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My vent for the day: why is getting pregnant so freaking hard to do? With my son, I was 27 (I'm 32 now) and it was nothing. Like literally, I know the day and time conception happened. This time around (5 years later) and it's like pulling teeth with no pain med. I can't get pregnant to save my life. First it was stress, then it was my weight, then it was I'm not ovulating, etc. It's ALWAYS something! I just want to get pregnant, have a healthy pregnancy and healthy baby. That's it. I feel bad for feeling this way since there are ladies who have spent YEARS trying to get pregnant with no success and here I am almost a year in and complaining. Sigh. Vent over and back to work I go!

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Thanks @Xerxella  because I wasn't even sure what I'm supposed to get from it LOL

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Little kind - glad you have found your peace with what's happening to you... I'm sure there are a few things that doctors could try to help make a sticky one if you have no joy with the just the vitex... If there's a baby waiting for you they wont stop trying until they succeed - just hold that knowledge when it gets hard... Ladies is baby asprin something that helps?

Xerxella - this is sounding positive! Are they likely to out you on hold and wait for the small ones? Or just trigger the two big ones? Fx!

Mo - lol vent away - believe me we all feel like that at times, and the hormones really dont help! Oxford you had a really rough month your first one on clomid when you ovulated didn't you? Mo hugs! I've been there too, at times it feels like giving up would be easier - but we don't... We are living under the influence of babies lol, and that can be a joyous and annoying journey... When it gets bad just remember why you're doing it - I hope that gives you strength.
Btw my mum took letrozole for post chemo treatment, and felt so awful she only lasted 10 days - that made me feel braver getting through it. Also if you're not taking a mega b supp (or pg supp - same stuff) get one - I was starting to feel depressed and anxious from the meds and that supp put me back to normal.
8dpo here - on progesterone and hcg shots still so ignoring any 'symptoms' although I seem to get tummy twinges regardless of success lol
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Thanks @chuord  I'm feeling a little better today. I go through these spells of crazy emotions. 


Went in for my blood test today to see if I ovulated. Should have the results back in a few days so I guess we'll see where we go from here.

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MAYDAY MAYDAY! My progesterone blood test is back. What does this mean??? My results have me at 6.46.


Normal Menstruating Females
Follicular Phase 0.15 - 1.40
Luteal Phase 3.34 - 25.56
Mid Luteal Phase 4.44 - 28.03
Postmenopausal 0.00 - 0.73 

Pregnant Females
First Trimester 11.22 - 90.00
Second Trimester 25.55 - 89.40
Third Trimester 48.40 - 422.50

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Mo I'm no expert but you are post o... So that means luteal phase or mid luteal phase... So although on the lower side you are in the normal brackets... Anyone please correct if wrong... But I'm thinking all is ok smile.gif mine at 16dpo mid chemical was 37... Many re's give progesterone supps as a support regardless (mine does)
Anyway I can't see anything to stress too much about - what dpo were you when it was taken? Or cycle day...
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@chuord im cycle day 22 and about 7 days since my last positive ovulation test
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So if this cycle is going to end up with a pg it is still too early to expect your progesterone to have jumped to the pg stats... (My opinion lol) so I stand by my first thoughts - you are in the normal range smile.gif just need to wait and see... If you have any worries ring your specialist - I bug the nurse at mine with questions whenever I need... They would much prefer that than I get stressed or change the protocol. Hope you are feeling less stressed!
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Spoke with my doctor this evening. He says that my results are consistent with ovulation. :D Now we wait and see if I get a period. If not, then obviously I need to test for pregnancy yikes2.gif :1praying If not pregnant, then it's back to the pharmacy to pick up my 100mg dose of clomid and try again. shrug.gif


I feel SO much better having a clue and knowing where to go from here.

