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Something weird is going on. Remember how I said ive been crampy for the last two weeks? This morning was particularly bad. It wasnt normal cramping as much as it was pinching. I thought maybe because DH and I had a rather (tmi alert!) rough and enjoyable Valentines night, that we may have gotten a little out of hand.

Anyway, I thought I felt something and lo and behold, a had a rather large spot. The pain is still going on but not as bad since the spot happened. I am 20 days post the last day of my period but thats too early isnt it? I shouldn't have another period for a while. What is going on?
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Mo - Especially in early pregnancy, I've gotten spotting after some "quality time" with dh. Your cervix tends to be a little lower and more irritable after ovulation, or at least mine does. I also had some pretty intense implantation cramping. You could always take a pregnancy test... ;)


Caite - I don't think it's unreasonable to try without IUI if you don't have sperm issues, particularly if money is a factor. One thing to be aware of is that Clomid is notorious for drying up cervical mucus, so I would definitely use Pre-Seed if I were you. (They've actually started selling it at Walmart now, which is awesome!) It can also have a devastating effect on lining for some (but not all) women, so it would probably good to have a lining check around ovulation time if you can.


AFM, since a few of you asked - I'm about 7.5 weeks now. They didn't measure the heartbeat, so I don't know that. It looked good to me, though. :) The doc measured the baby at 6w6d, which is just really not possible. I'm guessing I was 6w2d, but may have been 6w4d. He was having trouble getting the baby in focus and all on the screen to measure. Plus this was just a regular OB, not an RE. Anyway, I feel pretty confident that the baby is growing just fine. I will see my midwife this Friday, and hopefully hear the heartbeat then. We heard it at 8w4d with my son, even though everything I've read says you can't hear it until 10w with a doppler. Anyway, I'm going to try to get around to creating a fertility-challenged grads thread in the next week or so, so those who want updates can stalk and those who aren't wanting to hear about it (and I don't blame you!) don't have to.

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@Xerxella eggs stay in those follicles!!!!!!! Rooting for you mama! I would like details after the IUI.
Okay back to:lurk
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Chuord - The 7 are still on ice waiting for me. I'd love to have some answers as to why I'm miscarrying before I put them back, but I may never have those answers. So we'll just keep trying until I'm 40-ish and then I think we'll just put them back one at a time and come what may.

Caite - I'm glad the HSG went well. That's an important step. How old are you again? I would recommend being more aggressive as you get older. If you're over 30 and especially 35 I'd go with the IUI. Clomid has a bad habit of giving you hostile cervical mucous. This wouldn't allow even the best sperm in. This effect gets worse as you get older.

Monkey - That all sounds awesome! You'd rather have bean measuring a little big over a little small. After everything you've been through it seems impossible for it to be that "easy"! I hope it's that "easy" for me! smile.gif

Mo - Now come on. You know what we're all thinking. Just test tomorrow morning. How many dpo are you?

Adiejan - What about your update? What's new with you?

AFM - So, it's done. It was 38 1/2 hours after trigger. That worries me. And because the nurse said, "Don't worry because the egg lives for 72 hours after its released." Great. Someone with no clue as the lifespan of an egg. I guess all she needs to know is how to insert sperm. I guess that went fine. I'm very nervous about this whole thing, but I guess time will tell.
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Caiwould - I'm with the others, aggressive is only really necessary if you are older... Definitely try and get a measurement of the lining around o time, and use the preseed - dh and I used that after our hsg last month and I did get pg but had a chem (I'm assuming egg quality) when you had you hsg did you have the antioxidant oil flush afterwards? They've done surveys and it seeks to increase pg chances... Most importantly though, although you may have to accept having treatment that you wouldn't have chosen, go with your guy instinct - if naturally is right for you either financially or emotionally and you have the time - do it your way... Also if your lining thins they can move you onto letrozole - same as clomid but dif med and no damage to lining.

Monkey - yay for all of the details, it's lovely it's all working for you smile.gif

Adie - time flies! Where are you at now? Can you believe it yet?

Xerxella - yay for frosties insurance! Now that is good peace of mind... IF this cycle for me works and holds I will be 40.5 before in a position to try again... So part of me thinks the ivf cycle would be good to do, but then my response to stims isn't as great as it could be... I'm happily waiting 13dpiui I had slight spotting on 6,7,12 dp iui I'm hoping that's a good thing... Re testing last hcg shot (1500) was on 10dpiui so maybe tomorrow or Tuesday I may be clear of it? No idea as I didn't test out... Beta on Wednesday so I will definitely test before then - otherwise not knowing is a happy place for me smile.gif
Mo - how many dpo are you? I wouldn't stress - I've had spotting after bd during that time too... Or it may have just been implantation... It's so confusing as all the twingy cramping of implantation can just be AF gearing up - it gets me every month lol!
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Hahah! Y'all, I broke down and tested a few days ago and it was a BFN. Granted it was even before I went for my ovulation blood test so I'm not sure i was even within an accurate window to get a positive. 


I'm trying to wait until the end of the week to test. I am 10-11dpo and on CD26 (according to my app). 

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DH and I are going out with my family tonight to listen to some live music and have a night on the town. Maybe I can relax and quite stressing about this. 


