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@chuord- I am really thinking you should POAS...smile.gif
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xerxella - So excited for you!  I can't wait to see if any of them stuck in a couple weeks!


autumn - welcome!  I'm not far behind you.  Hopefully we'll be graduated IVF preggo buddies together.  We're doing ICSI too.  It's amazing what they can do with such tiny little things!


AFM - Nothing much to report other than each day I'm feeling less and less rageful, so I must be getting used to the hormones.  Yay?

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Hi everyone.  I'm joining in on this thread.  


I am 39.  Our baby was stillborn at 38 weeks about 7 months ago.  Dh and I are TTC and haven't gotten pregnant yet.  I am taking B6, Vit D, DHEA, Royal Jelly, Prenatals, Cal/Mag, CoQ10.


We saw the RE after losing our baby so we could speed the process up of getting pregnant because it took 9 months to conceive our baby that died.  RE thought he could have us pregnant by Christmas.....and here we are not pregnant.


We did injects and clomid for 2 cycles using TI.  First cycle 3 eggs.  Second cycle 1 egg.  BFN.  Since I only got 1 egg from my last cycle with RE (and I normally ovulate on my own) we took a break and dtd ourselves.  Still BFN.  


This month we went back to RE and still injects and clomid.  3 eggs on my right and 1 egg on my left.  We decided to do an IUI just in case it was dh's sperm (which it wasn't).  So I am in the 2WW.  


He said if this doesn't work we need to talk about IVF which we can't afford.  I have two kids previously and I don't know why I can't get pregnant.

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Kewpie - I'm so impressed at your self control at feeling the mood change coming and controlling it... Also even better if your body is adapting - I've never had that lol. So glad you only get one month of it!
Xerxella - woohoo!!! Sounds like you are in for a fantastic chance this month - everything crossed!
Autumn laughing - welcome here! Omg that was a huge increase in estrogen!!! I'm glad they are dropping it a little bit - no wonder your hormones were manic smile.gif I know right (although I do feel line bd around o) guys have no idea the hormonal changes we get...
Adie - I did get a very faint positive yesterday - but assumed it was the hcg working out still... How are you? Your natural bubble seems to be overusing any hormonal effects? smile.gif
Ilovemy - welcome! Sorry for your loss, hugs re the journey being harder... We understand smile.gif but hopefully you won't have too much longer to wait.
Afm - ok cramping so bad Sunday night that it woke me up and had to take pain killers to sleep, not proper AF cramping though - less generalized (if that makes sense) then had the faint residual bfp (14dpo) spotting during the day - tmi some clots? So will test again in a few minutes but not much hope - expecting it to be lighter again... Oh boobs have been getting more tender - but could be AF... I find these last few days so confusing, I was doing really well at staying calm And neutral, then I get suspicious, then hopeful and by the time AF arrives devastated lol - ok off to test.
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chuord - (hugs)

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Thanks kewpie smile.gif
Ok I tested, it's about the same as yesterday so no idea if hcg shots or me... First pic is 14dpo second is today at 15dpo

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Sorry about quality - lol it was still dawnish... Also I think my urine was much more concentrated yesterday... Anyway until I see a beta increase I'm not getting excited either way... Thanks so much for your thoughts!
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@chuord- I am going to pray that it is not the HCG from your shots. I am going to think positively about this one friend...sticky baby juju your way!!  How long ago did you take them and at what dosage?  When do you have your beta?  What did you mean by my natural bubble love...I was confused ha ha.


@Kewpie80- I'm glad you are feeling less rageful...gotta love the hormones!!  When do you start your cycle? 


@Xerxella- I hope your 2ww goes quickly!!  FX for you and a sticky bean!


@ilovemykiddos- I'm so sorry for your loss :(!!  I hope that things move more quickly for you!!  The ladies on here are wonderfully supportive!



Hi everyone else!

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@chuord. Oh I hope it is your own hcg. Sending hugs and positive vibes.
@Xerxella I am hoping there is a little embie about to snuggle in real tight in a couple more days.
@ilovemykiddos sorry for your loss. That must have been real hard and probably still is emotionally. I am glad you are able to jump right back to get your

Afm- I may be joining you soon. We have decided to do donor eggs. I feel great about this decision so I think it is the right path to take to expand our family.
Thanks chuord for encouraging me to stop by. And thanks xerxella for posting a comment to my thread. No one ever comments to my threads . Maybe I just sound crazy.
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adiejan - Hoping to start stims 2nd week in march

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Xerxella- it sounds like a great chance for you this month! Any updates??

