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I hate to ask when I know you've all probably said before, but I'd love to hear how other people's IVF cycles fared in terms of % fertilized + made it to transfer, if anyone feels like sharing... 



My first cycle, we got 5 eggs, 4 were mature enough for ICSI, all 4 fertilized.  We transferred 2 on day 3.  The remaining 2 did not make it to blastocyst, and so they were not frozen.  One of the embryos transferred stuck, but miscarried just before I entered 2nd trimester.

Second cycle, we got 4 eggs.  All 4 were mature enough for ICSI and all 4 fertilized.  We transferred 2 on day 3 and those were my twins.  The remaining 2 embryos were frozen.  

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  • Xerxella Thank you for all that information it was so useful. 
  • AFM: IUI should be in the next couple days. Because last month I had a small follicle I am apparently (i didn't find out until after my ultrasound yesterday) to be checked everyday until serge. But yesterday was 1.5 follicle and .9 triple lining. So I'm happy. Should serge today or tomorrow. Of course husband is taking all the credit for happy follicle, he bribed it you see. If it decides to be good and grow us a baby it gets jelly beans every birthday before dinner.
  • Husbands can be so cute. 
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BFFN this morning. I guess it was just the trigger. It could still go + tomorrow (10 dpo) and have a chance, but after that if it goes + it'll probably be a loss.

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@chuord - they knocked me out for the retrieval, so I don't really know!  Beforehand, I was a little uncomfortable (due to volume of follicles) and the day afterward wasn't too bad - I took a few acetaminophen, and there was a little bit when I wished I hadn't & could have taken the pain meds they suggested, but it really wasn't bad.  Today I'm a little crampy + nauseated, but I guess that's the estrogen supplement.  Oh, at the risk of TMI, my "bits" were Not Amused - I think just dryness + maybe a little bit of yeast from the abx?  But I react to EVERYTHING, so it's no real surprise.. 


@JoyfamMama - I hope the test went well?


@Xerxella - :(  but I'm hoping for tomorrow. 


@tifga - that's super cute. I hadn't thought about bribing them... 


Thanks everyone for your "stats" - it really illustrates what a long road so many people here have been down :(   But.. learning more each time, right?


I do feel lucky that I don't have kids while going through this - I was able to just lounge in bed all weekend.  Extra kudos to those of you doing this for #2 (or #3, or more!) 

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Xerxella - wow that article is harsh! One lady on mothering didn't get her bfp till 2 weeks after AF was due - I'm guessing that article is right, but as always there are anomalies - people who don't get much hcg in their bloodstream etc... I'm holding the hope!
Autumn laughing - I agree, thanks everyone the info had been wonderful - regardless of outcome it gives us a realistic outlook smile.gif also I totally agree with the doing this with other kids would be nuts! I'm fine with just me and dh - I can get him to feed the cat lol.
Thanks for the info, I'll be sedated too, but I just wanted to know what to expect afterwards - so everything you said helps... Have you heard how the eggs went with fertilization?
Tifga - I hadn't thought of bribery either wink1.gif
Kewpie - how long till dh gets his tests? Is this whole process less stressful when you know it works for you? Or harder with the kids?
Afm - day 4 gonal shots doing fine aside from a few side effects - low grade permanent headache, fuzzy brain, achy ovaries and everything tastes weird lol. Getting scanned on day 7 of gonal... To see where it's all at - come on lots of follies!
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Xerxella I'm still holding out hope for you. Thank you too for the iui stats prob same as ivf stats info.
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Thanks for the welcome, X! Hope all is positive with your upcoming test. Thanks to all posting info relating to #s of eggs retrieved vs fertilized & made it to blast phase; good Q, Autumn.


AFM: Starting acupuncture next week & Follistim on Saturday!

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@Xerxella thinking about you!!!!!!
Eta. Interesting article.
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So true Autumnlaughing- I feel like I am finding it way too easy to put my life on hold right now too. I am glad it isn't just me though.


Welcome Mainebaby!


Xerxella- we are grateful that the insurance is helping too.


AF is here too! 


You all are full of so much information and also make me feel a lot less alone- its also reassuring to hear about what we might be doing soon.


Our appt at the clinic is next Thursday- trying to stay busy in the meantime.

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@toothfairy2be - Well that just sucks. Have you done any genetic testing on the losses? We've been staring at a possible immune problem and with our last IVF we did Lovenox, prednisone, intralipids, blah, blah, blah and still miscarried. But, I insisted on an embryoscopy with testing and, sure enough, it was very genetically abnormal. So, maybe the problem all along has just been old age / bad embryos. The good news with that is that there's probably a genetically competent embryo in there somewhere. It's just a matter of finding it. Have you read this blog: http://fiscafamily.wordpress.com/ ? After 6 or so losses and being treated for everything under the sun, she put in 2 chromosomally competent embryos and had one miracle little boy.

tifga - So, any update? With a 15mm follicle I would expect surge to a be a few days away. I thought they naturally surged at about 20 mm?

