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adiejan, I know I did a high protein diet when I did my IVF cycle. I think it is supposed to help keep ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome from happening. I know I had 18 egg follicles retrieved and my belly was really distended from all the follicles that were growing. Since I ended up getting pregnant from that IVF cycle, the distended belly never really did go away. Good luck with your IVF cycle.

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Originally Posted by adiejan View Post

Hi Everyone!  I hope it is ok if I join you!

We have been TTC since 2009...long, long, story short...

10 failed Clomid cycles, 1st IUI BFP ended in ectopic, 3 more failed IUI's

Now we are preparing for our 1st mini IVF cycle to start next week. I have pcos and hubby is normal.  I have been working so hard to lose weight...no carbs, no dairy and doing everything possible!  Here is to working as hard as possible and hoping!! I am so glad to find this thread right now.  I really hope I can support all you ladies on your roads as well!

What a story! Welcome to the club! Here's sending some positive vibes your way for your IVF cycle:goodvibes

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Whoa @monkeyscience and @adiejan ! I may need to read up on South Beach after all! Thanks!

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julieven - When do you do your day 3 testing?

adiejen - What exactly are you doing for your mini IVF cycle? Are you doing freeze alls? How much meds? (If you don't mind me asking....) Also, I did lots of good fats like avocado during my IVF cycles which turned out pretty well considering. (3 blasts with the 1st cycle, 4 with the second and 3 good embryos with the third. We froze the first 7 blasts and put back the 3 in this last cycle.)

toothfairy- Good luck in the 2ww. My next thing to try is Neupogen. I don't know what else TO try. Hopefully, the Lovenox and Intralipids works for you.

monkeyscience - So do you think you actually ovulated or just still waiting? I checked out your chart, but I always think I can't tell what happened until after the chart is done. I hope your son is feeling better. I'm glad you have a good doc now. I could never go through the long drawn out wait again. I now need serial betas and early u/s. I think the hardest thing about a loss is the shock. By doing the serial betas and early u/s you can see it coming and it really does lessen the impact (at least for me). I'll put up a brief summary of my woes at the bottom.

AFM - Nothing to say about me. Monday is the followup with the embryos copy/D&C doc. So, I'll find out the genetics on the bean then. Tuesday is a planning session with my regular RE for my next cycle.

My long drawn out story so far:
10/05 Married
8/06: Decide to start trying, we got together once that month in my fertile time, pg with DS
4/07: DS born
8/08: While still nursing DS, we decide to try again. In our third month trying we get pg again with DD
5/09: DD born
11/10: We decide to start trying again and while still nursing out DD we get pg in our third month trying.
04/11: At an 11 week u/s we discover a blighted ovum. So it begins.
09/11: Miscarriage #2 at 5 weeks (low and slow beta)
Do all the RPL testing, it's all normal. (So far no one doc has come up with a definitive answer as to what's wrong. There are a lot of guesses, but so far, no ah-ha moment.) And, I've been to a lot of specialists over the years and no one has any answers.
6/12: Get pg with mono amniotic twins. They are in great shape, always measured perfectly, perfect hearbeats.
9/12: At the 13 week u/s there are no heartbeats. D&C and karotype shows 2 perfect girls, 46XX. The docs say the passed from their mono amniotic status alone. (Monoamniotic twins have only a 50% survival rate.)
12/12: Miscarriage #4 at 6 weeks (low and slow beta)
4/13: Miscarriage #5 at 5 weeks (low and slow beta)
6/13: IVF #1. We vitrify 3 high quality blastocysts.
8/13: IVF #2. We vitrify 4 high quality blastocysts.
10/13: IVF #3. We put back 3 perfect day 3 embryos (2 8 cells and a 10 cell, all with no fragmentation)
12/13: Miscarriage #6 at 8 weeks (low and slow betas. Bean was always measuring behind. Heartbeat found once, too slow.)
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Hi all,


just came in to update the IVF thread and found your'd all moved!


I've just done another round of IVF with another BFN :( plan to move to donor eggs and looking into different clinics and waiting lists.


I'm not sure how much time I'll have to keep up with the thread as I'm pretty full on at the mo (I've just gone back to uni and taken on some voluntary work on top of fertility treatments). But I wanted to pop in and say hi.


So much luck to everyone.  I'll pop in an do individual posts if I get time.



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...Stalking, so I can follow.


Monkey - Did you have any testing done with the miscarriage?  I'm just wondering because it seems us PCOS girls tend to have low progesterone.  So that might be something you want you check into next time and find a doctor that would give some progesterone suppositories.


TF2B- I'm sorry you are still trying. Hugs


Sila - Congrats on your baby.


Sourire - ...welll just stalking....and happy for you.


Laggie - Good Luck!!!!!


