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Kewpie - I write them all down. And, if I miss some I ask at the end of the u/s. I also want to know all my bloodwork numbers. I think the nurses and techs are used to my need for information now. Information makes me feel in control of a situation that I actually have no control over. I know alot of people feel the exact opposite and that too much information just makes them feel overwhelmed. So, of course, whatever works for you.

AFM - Everything seems to be chugging along nicely. The follicles are now at a 19, 18, 17, 15, 14, 13 and my lining is at a 11.5 which is good. I know my estrogen is rising too because last night I got EWCM which I only get when my estrogen gets above 200. I think I'll go one more day and trigger tomorrow for the IUI on Saturday. Keep sending good thoughts my way! Update. Estrogen = 271
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Xerxella - that is looking soo promising - at least 4 that should develop! Fx for Saturday! I never thought about writing it all down - great idea! I need to feel in control too, just reminding myself I'm choosing to do this helps. One question what have you been told about estrogen levels? My re said this month that right before trigger he expects between 500-1000 per 'good' egg and mine was 272 which was why he thought I'd only have one that was any use (and that the iui was a bit wasted) I used letrozole so same re the estrogen block... I'm really curious as your eggs are looking so good... Also I'm a bit worried that my body refuses to be really stimmed to the max, after letrozole I did the fsh for 10 days - since I o normally I would expect more than one good one and one old one.
Last hcg short today then probably AF by Tuesday... I'm sure I'm out although I get some twinges, I seem to get those every month regardless.
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xerxella - I've thought about writing them down this time, but then I know that I don't have the first 2 cycles down and being a completest, it's going to really bug me.  I hear ya on needing to feel in control.



AFM: Well, I've got my protocol and calendar figured out.  I start BCPs on friday and then add baby aspirin on the 23rd.  They have me starting antibiotics on the 5th of march and then I'll start follicle monitoring and stims on the 14th and 15th of March.


I'm going to be on an antagonist protocol, which I already know I respond well to.  I'll be on a pretty high dose of follistim, 225 and will be adding ganirelix as the antagonist about a week later.


They have no idea which will be my trigger, an HCG or Lupron.  It depends on whether they think I will hyperstimulate or not.


Um, grand list:






hCG trigger


baby aspirin


progesterone in oil



The last 2, I may be able to skip... I'll know later.  Retrieval is expected to be around the 26th and transfer on the 31st of march.  First beta mid april.

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Kewpie - that's exciting to have it all so clearly mapped out! The aggressive approach sounds like there will be more eggs - yay for that!
I rang my docs and asked if I needed to come in early to sort it out, they said just come when your period starts... I prefer your way!
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chuord - At first I thought your RE was nuts, then I figured you might be using a different scale than the US! orngtongue.gif In Canada E2 levels are measured in picomols and in the United States E2 levels are measured in picograms. If you want to compare numbers, here is how to convert them:

Canadian E2 ÷ 3.67 = American E2
American E2 x 3.67 = Canadian E2

Are Australian numbers measured the same way? If so, your doc says 136-272 per mature follicle in US terms, that seems about right. Most docs here say about 200 per mature follicle. But, that ALL changes when you're on Letrozole. Letrozole works by reducing your estrogen levels. Estrogen levels on Letrozole are about half those normally per mature follicle. So, 250-500 (Australian) per mature follicle on Letrozole would be what you'd expect to see. So, it would seem that you could have had one mature follicle and everything would've been right.

So, in Canadian measurements my estrogen is at 995. To complicate things, I tend to have low estrogen levels (as many "older" women do). For my IVF cycles (without Letrozole) my estrogen would barely hit 1000 (3670 Canadian) and I would get 6-8 mature eggs. So, I guess that's why I'm pleased with my Estrogen levels. orngtongue.gif See? Clear as mud.

Here's an article on Letrozole that I liked: http://www.inviafertility.com/blog/infertility/drvkarande/letrozole-for-ovulation-induction It says, "Transvaginal follicle ultrasounds are the mainstay of cycle management. E2 levels remain low and are of very limited (if any) use."