Kewpie- I hear you on the hormones, they are brutal. I was surprised how they can totally take over you, even when you know the situation rationally is different. Hang in there! Your little baby will be worth it.

Chuord- think I said it all on the other thread!! Congrats again on your BFP and fx for a sticky one :-)

I love my kiddos- oh you've had a tough journey. My heart clenches at how much you have been through and I so admire the way you're still fighting for your baby. With spirit and determination like that- it will come! I will watch your story and hang out to celebrate with you.

Traceyamber- exciting/scary step for you! Another brave woman fighting for what she wants! Good for you. Please keep us updated on your experiences. Good luck!

Afm it's CD4, AF found me and I've rolled into the next (third) round of clomid. I hope the hormones are not as brutal this time (or DH does!!).
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Adie - I meant your bubbly cheerful personality smile.gif overcoming the meds - I think auto correct got me.

Night all - thanks for the support, too exhausted to wrote more xxx
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@Kewpie80 - Totally with you on the mood swings.  It does help a little to know that it's hormones and not just being a crazy pants doesn't it?


@chuord - FX those lines keep getting darker and that you get an excellent beta!


AFM- Got U/S moved up to CD 11 (Thursday), trigger shot should be here from the pharmacy today, and I'm almost done with our first round of Clomid!  Will keep bd-ing EOD and wait to see what U/S shows.

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Originally Posted by Caitewould View Post

@Kewpie80 - Totally with you on the mood swings.  It does help a little to know that it's hormones and not just being a crazy pants doesn't it?




Indeed.  It was sure a relief

Yay for end of round!  

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Still around --trying not to over think things right now- I think about you all often. I am sure once we truly get started on the process I will be on here more often. 

Right now we are still waiting for our appointment.

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Thanks for the warm welcome. The reason we started ttc is because my heart and hands ache for a baby. I keep thinking if I had a baby maybe he wouldn't have died for nothing...idk I don't see any purpose in babies dying.

Does anyone here know what extra tissue means? When I went for my iui he couldn't see my cervix and then left to get a different speculum and as he left the room he said something about extra tissue. When I went for my hsg that dr had to get a diff speculum too...said my cervix was high up.

Everyone says iui is quick but it wasn't. And my hsg the dr said this usually doesn't take as long.

Bec I want to vent...I don't like my re. I am using him bec he got 4 people I know pg. when I saw him after our using him break I said I don't know why I can't get pg and he said yes you do. I said I do? And he said egg quality. I never feel like I have time with him. I pay 150 for ultrasound and out in 5 min. I get 5 min total. But dh says when he gets us pg I won't feel this way.

I really wish I could go to a female re as I would be way more comfortable. But this guy knows my response and hx.

Ok vent over.
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Ilovemykiddos - ((((hugs)))). Don't be afraid to change REs if tours isn't giving you the response you need. There are lots of REs that specialize in us AMA gals. Go look on the SART website and see who has better stats in your area. Go with the data. Maybe the 4 people you know are the ONLY 4 people he's ever gotten pregnant!

Tinytina - When's your appointment?

Caite- Yeah for almost being done with clomid! Come on Thursday. I can't wait to find out how many follicles you have cooking in there! smile.gif

Oxford - congrats on starting another round of clomid. orngtongue.gif I hope it's your last one! What's the plan if this one doesn't work? I forget, do you do ultrasounds on these cycles? (Just worried about your lining after 3 rounds of Clomid).

Tracy - yeah for you joining us!!!! Are you looking in to donor embryos or just donor eggs? So glad to see you here. smile.gif

Chuord - Any news? Honestly, those don't look positive to me. I hope I'm wrong.

Kewpie and adiejan - any updates?

AFM - nothing to report. Hopefully I have some 8-ish cell bundles in my Fallopian tubes right now.
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Beta this morning, lines are definitely there, pink and in time... Just they seem to be getting lighter so possibly another chem... Will find out this am
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xerxella - nothing new till sunday, but I'm just adding a new med.  Nothing exciting yet.

chuord - Oh dear :(  I sure hope not.  

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@Xerxella yes, donor eggs . I am thinking about you and hoping you will graduate from here!!!!!!!!!!!
@chuord ughhh, sending baby dust!!!!!!!!
Everyone else- hello!
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