NaturallyMO - Secondary Infertility is no fun, but you can beat PCOS!  I had secondary IF and problems with PCOS and I beat it.



Best of Luck to Everyone!!!!!!!  -

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Wissa - Since I miscarried naturally, no, no testing. I've had my progesterone tested before, and it was great. Plus I didn't miscarry until almost 8 weeks, so I'm pretty sure proceedings
progesterone wasn't the issue. I honestly think it might have been a blighted ovum, since I never passed anything that looked like an embryo.
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How do you keep to a schedule to take supplements? I'm *trying* to take maca, vitex, and (soon) red clover blossoms. I'm not sure when to take what and I'm horrible at remembering.

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WifeofAnt - I used a pill box with a compartment for each day of the week. I counted out all my pills at the beginning of the week and then each day I open that day's compartment and took those pills. When I had a lot of meds that had to be taken at very specific times, I put alarms in my phone for all of them.
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Hi there - joining you all and sending positive thoughts and hugs to each of you. 


I am starting my first IVF process in January due to endometriosis, ovarian cysts, a removed left fallopian tube, and extremely irregular ovulation. I just finished three months of Lupron for the endometriosis and am now just waiting for that to clear.  


I'm single so I'm using an anonymous donor.


I have to dash but look forward to following each of your journeys and wishing all the best to each of you.



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Silver - Just saw you here. Sorry about the BFN. I moved on to donor embryos too. Best decision I have made in a long time. I don't know about the UK, but there are some affordable options in the US.

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Anyone heard of well an or have used it for male factor infertility?

Hi all welcome!!!

Eta: Wellman supplements
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Originally Posted by Sourire View Post

WifeofAnt - I used a pill box with a compartment for each day of the week. I counted out all my pills at the beginning of the week and then each day I open that day's compartment and took those pills. When I had a lot of meds that had to be taken at very specific times, I put alarms in my phone for all of them.

I was doing that and then I'd forget to go to the pill container. My schedule was all wacky so the only thing that stayed close to the same was when I woke up but I never wanted to take them ASAP.

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Silver - so sorry about your BFN :-( Glad (but not really) to see you.

Monkey - sorry to see you back - hope it happens quick for you this time around!!! Sorry about the MC :-(

TFTB - Big Hugs. I've been wondering about you.

X - I've been thinking about you.

Milk - how are you?!

Hi to everyone else, and

Welcome to all the new members - this is a great group!!
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AAM : I'll come back for personals, but I wanted to share my D&C results. So I was wrong on all accounts. It was a profoundly genetically abnormal female. Triploidy of maternal origin. 69XXX.

There are some rare cases of recurrent triploidy of maternal origin, but there's no way to know if that's me from this one set of results. I learned triploidy occurs in 2% of all miscarriages across all ages. AMA is NOT a factor in triploidy.

So what does this mean going forward? Well, at least for this pregnancy, it wasn't my uterus that caused the miscarriage! You have no idea how good this makes me feel.

So, even if we do have a recurrent triploidy problem, obviously every egg isn't like that so there's a good chance that if we just keep trying we CAN actually get a take home baby.

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X - does that mean you can test all your frozen embryos and find out which ones are ok? I'm actually pretty surprised only one of your embryos implanted last time considering you transferred 3.

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Sourire- we could, but there are always risks. We would have to thaw, biopsy and revitrify. Anything could go wrong at any one of those steps. It seems to make sense to try everything else first and when I'm out of time (some point in my early 40's) to just put them back one at a time. Either they'll work or they won't. The PGD check will be my uterus. :P

It doesn't bode we'll that we put back 3 and only 1 stuck and it was abnormal, but its not in the least bit surprising. So what did the other 2 look like? There's no way to know. The only thing I know for sure is that for some reason they did not have what it takes to make it to a take home baby, even if they were genetically normal. But that is why docs have no problem putting back 3 3 day embryos in a 38 year old. On average only half are genetically normal and only half of those that ARE genetically normal have what it takes to make it to a take home baby.
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Hi Everyone!

Xerxella- We are planning to do 100mg of clomid cd3-7 then will add antagon and bravelle cd 9 or 10. Then we will continue to monitor follies and take trigger then egg retrieval!  We are doing a fresh cycle so I guess we will see how it goes! What is a freeze all?  I'm glad to hear that it wasn't your uterus that caused the problems for this preg.  What is your plan from here?  It is incredible the technology that we have these days!  I wonder what people 100 years ago would think about all of our conversations on here!!!


Lila- thanks for the IVF diet advice!


Naturally Mo- Have you looked into a south beachish diet anymore?


Silver- Sorry about your BFN :(

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Xerxella- ah that is good news about it not being your uterus. Sorry you have to go through this so many times. Thanks for the update!
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@adiejan I have and I'm working with my trainer to come up with a plan incorporating some of it.

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