Chuord - How much fsh did you do? For my IVFs I did 450 iu Follistim and 150 iu Menopur. Even for this cycle I did 300 - 450 iu Follistim and 150iu Menopur. What's your doc willing to do? I wish they'd let you come in early to talk about it! How will you get all your meds in time?

Kewpie - Well, here we go! Are you ready for all this? I've done the antagonist protocol and liked it. I'm sure it'll work well for you, too. Good luck!!!

AFM - The follicles are slowly growing, but it looks like we'll trigger tonight. They are 20, 19, 18, 16, 16, 16. So here goes.
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Hope it's cool for me to just jump in here.  DH and I are in cycle 13 of TTC #1, starting our first full cycle with the RE.  We already know we won't be doing IVF (insurance doesn't cover it), so we'll see how far we get.  His SA came back good last week, my tests have all looked good except for low progesterone (5.4 on 7 DPO).  Going for HSG tomorrow (CD5), hopefully starting Clomid at the same time.


DH about got smacked on the trip home from his SA when he told me he thinks it's silly to be going to the doctor already, because "it will happen when it happens"...

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Xerxella - thanks so much for the explanation and info! I did google and apparently the conversion is the same as you suggested - so I'm on canada style figures - which now makes sense! Apparently the measurement we use for AMH is different to yours too (for us 0-15 is approaching meno, 15-30 is still ok amount and mine was 67 - could be an indicator for pcos or insulin resistance... But my re was fine with that no)
I totally get why you are excited re e2 levels... Last month at 16dpo when my hcg had already started to fall my e2 was 727, so that fits with one 'good' egg too.... I think this month he's going to leave off the letrozole regardless of what we do as it's not giving me a huge boost... Also your lining is superb!!! Mine was 7.5 this month on trigger day - he said it was just enough but he'd like thicker...
Ok so this last month he only added fsh (gonal) as he wasn't happy after letrozole - I asked to go gently as I'm very sensitive to hormones (for me this was a test run of how I'd handle it) do we did 50 fsh for 5 days, at monitoring he wasn't happy still (one large and two that were still a bit too small - 14? And three at 10 that wouldn't be joining in) so I increased the gonal fsh to 75 with cetride to hold off o for 4 days, then 6500hcg trigger, then the 1500 boosters three more times (last was yesterday and 10dpo)
I know that this month he'll take the gonal as high as I can tolerate / he did do an ivf plan for me two months ago... I'll try and find that to see what levels... (I'm just assuming it will change knowing now how I respond) the gonL did make me feel anxious and depressed but the vitamin b fixed that, did you have any problem with that? Kewpie did you?
So Xerxella - are you thinking that those 16's will be joining the party too? If so that gives you 6 eggs - both scary and totally freaking fantastic smile.gif
Acute would - welcome! Lol I'm with you my fingers would itch... When we had our first appointment with the specialist and he asked how long we'd been trying my dh said it's not been that long has it? I felt like saying well you weren't trying all that time no... Lol men just don't get the body clock thing - and mine is a doctor, but still a man first wink1.gif
Mo - how's it going?
Oxford - update?
How is everyone else's cycle going?
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Originally Posted by Xerxella View Post

Kewpie - Well, here we go! Are you ready for all this? I've done the antagonist protocol and liked it. I'm sure it'll work well for you, too. Good luck!!!


Thanks.  I'm ready one minute and not the next.  I'm sure we all can relate.  YAY for trigger!


Originally Posted by chuord View Post

Kewpie - that's exciting to have it all so clearly mapped out! The aggressive approach sounds like there will be more eggs - yay for that!
I rang my docs and asked if I needed to come in early to sort it out, they said just come when your period starts... I prefer your way!


This new clinic is really nice in that they've gor it all mapped out, I agree.  They also gave me a color coded calendar telling me when to stop and start everything and when to trigger and everything in between. It's been awesome.



caitwould - good luck and welcome!  I hope your stay here is short and sweet


Chuord -  I've never taken gonal f, just follistim on all my cycles, so I'm no help there.  

