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Wow, I've been away a while and missed a lot


Mo - ROFL  your poor DH. 


adie - Congrats!!!


@tinytina - you guys have been through a lot.  This is my 3rd time through IVF, so feel free to ask any questions.  I feel like it's old hat now :)


AFM - Just waiting for AF to show so I can start my BCPs.  DH will be going in for another sperm analysis next week.  We're 99% sure we'll have to do ICSI again, but they want to check anyway.

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Xerxela- congratulations on 20 follicles this sounds like a fantastic month for you, it must give you lots of hope :-) do they hurt when yet get bigger? Last month in clomid I had two an it was like earache in my abdomen! Not painful just uncomfortable. Ten sounds quite big!

Hope4light- I didn't realise you just hang out to help others that is so kind. You are a massive help. Well done on your two little sweeties, they are at fab ages!

Mo- well done on making it through bd season. When I was monitored last month u had a final ultrasound to see visually that the follicles had popped then the nurse said- there you go, you can watch tv tonight!!
On testing I usually leave it until 14dpo because I am a scaredy cat!! Those single lines upset me so I prefer blind hope and someday I will see that magic double line! But if you are braver than me 10 dpo seems within the range to start.

Chuord- are you chilling after all your drugs? I hope you are full if hope with such great timing, you are well covered this month. Are you on progesterone? Thanks got stopping by my chart, no I'm not taking anything at the moment my chart is just a bit unusual this month. Normally my temps bounce around but this time they are high and nice and constant. I'm hoping that's the metformin stabilising my hormones. I've been taking it for 4 months now so it should be starting to work.

Bcp- I hope AF hurrys for you! Good luck with your new IVF. Please share details as you go through we will be cheering you on!

For me it's 7dpo and all is quiet. I have past the crazy mood swings and things have settled thank goodness! I've been researching supplements to improve egg quality does anyone recommend anything? I currently take a conception multivitamin with B vits, and a separate vit D and calcium. I have read about the benefits of coenzyme Q10 and chromium, anyone have any experience?

Have a good day, it's all downhill to the weekend!
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DH and I didn't get to DTD last night. I went to bed super early and asked him to wake me when he came to bed and he didn't. When I woke him at 2:30 am to DTD (we have a 5 year old who ALWAYS ends up in our bed so we are always going at weird hours!), he wasn't quite feeling it. I got upset and slept on the couch. I was a little irritated because we didn't DTD the night before, even though my OPK showed my LH surge is non-existent. So it is what it is. I'll test at the end of the month and see what happens.


My doctor emailed me so I go in on Monday for my blood test. Sigh.

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@oxford- I took coq10, omega 3, vitamin d, resveratrol...all to improve egg quality. I also stopped eating sugar and refined carbs. Protien really helps too!
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Thanks Adie, I have got some coQ10 to try and have cut sugar and low carbs. What is in resveratrol? I haven't heard of that.
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Hi Hope4Light!  Happy Birthday to your DS!  


Yep.  Some of us old timers still lurk.  Following those we know then following the new comers!  


No more babies for us either Hope, but for me it's more a matter of laundry!  I think if I could just get pregnant without the fertility treatments I might want to.  However, the cycle that worked for us had 4 good eggs and they say the older you are the more chances of multiples! 


Best of luck to everyone!  I know infertility is hard, but you are not alone. 