The spotting was enough that I had to put on a pad but no gushing like I normally do when AF is here. Still feeling crampy but not bad enough that I need ibuprofen for the pain. Just weird and bloated (maybe the bloating is from the massive amount of steamed broc I just consumed at lunch). 

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Mo - lol re broccoli!!!!! I'm thinking your bfn would have been way early... Have a fab night tonight!
I just did an Internet cheapie and it seems the hcg is out of my system - so from now on its either all me or AF lol
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I'm 32, so not that old.  :love  My FSH was good last time it was checked, so I'm hoping that my ovarian reserve isn't actually that low and that this clomid/trigger/progesterone will kick the in to high gear.  AMH should be done before U/S Saturday, so guess we'll see then.  Is Clomid likely to bump my O back?  I've O'd cycle day 12 the last few cycles, but U/S is CD 13.  Should we just get busy every other day until then or what?  Maybe I'll call Monday and double check that date.  Ugh.

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xerxella - holding my breath that those eggs stayed put until trigger!!!

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Mo - That BFN was way early, I think.  The earliest i've ever gotten a BFP was 14DPO if I remember correctly.  Crossing my fingers for ya!


AFM - Does BCPs make anyone else want to gouge out the eyes of their SOs?  I've been so full of rage the last 2 days, I've wanted to lock myself in my bedroom. :(

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Hugs kewpie!!! And loads of sympathy... They send me whacky too, evil little things... Hang in there it's only one month xx
Ps I'm so glad you didnt get a bfp till 14dpo - it fills me with hope smile.gif I tested out the hcg shot this morning and got a squinter... So will test again tomorrow (14dpo) and see
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I don't know, ladies. I'm really starting to think that this may be AF. Its still spotty but almost a light flow. I had that gush this morning, then one this afternoon and then a brief one tonight. It wasn't very much but now I'm pinchy again. I dont know. Either way, Hubs and I had a blast tonight out on the town. I danced for 3.5 hours straight (in heels!) and we had a blast with friends. Exactly what we needed to take my mind off everything. 


I even enjoyed an awesome martini followed by plain ole lemonade for the rest of the night...just in case I really am pregnant LOL

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It's official, AF is here and here to stay until Tuesday. I guess the positive is that we know I O'd this month but we just didn't catch the egg. We'll try again. Clomid starts tomorrow.

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Mo - glad you are aeeing the positive... It's actually pretty great that you went to a 'normal' cycle after one batch of meds smile.gif here's to next month being it!
I'm still waiting for my hcg shots to exit... Omg last night I cramped (strongish) for hours... Got up this morning and still no AF...
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So sorry, Mo.  Better luck in the next few weeks.

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kewpie - how are those bcp reactions going? Hope it's settling a bit?
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Originally Posted by chuord View Post

kewpie - how are those bcp reactions going? Hope it's settling a bit?

Today was much better,  Only had a couple of moods swings and now that I know I'm getting them, I've been able to curb them pretty well before I get out of control.

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Kewpie - hug.gif BCP sucks. Hang in there. This too shall pass.

Mo - Sorry for the bad news. There is a lot of good at being back to a regular cycle. 100mg Clomid starting tomorrow?

chuord - You're 14/15 dpiui today? Have you tested yet? Come one! Test!!!! (I'm a horrible POAS pusher).

Caite - If you O'd that early, definitely bd every other day starting on cd 8. You don't want to miss it!

Tracy - Let's see. Details of the IUI. I think it went well overall. There is alot of cramping during it. There were 5 or 6 follicles that looked good; 16-20 mm when we triggered, but my estrogen was low-ish at 397, but I tend to have low estrogen anyways and letrozole will have made it lower, so I'm hopeing it's a non issue . DH had an outstanding count (over 400 million swimmers!), so that's always nice. I did a PIO shot Sunday night and now I'll do endometrin. I've always like it and it's worked for me.

AFM - I guess it's about 2 dpo now. So, hopefully some embryos in there are prepping to go from 2 cells to 4 cells with perfect chromosomes and strong implantation ability! The first day I'll test is Sunday at 8 dpo because I'm a chronic early tester. (Is there a 10 step program for that?)
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Hi everyone!


I'm Kat.. I've hung around here a bit before, but not for years.. now we're trying IVF for the first time, so I've been lurking a bit.  


@chuord - from the other thread - after you mentioned it, I looked up when FSH usually spikes in a normal cycle, and it all makes sense now!  This is totally how I feel right before I O - everything is uncomfortable and wrong and I'm second guessing EVERYTHING CONSTANTLY.  It's a wonder we've found ways to BD around then - it's just about the least sexy feeling ever! 


Mo - Sorry to hear that it didn't work out this month, but I'm glad that you seem to have found out how to "fix" the problem, and hopefully it won't take long to get the BFP!


Kewpie - going on Lupron this month reminded me of why I swore I'd never do BCP (long term) again - it's hard to describe, but I just felt "wrong" on it (in the same way I did on BCP).  But, short term, right?


Short intro on me - my cycles are a little wonky, but I've been pronounced "fine" at this point.. but no pregnancies in 6(?) years of trying.  IUIs revealed some motility issues - since there seems to be no solid research into how to *fix* that, we're up to IVF with ICSI.  I started stims on Friday (225 gonal-F, menopur + lupron) despite a 31mm follicle hanging out from who knows when (but not producing estrogen).  Today my estradiol had gone from 36 to 535, so we're lowering the gonal-F... 

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