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Originally Posted by Xerxella View Post

Kewpie - Good luck! It's crazy to start the whole process over again! I can't imagine. Would you consider doing some freeze all cycles while you have coverage? When you lose coverage you'll still have some frosties in the bank. You could definitely get 2 or 3 freeze all cycles in in 6 months.


I hadn't even thought of that.... wow... I'll talk to DH and see what he thinks.  We do have 2 frosties in another state, but we were saving them as a last resort (feels wrong to say that) because they were not very high quality.  Plus, they won't age, so we planned to leave them there for now.  hmmmmm

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Originally Posted by adiejan View Post

@Kewpie- good luck at your appt tomorrow! Did you ever decide to go for 1 or 2?

AFM- waiting for u/s next tues. Still cautiously thrilled and living in the moment! It's so hard given my early loss (ectopic) last April, to not feel like something will go wrong.

We'll transfer 2.

Good luck at your u/s.  It's hard if not impossible to shake that feeling that something will go wrong.  I just kept telling myself that things look good now, so for now, every thing is good.  

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Chuord - did I read you correctly that you have 16 follicles growing for an IUI cycle? No wonder you're feeling like crap, that's more than some people have for IVF! My clinic once cancelled one of my IUI cycles because I had just 5 mature follicles and they won't do an IUI with more than 4 because the risk of high order multiples is too big (and even when I had just 3 follicles I had to hear the selective reduction speech... ugh).
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Finally got my beta results and ultrasound date. Beta was 681, which is about a 35 hour doubling time. Ultrasound is a week from Friday.
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Nice double monkeyscience thumb.gif .

How are you handling the the iciness Mo? Hope you and yours are doing well! hug.gif

Hi to everyone wave.gif ; hope you're all doing well! Super busy here so stalking you guys but not much time for posting. Lots of dust.gif to everyone this cycle blowkiss.gif .
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monkey - Awesome beta!!!!! Super happy for you!!!

AFM - BFN this morning. Not surprising on many levels. It was a crappy cycle and it's early. It's only 8-9 dpo depending on how you count it. I'll test again Friday and Sunday before quitting the progesterone.
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Sourire - sorry my bad shorthand... No I have one follicle that's 16mm, and two that are undersize but can be matured... So I should end up with 3 - omg I can't even imagine having 16! I think I'm just someone whose really sensitive to hormone changes... Years ago I tried the 'marvelon' Bc pill - it gave me morning sickness every day between 12-2pm lol.
Monkey - yay for the doubling time, it's looking really good - looking forward to your ultrasound results!
Hi mamacats smile.gif
Xerxella - you are brave testing that early wink1.gif I struggle testing before 14dpo now - I'm scared of those lonely lines...
Afm - I tried the exercise and vitamin b multi - it really worked a treat to lift my mood, so I'm recommending it to anyone who needs a lift... Also magnesium - apparently most people are deficient in it and it's so important mindlesschrissy found this article that I found fascinating https://sites.google.com/site/miscarriageresearch/vitamins-and-miscarriage/magnesium
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monkeyscience - Yay!  I'll be looking forward to your u/s results next week!


xerxella - That's still really early.  I'm still hoping for you!



I had my IVF consult today.  She's thinking we'll be ready to start stims the beginning of March and retrieve and transfer mid march, depending on when my period starts in february.

She took a look at my ovaries this morning and it looks like I'm about to ovulate.  I didn't think I ovulate at all, but apparently I am.  I have a follicle on my left side that's big and about ready to rupture.  I'm on CD 16 right now.  Isn't that late???  She told us to have sex tonight and friday and see if we can catch it and avoid IVF.  But does a late ovulation make a difference in egg quality?

I'm also on the fence because if we do catch it and we get a baby, we lose all the potential totcicles (frozen embryos) for the future.  Since we're losing our IVF coverage in the next 6 months (maybe 9) it's kind of making me hesitate.  



She did say that I have an beautiful egg reserve which made me feel good and I have 15 early follicles on one side and around 11 on the other.  She's hoping to be more aggressive than my last RE and get us 10-12 eggs, so a couple of freeze all cycles may not be needed.  I guess we'll see how I respond.

She said she's leaning towards the progesterone suppositories instead of PIO.  I've only ever done PIO injections, so I'm wondering what the suppositories are like.  Anybody care to share?  