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Hey guys. All is well here. We've been stuck in the house since Monday evening due to an ice storm. WE lost power overnight and it finally came back this afternoon. I've been having some sharp pains near my ovaries so I could be ovulating again. I don't know. Either way I'm doing good. 

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Caite - Welcome.gif Good luck! It sounds like you have a great plan. I hope your stay here is short and sweet. smile.gif

Kewpie - A color coded calendar?!??!?! That's nice! Sometimes, I feel like my clinic puts me a little too out on my own. Like they asked me if I wanted to do 1 or 2 iui's this cycle. I completely hadn't thought about that. I thought they'd have an opinion. Instead they left it completely up to me!

Mo - It seems unlikely you'd be ovulating again. Usually you get one shot a cycle. BUT, it sounds to me like implantation maybe..... At 6 or 7 dpo, it's totally possible.... Just saying....

chuord - One of the 16's may be a leftover cyst. It seems darker than the others which the tech said may mean it's no good. I don't know. So, maybe only 5. Either way, I'm fine with it. With my age and experiences, I'm in NO danger of high order multiples.

To all: The office asked me if I wanted to do 1 or 2 IUI's this cycle. I completely hadn't thought about it. I figured we'd just do one and since I wasn't prepared with an answer that's what I said and what we're doing. But, does anybody have any thoughts/ information on this? For next cycle (and hopefully there won't be one) what should I do?
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Xerxella - re the iui I've been reading some threads (sorry no idea where) but some ladies swear by the two - it gives better coverage and someone had done stats that it more than doubled the chances of getting pg... Of course I read it after if done mine lol... I'd definitely go the two if I was doing it again, that was good odds.

Mo - I'm with Xerxella on the twingy pain... Hehehe that would be so fantastic on your first real cycle... Just enjoy the ride and try not to stress either way (lol that's probably more for me - 11dpo today and starting to worry about next cycle...

Kewpie - I forgot to add that I'm a bit jealous on the colour coded chart... I get a handwritten (doctor scribble) sheet that the nurse gets me to help decipher wink1.gif however he is a gentle and caring man - so it works for me... He let dh pull the trigger in the iui too so it was strictly speaking all 'us'

He's a scribbler and this was before more current poor response cycle... It seems he planned for 9 days of 100fsh adding cetritide when needed to prevent o... I'm guessing this will go up to 150 minimum...
Thanks again kewpie and Xerxella - it's been totally invaluable getting that sort of detailed info from your plans... Best of all I feel more normal!
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chuord - I hope your doc goes higher than 100. If 50 brought you basically no response, I hope he gives you a higher dose. Do you have a set number of IVF's paid for by the state or insurance? I'm getting excited for you! Or, hopefully, you won't need to because this cycle will have worked!

AFM - Can I vent a second? This whole thing seems completely impossible. I mean I just can't believe that the whole thing is going to work. It obviously, somehow, does work, but I was looking at an article on line about the process and it just seems so impossible. So, these follicles have to be mature and then they have to ovulate and then they have to get picked up by the fallopian tube and then they have to meet DH's sperm at just the right time for the sperm AND the egg then the sperm has to properly fertilize the egg and their DNA has to do some magic to come together perfectly then it needs to divide correctly and form a blastocyst as it moves the right way down the fallopian tube then it needs to hatch out of it's shell and it needs to find a good spot and do all the magic of implantation then.....

Well you get the idea. It all seems so impossible. I swear if there weren't 1000's of children born every day there is no way I would believe it's possible. And, there's certainly no way I'll believe it's possible for me (except that it's already happened....)
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Xerxella - you crack me up wink1.gif if you think of it like that your head will straight up explode lol! So are you thinking about doing two iui's?
Re me I'm sure he will crank up the meds smile.gif I think he said ivf will be about $2500 out of pocket per session, which is really good (I think) someone dh works with did ivf and gave birth to twins and the whole cost including obstetrics was only $1000 out of pocket - so I'm guessing it depends on who and what deal... Our guy will bulk bill (government payment only) but for testing and prep stuff the labs costs etc. Will cost us...
How much would it be for you? Not that you'll need it after all those follies! I'm do rooting for the double iui and the extra chances for you - I wish I knew that before mine... Although I'm guessing if make factor isn't an issue one would be fine
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Xerxella- I have that thought all the time. It's a wonder babies get made at all. 