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Thanks for popping in wissa - encouragement is always great smile.gif
Lilac - I know it ruins the early testing lol... Thanks! I'm not too excited about this cycle, but am looking forward to an ivf run...
Joyfamamma - wow you are taking even more than me smile.gif my trigger shot was 6500, the three boosters are 1500 each - so quite mild by comparison. One thing I wonder about though, the units are iu - does anyone know how these compare to the beta numbers? Ie am I taking the equivalent of 1500 hcg? I googled and couldn't find... How much are your injections - are you finding any issues (apart from the sting on the way in lol)
Mo - don't stress, honestly your coverage is great - we all just like safety coverage... We dtd 12 hours after iui and then had a few days rest (despite CONTINUOUS encouragement from doc to get in as many root ies as possible lol) so please don't stress about it, and remember to be gentle with yourself - the hormones are sneaky but they do erode our normal calm - right Oxford?
Kewpie - it's so cool that you are happy to share all that experience, also that you are so relaxed! Can I awake why you are doing bcp for a month (aside from the obvious lol) I'm wondering is it just for testing dh or is the preparation longer than I thought?
Oxford - re the supps, lol my doc put me on his standard routine to help create youthful eggs lol. Fish oil (I take DHA high), coenzyme q10 (I have dh on that too), vitamin b multi, vitamin E, folic acid, vitamin c. Dh also had a list - zinc, selenium, folic acid, multi vitamin, aloe Vera juice and 10 pepitas a day... After each o he gets excited about stopping and I tell him he can't until we get a heartbeat lol... Hope that helps - I'll see if I can get a pic of quantities for anyone interested. My doc specializes in older women so I'm guessing it'll be a potent mix smile.gif
How's everyone else?
Xerxella I'm with Oxford I'd love to know how it feels when you are an egg brewing machine wink1.gif
Adie - I'm meant to be more protein heavy apparently it's healthier for me (I love carbs lol) was the cutting back in sugar for the pcos? Or more for losing weight? I remember you lost a heap! I think I need to work on exercise and try to lose about 5 kg... It's gotta help right?
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Chuord - It depends in your protocol if you can switch between IVF and IUI. Since I do nothing lending up to IVF (I do what's called an antagonist protocol. I use Ganirelix half way through my cycle to stop ovulation before we're ready) I can change between the 2 if needed. You can almost always change from an IVF back over to an IUI if you're response is bad. You're still strong to wait to test. I'm more positive for you this cycle. smile.gif

Oxford and Chuord - I never really feel anything during stims. Some of those follicles will shrink away anyways. It always happens to me. But, I'm old (38) so I don't expect too many follicles anyways.

Oxford - also melatonin. You can google it to see the research. But the most controversial thing (and the thing I think has helped me the most) is DHEA. Again, google it. CHR has done a ton of research on it with great results. But it's still very controversial.

Oxford - you're strong to wait to test. I'm horrible. I usually start testing at 8 or 9 dpo.

Mo - sorry your honey didn't step up to the plate. Why do they go to be like that? They should be thrilled and instead YOU'RE getting the I'm too tired line! orngtongue.gif

Kewpie - I hope AF comes soon for you! Is here any tipping point for you to decide if you'll freeze all and do another cycle or not?

Thecoffeebean - hello luv! smile.gif

AFM - nothing to report. Mondays my next check in time.
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@oxford- The resveratrol is an antioxidant and helps with making healthy cells.  I also took melatonin...I forgot to mention that until Xerxella mentioned it!


@chuord- I did it some for weight loss but also for general fertility.  I was given a list of foods to avoid while TTC by both my RE and another specialist I considered seeing.  Both of them suggested high protein and low-no carb.  Once I started it wasn't too bad!  How many DPO are you now??  How are you feeling?  I hate the 2ww!!


@Kewpie- Thanks!  I hope AF comes soon so you can get this thing started!!


@Xerxella- Good luck on Monday! 


Everyone else...HI!

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Thanks Xerxella! Lol you are still younger than me - 40 in June! Although when they did an AMH test it was super high (off the chart) do the re says I probat have lots of egg reserve but they are all still old! I'll have to ask them about those supps too. Last iui I did fsh (after letrozole) with cetride as an o preventer until he was happy - so hopefully similar for ivf... I did ask and get said they're fairly interchangeable.
Thanks adie! Nothing exciting, and strangely no urge to test at all - lol except I test today just to see the the hcg booster as my next is tomorrow - got an ability squinter on a cheapie... I'm really enjoying the relax, this tww is less stressful than my lp was!
Any other news ladies?
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Its 1:15am and our son is in bed with me and hubby is up trying to finish an article due tomorrow. I cant sleep and im frustrated I think I need a vacation, I think we both do. We never took a honeymoon and he isnt trying to help plan one either. Sigh. Im just venting.
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Sorry Mo - I haven't been checking all afternoon... Assumed you'd all be asleep! Just be gentle and take it a day at a time... When you get through all this busy work have a chat and maybe take a mini break or a real holiday lol - somewhere relaxing! Just thoughts, take care and vent all you like!
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Chuord, I have either 2000 or 2500 iu in each of mine. for all of my research online, and semi confirmed by my Dr, it is the same as when you're pregnant. There are whole charts to tell you what your blood level would have each day after a 10000 iu trigger shot, so you can know when it's out of your blood. I don't do the trigger, tho. I don't need it, thankfully. My problem is not getting pregnant, it's staying pregnant. Lol.