chuord - Come one day 7. Grow follies, grow! The recovery for my first 2 retrievals was a breeze. For my last one I was pretty achy and sore for quite a few days. About the article, I would guess that anyone who didn't get a + until 2 weeks after AF was due simply misjudged their ovulation time. Even the most regular people can have an unusually long cycle. And, you can have a surge and get all the signs of ovulation without ovulating. IF, she really did ovulate when she thought she did, she could either be using really crappy HPTs or be one of the few people that doesn't metabolize HCG into her urine. But, you have to have HCG in your bloodstream to tell the corpus luteum to continue to produce progesterone to stop your period. If there's no HCG in your blood, you're body will shed the endometrial lining (your period) and start the cycle all over again.

mainebaby - Good luck on starting your cycle!!!! What your protocol look like? (I love this stuff! orngtongue.gif )

tinytina - Thursday is so far away....

AFM - So, no great news today. The second line on the HPT continues to be annoyingly absent. I'll order my meds for my next cycle today.

PS - Unless anyone has any objections, I'll probably start a new thread in the next few days for the Spring. flowersforyou.gif
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@Xerxella I'm sorry about this cycle. That sucks. Errr so annoying and energy taking. Big hugs to you.
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Got back from 3rd ultrasound this week.

Yesterday i was 1.64 and lining .9.

Today we are 2.0 lining .99.

I did an OPK when I got home that said i surged so I guess IUI tomorrow.

Just waiting for the clinic to call. 


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@tifga - sounds good!  


@Xerxella *hugs* and I think a spring thread is a good idea..  I'm really ready for spring... 


The lab called this morning and told me that they look great + I should come in on Thursday for transfer, so that's exciting.  Looking at some of the charts for my clinic, that puts me at a likely 60% success rate for my age range!  The day 3 transfers had slightly under 50%.  I mean, we all know how little that means, but it's certainly the best chances I've ever had! 


I didn't ask her for specifics... I'm barely smart enough to form words at that hour of the morning as it is. 


@tinytina  I have watched more useless TV and played more solitaire in the past week or so than I had since... uhm, a long time!  I wish I was better at doing useful things while waiting... Like one of my many knitting projects, or the taxes or... if the weather here was better, I'd at least probably be able to convince myself to go for walks (and runs, but not this week...). 


ETA- my fortune cookie today says "Aim high, time flies"  Smarmy fortune cookie... 

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We organizing our living room (new bookcase, desk, & chair). Cleaning too- kitchen today, bathroom tomorrow.. Putting up wedding photos. Only been married a year. We weren't sure how long we were going to live here but in the meantime this needs to be home.

Good luck Tifga and Autumnlaughing and everyone else.
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Xerxella - a spring thread sounds good to me. How are you doing today?

Tinytina - have fun putting up photos and decorating.

Tifga - fingers crossed for you.

AFM - progesterone cream is horrible. It makes me hungry and hot flashes. I don't know if this is other progesterone doing it but I am exhausted and actually napped. My iui was thee 15th.
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Morning ladies! Man this thread moves fast wink1.gif
Welcome mainebaby smile.gif
Tifga / autumn - totally get that obsessive thing, even before the meds you spend two weeks hoping for good eggs - a week of manic bd, then two weeks of 'no I can't eat that, just in case' to your forgetful dh/dp lol!
Tifga - looking good for your iui fx!
Autumn - wow that's looking great, love your stats! How many fertilized again, our of how many?
X - hugs on the blah cycle, what are you doing this/next month?
Tf2b - prayers and hugs to you lady smile.gif
Afm - had my ultrasound check up this morning (day 6) it was two days early but I'd had a few side effects and he prefers to check (awesome doc) so on the left I had about 6 at 7.5, the right 6 at 9.0, lining was good (think he said 9?) it was 530am so like you autumn I'm not the sharpest wink1.gif
So a round dozen - fx there are some good ones! I'm guessing that's an average haul?
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TF2B - I hope this is it for you!!!  You had such a long and ruff journey. I'm thinking of you.


Monkey - whoohoo on the heartbeat!!  I hope this one is sticky bug.

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I will just jump in! Welcome to all! I just can't seem to keep up. Xerxella could you put everyone's stats at the beginning of the spring thread?!i am finding that that would be helpful. When changes occur everyone would be responsible to pm you of the changes as you would be the only to edit. I know it is a pain. How do you feel about that?

Afm-I am sooooo excited. My first appointment is next week and I think my husband and I already found a egg donor! I just can't wait to get started and to have another baby!
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I think an up to date spring list would be great. This thread is great but really long.


Why does every day right now feel 48 hours long? LOL! Still got 8 days until our appointment. Argh......


AF is here and is pretty horrible this month (very crampy- lots of pain)



Got the wedding photos put up on the bookcase plus we hung up a canvas print of the two of us from the wedding.

We started clearing off the catch all that is our dining room table. 

Sorted some paperwork.

Moved the couch and end table down to have room for the desk and chair  that we will be building today.

Cleaned and organized the kitchen (*still need to clean out the fridge later this week)

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Disregard. smile.gif
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