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Thanks ladies. I'll just sit tight. Ironically, my doctor just emailed me. He said he didn't need to see the pictures of my ovulation tests (I think overshared :shy) but he did say that if I didn't have a period by the end of next week that I need to take a pregnancy test.


In the meantime, I am going to go about life as usual and enjoy valentine's day with my hubby.

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Hey ladies - sorry I went MIA. I have been reading along, just not posting. We did have our ultrasound last week, and saw the heartbeat! I'm sick just like I was with my son, so I'm feeling confident this baby is here to stay. I will still be reading and rooting for you all, though! Hoping we see some more BFPs in the next few days!


Also, X, I have TOTALLY thought the same thing - how do any children every get conceived?!? And yet, they do!

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chuord - It was too late to sign up for the back to back IUI's, but I guess we'll do it next month if needed. I'm a little worried about DH's ability to ..... perform. He's not a "ready to go everyday" kind of guy. In a push he could maybe make it happen 2 days in a row, but I'd be worried about not being able to produce at the 36 hour mark when it really mattered. Now, isn't that just way more information than you wanted? orngtongue.gif That's a great price. I'm one of the lucky ones with insurance coverage for infertility. I get unlimted IUIs, meds covered with a $40 copay and 4 IVFs covered. I've used 3 IVFs already (2 freeze all cycles that gave us 7 frosties and this last one which gave us another miscarriage). I think after this, we'll do one more IUI in March and then start planning our last IVF for April. Which again is more information than you were looking for... orngtongue.gif

Mo - Happy Valentine's Day! You know BD'ing is supposed to be good for implantation.... When will you test?

monkeyscience - YEAH!!!!!!!! That's just amazing!!!! What was the heartbeat? What was the baby measuring? Details! We want details!!!!

tifga and EOE - wave.gif !!!!!!

AFM - IUI tomorrow! I'm so nervous! I feel like I'm ovulating now and that I'll ovulate too soon. And, I know that's crazy because with my IVF cycles I was certain I had ovulated before retrieval and I hadn't. And, I feel the same way. The eggs need to stay in their follicles for another 10 hours and then burst forth and hit that fallopian tube. Come on eggs, you can do it.....
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Monkey science - congrats!!! Before ttc I always thought getting the positive was the challenge, now I'm thinking it's just part one and getting that heart beat is part two smile.gif

X - sadly it's not too much info :P wow that is so awesome that you have such good coverage! When you say 7 frosties, are they in storage for later? Or did you already use them up?
Good luck with the iui tomorrow!!! I felt the exact same thing re the eggs, I'm pretty sure I O'd while waiting in the rooms for my iui smile.gif but that's close enough for me.
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How is everyone doing in here?


Had my HSG done yesterday, everything looked good except a "shy cervix" and a low antral count (7).  Started me on 100 mg Clomid, HCG trigger, and Prometrium.  Suggested IUI for this cycle but I asked that we be allowed to do three cycles before we go to that.  Not sure if I'm being stupid and wasting eggs or if they're just kinda aggressive about the treatment plan.  Thoughts?

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@Xerxella- I'm sure jealous of your insurance! All of mine has been out of pocket so around 30,000 last year yikes! I hope your eggs bust forth just in time! It's so hard not knowing exactly what's happening in there!

@chuord- sorry, I am following along but my brain is not working. Where are you in your 2ww? When are you testing or are you waiting for beta?

@Caitewould- it seems like they are just trying to be aggressive. Can you wait to see what your follies look like at monitoring to decide? Oh and welcome!!

@monkeyscience- yay for the heartbeat!! How far along are you again?

Hi everyone else!! I'm over here just a lurking!
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