my boys in ways I can't even begin to put into words and I was amazed with and thoroughly enjoyed the process of pregnancy with them. After this experience though, if I'm ever lucky enough to get pg again the journey will be even that much more intense on every level. The connections I've made spiritually/mentally/emotionally/physically have been painful and beautiful and crushing and wondrous this last year and a half, which isn't even an eyeblink really depending on one's view of existence. Funny, but not really wink1.gif , how intense heartache and strife tears us down to build us up duh.gif . Even though you're not much feeling it, GL this cycle anyway! I've seen enough to know that we can never really predict how this thing will play out; catch that egg gal! orngbiggrin.gif

Woohoo for a temp spike JoyfamMama!

I'm so sorry about the spotting and temp drop monkeyscience; PAL is so damn brutal greensad.gif . Are you on progesterone? Will be watching for your next beta results hug2.gif . I know it means absolutely nothing when you're the one in it but I've seen time and again where spotting didn't mean the end. Deep breath doll and in this moment you are pregnant hug2.gif .

I've got some horrid plague my DH brought home a few weeks ago shake.gif plus my computer is being silly so hopefully this post makes sense! lol.gif
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Monkey - I hope all is well. :(




I hope you all don't mind that I'm going to skip getting caught up on 15 pages and just jump in. :Sheepish


I made the appointment for my IVF consult on jan 29th, so I'm officially TTC again.  Some of you know me....some don't.  In a nutshell: I have PCOS and hypothyroid, he has surgically corrected vericocele, but still has low count, low morphology, and low motility.


first cycle (ICSI) oct 2010 =BFP, but miscarried 1/2011 at 11 weeks.

second cycle (ICSI) 5/2011 = BFP and B/G twins (just turned 2)

This will be my third fresh cycle, also ICSI.

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Hi everyone!

i'm new here.

my name is Emily!

not so long ago my doctor told me that i will never be able to conceive my child myself. the only chance for me is using a surrogate mother.

but i'm afraid so much!

who has ever been in the same situation? or maybe your friends?what can you advice me?

girls i'm so scared...:eyesroll

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Mamacatsbaby - THANK YOU for all the details on how vitex worked for you. I have been searching around the internet to see if each symptom is linked to vitex and normal or not (some people seem to really have a slew of new problems when using it). I just used it for one full cycle with O on cd15 and 15 day luteal phase. My usual pattern is O on cd 17 or later and 9-10 dpo before period. I hope now on this next cycle I don't swing to the other exteme and have a very short or very long cycle. If I do, I am still going to stick with it because I read it can take 3-6 months to really normalize your body. I am not TTC right now - just hanging around here for advice and courage - but we talk about trying in May or June. So, that's hopefully plenty of time for vitex to do whatever it can. My only complaints this cycle were nausea, breast soreness, and crazy acne all beginning around 7 dpo. I assume I just have more progesterone in my cycle now so that's why. I've also thought of adding the progesterone cream to the last part of my cycle or adding it if I get pregnant. I am not sure if I will add it to the vitex or just stick with vitex. I used progesterone cream to try to prevent my last loss, but it didn't work, so I knew I needed to try something else. Maybe along with vitex it will be more helpful? I will probably use vitex, baby aspirin, and progesterone cream once I know I'm pregnant...but that seems like a lot. Still thinking it all over. I'm glad I set a deadline that I am not "allowed" to TTC until May, because I have some time to keep distance and try to research (I mean, google search) and think everything through.

Monkey - thinking of you
Kewpie- Welcome! Good luck!!
Emily - Everyone's situation is different. It depends on what reasons/diagnoses your doctor gave. What did your doctor say?
Adie - we're ready for another great update! When do you see your dr?
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due to my state of health i can't bear my child myself. 

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Emily - I can understand if you don't want to talk about it, but if that's what the doctor's telling you, I'd seek a second and third opinion. That's way too big of a step to take on one doctors say so.

Kewpie - Welcome back! I hope you're as quickly successful again! smile.gif

Siuann- good luck with surgery today!!

Mama cats baby- yeah, it's definitely a tough time. It has really made me eat humble pie. Hugs to you. hug.gif

Monkey - I'm worried about you. If you're not on progesterone, get on it. Also, I spotted with both my healthy pregnancies and everything turned out fine. It might be nothing. I hope you get reassuring numbers today. Thinking of you.

AFM - I'm officially in the 2ww.
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