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Mo I'm soo happy you had o lol... Compared to your last re this one seems to get your body... Here's to needing to test wink1.gif
I totally get it! As annoying as all my monitoring has been I love having diagnostic proof that my cycle functions lol!
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@chuord  Girl I was literally starting to freak out and Google EVERYTHING! LOL 



Now that this is done, I think I will do a late night yoga session here at home and relax. 

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Are you on ff for your charting? If so I'm http://fertilityfriend.com/home/41d17e
Feel free to add me as a friend and we can stalk each other's charts wink1.gif
Lol anyone else want to share?
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@NaturallyMo- I'm glad you called your doc! My novice eyes would think the same as Chuord. It sounds like it's all good!

@chuord- how are you my dear?!?
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I'm good adie wink1.gif just waiting for the next cycle and ivf - focusing on that and not wondering about this one is less stressful!
How are you? When's the scan?
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Originally Posted by chuord View Post

Kewpie - it's so cool that you are happy to share all that experience, also that you are so relaxed! Can I awake why you are doing bcp for a month (aside from the obvious lol) I'm wondering is it just for testing dh or is the preparation longer than I thought?


They want complete control of the ovaries and hormones and a month of BCPs gives them that.  When I come off of them next bleed, that's when the stims start.

AFM - AF showed up tonight.  Just heavy spotting, so looks like tomorrow will be CD1 for me.  I've got to call in the AM and get my SIS scheduled for next week, start my BCPs, and finalize our protocol with the nurse (tomorrow afternoon)


DH had his semen analysis today.  We should have results tonight.  I'm really nervous.  He's been off of clomid for 2.5 years now. 

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Kewpie - I understand... It's a bit exciting that it's all about to start for you... Hope the tests come back normal
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Way to go everyone!

Been busy with school (I am in my master's program -taking 2 classes part-time while working part-time) and my husband is taking a course in order to apply for his master's as well. 


Things have been a little off for the last couple weeks.


I got a call today that some of my blood work results came back and I need to get a shot for rubella. 


Had to re-schedule our appt from this Thursday to early in March (due to vehicle issues- which is a whole other can of worms right now).

This has me frustrated and upset- everything seems to be taking so long. I just want to get the process started. I am tired of waiting

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Mo - I know how you feel.  I got pregnant easy with my first...same as you.  1st time lucky!  Then when I wanted to get pregnant with #2 nothing happened.  It took me three years!  It's a long story, but I can related to how you feel.  When you want a baby you WANT a baby!!  Secondary infertility puts you at a weird place! and I did sometimes feel guilty for being so upset I couldn't get pregnant again when so many ladies just wanted to get pregnant the 1st time.


Good luck!  Clomid never worked for me, but a super dose of femara did.  

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tinytina - Hugs. I hate the wait. I hope it goes quickly for you.

Kewpie - So exciting! And nerve racking! Let us know what your protocol is going to be when you get it. I love those details.

Mo - I agree with everyone else! smile.gif You definitely ovulated. Hopefully, the progesterone will rise as you get your +HPT! LOL Seriously, when you do get your + you can have them re check your progesterone and feel free to supplement if it's below 10ish. When's testing day?

chuord - When are you expecting AF? (Or when are you testing?) smile.gif

AFM - Yesterday's ultrasound didn't go too well. Basically, the follicles didn't grow at all. greensad.gif And my estrogen barely rose from 122 to 147. Double greensad.gif So, the doc upped the dose and I go back in in the morning for a check again. I'm not TOO worried. We're talking millimeters here. Yesterday they were 18, 17.5, 12, 12, 12, 11.5. Today they were 18, 17, 16, 13, 13, 11. And, two different ultrasound techs so they could be measuring differently. And, my estrogen DID go up and it's not surprising that's it's low because the letrozole will make it low. I think it'll rise now that I'm done with the letrozole. :FX I think IUI Friday or Saturday.
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Just curious:  Those of you who have follicle monitoring, do you write down your numbers or just try to memorize them as they're called out?  I try to remember the biggest, the littlest, and how many on each side.  I can't remember much more than that.

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