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Kewpie - yay for getting straight onto it! I don't think that cd16-17 is late, my natural o is cd 19 like clockwork (my problem is age) this iui cycle he's getting me to o on cd17...
Re the pessaries - I took one days worth last month (before I found out if was a chem) I discovered that something is been told was true - they are quite messy when used vaginally, you also need to either lie down for 20-30 mins after insertion or coat a tampon in Vaseline and insert it afterwards if lying down isn't an option... Apparently it's less messy to use rectally (and as efficient) but can cause the runs. Hope that helps lol although I know it's not an appealing description wink1.gif
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Originally Posted by Kewpie80 View Post

I hadn't even thought of that.... wow... I'll talk to DH and see what he thinks.  We do have 2 frosties in another state, but we were saving them as a last resort (feels wrong to say that) because they were not very high quality.  Plus, they won't age, so we planned to leave them there for now.  hmmmmm

@Kewpie80I was thinking the same thing. You could make the decision to freeze all or transfer when you find out how many blasts you get.
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@Kewpie80 - I wouldn't worry about O'ing on CD 16 at all. It would be awesome for me to O that early. I O'd around CD 42 with my son, CD 30 with my miscarriage, and CD 22 with this pregnancy - the earliest I've ever seen since I've been charting.
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@mamacatsbaby We're staying warm. Thanks for asking! The roads still aren't safe for driving and lots of abandoned cars are still on the interstate. Lucky hubby and I made it home before all of the madness started. Atlanta is a mess right. 


I'm a few days past finishing my first clomid cycle. I've been takin OPKs every day (in the afternoon since I heard the reading the is better) and not luck yet. According to my prediction calculator, I should O tomorrow so DH and I are planning to DTD every other night starting tonight. Y'all I'm leaving this in God's hands so we will see how it goes. The biggest thing is just seeing if ovulate this month. If not, it's back to clomid again and hopes that my period comes on its own. 

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Kewpie I would go for it! If it works that would be a phenomenal blessing and you never know what may happen a year or two from now. You may have even better insurance by then and then you would have gotten a free baby too!


Monkey its awesome seeing that ticker in your signature! Thanks for the list of abbreviations btw :wink


Xerxella Still keeping my fingers crossed for you. You just never know.


Mo good luck over the next few days!


Chuord how are the follicles progressing? Have the other two started catching up?


AFM/Us Hubby did blood work yesterday and despite an initial burst of time where he seemed to feel better the last week he has been more tired, less sex drive, and head aches have started again. So no surprise when his numbers came back this morning with barely any change. Docs office will call later today with next steps but honestly there is very little more that can be done with meds. The most likely next step would be to extract sperm with either an aspiration or biopsy. The problem is that you only get sperm half the time and when you do it is immature.  It doesn't make things impossible but it does decrease our odds. It also means that we gambled wrong by canceling our last cycle.banghead.gif

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Keli - How frustrating!!

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Still a negative ovulation test today

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Sorry to be a bother but we have an appointment with our fertiltiy Dr. and i honestly have no idea what to ask her but what's happening so far isnt working. I know donor IUI takes time but it seems like it's working and then just goes away. I know to ask her about my late ovulation and short LP but i'm really at a loss for what else to say as i dont have much experince with all this.

its so frustrating. 

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Keli g - that's not fun, is there a way they can mature the sperm after extraction? Also I'm not sure what your dh problem is just Sperm issues or general health? Have you tried a naturopath to see if balancing his nutrition can help? Maybe get him to have regular Epsom salt baths (magnesium) I started taking vitamin b complex and whoa on the energy levels shooting up... I'm sorry I don't know the full story, I'm just getting a feeling that something is out of balance with him. Thanks for asking about the follies wink1.gif lol I find out on Saturday - given the uncomfortable feeling near my ovary, I'm guessing they are growing - he reckons they grow from 1-3mm a day and that 2mm is average.

Mo - how long did they say to check for o before going back in? If it doesn't happen this month you may just need more meds... When you say negative opk - is there still a second line? If it's getting darker each day you are moving in the right direction.
Tiffs - I've not experienced what you are saying, this is my first iui with dh sperm... I would ask her why she thinks it hasn't worked so far, then what changes does she think will improve your chances, and I'd also ask her to explain why... Let her know you need to understand the changes so you can feel like you're progressing. Hope that helps!
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You know, @chuord  I didn't even pay attention to if it was getting darker or not. I'll be sure to save the test from today and compare it to tomrorow's.


My clomid calculator said I should O today but it looks like it can happen anytime between today and the next two weeks. I guess I'll just wait it out. 

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Keep us posted Mo!
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Mo - I usually keep at least the day before for comparison. Though I've found that when it really is positive, it's very obvious. If I'm squinting and wondering, it isn't. Good luck!

X - Did you test this morning? Peestick pushers want to know!

Keli - How frustrating! I feel like there was someone awhile back that did sperm extraction, but maybe I'm mixed up.

Chuord - Hope you see some nice big follicles tomorrow!
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