Afm, I'm still on the keflex for a couple more days, and it really did help my cm this month!! I also did some research and found a lot, especially this one doctor who made it his life's work, about low lying, constant bacteria in the uterus and fallopian tubes either preventing pregnancy, or causing miscarriages! Then I got to thinking about it... I had a lot of pelvic infections before I was married, and we couldn't ever figure out why. I didn't have a boyfriend, and was awas a virgin when I got married. On my honeymoon, I got this extremely weird pain in my throat and had to go to the er. I couldn't swallow, lift my head or turn my head, the pain was so bad, but I could talk or cough without any pain whatsoever. They couldn't make heads nor tails of it, even with a CAT scan, just put me on keflex. Jojo was conceived a few days later, I had lots of trouble with preterm labor and had a massive pelvic infection by the time he was delivered by emergency c section. My second son, I don't remember if I was on an antibiotic, but at the very least, I had just finished weeks of cleansing, juice fasting, etc because I had been deathly ill for weeks after a missed miscarriage.

Fast forward to today, I've had pelvic infections after almost every one of my miscarriages, and confirmed mrsa in my uterus as well! I wonder if this is affecting me more than I realized. Although I haven't had one in quite a while, thank God!

I start my shots tomorrow at 3dpo. I had a beautiful temp jump, much much better than last month,so hopefully my corpus luteum is much better this month with the clomid.
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Joyfamamma - thanks for the info... The stuff about you and infections is fascinating (although totally annoying to be living it) here's hoping you are on track for everything working! I hear you on the not staying pg, I both ovulate and get pg without intervention, but I'm assuming for me it's egg quality... We'll see
Mo - how are you today?
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Today was better. We took it easy and just hung out all day. I'm not as frustrated anymore since I'm crampy today for whatever reason. It's late so I'm going to crash and spend tomorrow catching up on Netflix movies and my favorite tv shows I miss during the week smile.gif
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Great to hear it Mo smile.gif
Hope everyone is having a fun weekend
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Thank you for the supplement tips :-)

Joyfamama- so sorry to hear about your journey. You are so strong to keep at it and overcome such persistent infections to get DS. Fingers crossed for a little brother or sister!
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I haven't jumped in for a while but I am still here! I used to obsessively read online and ask questions of all of you...but I think I am finally settled in my plan of action. I'm on my second cycle with vitex and it continues to make my charts look better and more normal, especially lengthening luteal phase. It does still seem like my temps do a "slow creep" up after ovulation..anyone know if that can signal a problem or if I can fix that? 


My husband and I have had lots of talks about how miscarriage might be the new normal for us, and we might be able to get to a place where the pain doesn't overwhelm us every time it happens. As he said, we have one baby, so certainly someday another pregnancy will stick (Like X said to me, you gotta play to win!) Our losses didn't affect him in the same way as me, so he mostly only wants to try again if I think I can cope with an unhappy outcome....and I guess I won't know that for sure unless it happens. I am still thinking May or June will be the time I feel ready to TTC again. 


As for now, I've stopped compulsively google searching everything related to miscarriage, hormones, autoimmune responses, herbs etc etc etc. Now I just compulsively look up maternity clothing sewing projects. You know, just in case. 

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Hope everyone had a great weekend. I go in for blood tests tomorrow to see if I ovulated.

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Little kind - (((hugs))) to you. It sounds like your getting a handle on it. I hope it's not the new norm for you.

Mo - sorry its been a rough couple of days. I hope tomorrow's blood test goes well. I think it'll confirm that you ovulated and give you a good number that shows the clomid worked for you. Anything over a 10 is great. Anything over a 3ish shows you at least ovulated.

AFM - so this morning there were 2 at 18 and 4 at 12. That's ok. Definitely no switch to IVF! My guess is my estrogen today will be low and they'll trigger me Wednesday for an IUI Friday.
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