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Braxton Hicks Contractions already?????????

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I have been having contractions already...I know they are not labor ones, but the braxton hicks one...isnt this EARLY to be having these??? I dont remember with my other kids when i started having these.


(I am 22 weeks)

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I was having one during my last MW visit at 18 weeks. I couldn't feel it, but she could.
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I just had an appointment yesterday (22 weeks) and she said it was normal. it made me so nervous though....Im having several a day. Im glad it is nothing to worry about.

My doctor said that because the baby is so active (he never stops moving) that is going to cause more contractions.
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Sarah I've had them since 14-15 weeks, and they're pretty much all day, at least once an hour. I barely register them anymore. Same thing last pregnancy. No worries!

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Oh wow! That is a lot! Thank you for sharing :) Makes me feel better, not to worry!

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I have them a few times a day, I did with my first pregnancy too. I remember describing it to my MW and she said that's what they were but that I probably wouldn't be getting them for a while yet. One of my theories is that I had a quick labour because of all the "practicing" my uterus did, we'll see if it happens this time too.

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Glad to hear I'm not alone either! Been having braxton-hicks since about 18 weeks, several a day (sometimes nearly non-stop all day long if I didn't sleep well or am feeling stressed). Seing my mw in a few days at 22 weeks and will check in with it, but it definitely makes me nervous sometimes that they've started so early. Feeling very much relieved now to see this thread :)

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I have them all the time... and I actually have a condition called irritable uterus which gives me crampy contractions with pretty much everything I do. Any movement, walking, rolling over in bed, getting up, WORKING.... my uterus gets hard and tight and sometimes won't stop until I lie down. It is often very painful... not like labor...but hurting like pulled muscles and pain down my legs as well. My doc has me on a 2 week no work order...and I;m to rest up and see what happens. I am trying chiro, increase water, feet up, red raspberry leaf tea, added a cal/mag suppliment and epsom salts baths... all these things are suppose to help...but none have so far. 

I had it in another pregnancy as well so I'm not freaked out about it...just annoyed that I can't  enjoy myself xmas shopping! :)

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I have irritable uterus as well. It started at 36 weeks with my last pregnancy (my 3rd) & at 19 weeks this time around. It was quite a strong start too, I was quite worried about the severity of it. I expected my midwives to brush it off this time like they did last but they told me that if it continued at that severity I would be transferred to an OB. I was quite stressed about that! I've had milder irritable uterus since them except for one day a few days after I fell down the stairs on my bum. I really watched it but could tell it wasn't labour so didn't page the midwives. I won't be contacting them unless I'm fearful of preterm labour , since I don't want any more black marks on my file. I'm more & more relieved as I get further along though. I had a hypnobirth last pregnancy & am another. I've been doing positive affirmations to prevent preterm labour & imagining blue ribbons around my uterus holding baby in & my cervix closed. Relaxation really helps. I also take it easy a lot once it hits & try to spend time in the warm tub if I can, or at least on the couch. My littles are getting good at getting mommy water & helping take care of each other. It's been good for them actually. smile.gif
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how is your uterus doing?

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Funny , pinkmilk, I know you weren't asking me but I was lying on the couch with contractions 4-6 minutes apart for over an hour when I saw your post in my email. It made me wonder how all you other ladies are doing. Mine have settled down now & that's only the 4th time I've had them so badly, but this time it had me nervous & I was happy once things calmed! I'm 26 weeks tomorrow.
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I have had many discussions with my doc and done lots of research on this. If you lie down and your contractions do not change or slow down then it's best to head off to the hospital to make sure your cervix is closed. If you have blood or leaking you should go in as well. And if you have pain that persists and is unlike your "regular" pain (round ligament, Braxton hicks or pelvic pain) then go get checked.



drink water

Epsom salts bath

calcium mag suppliment

chiro care


new jewelry with diamonds...


all these should help you feel better.


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I'm going to try the calc/mag supp and see if this helps. This might be TMI but I find it is really bad after sex and lasts for hours! 

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Always! Since 13 weeks at least. But now they're upping in intensity and frequency.
I have an irritable uterus too, this is my 5th baby and i'm well used to it by now. They basically mimic labour for me and later in pregnancy I just feel like I'm in labour all the time. The only true sign I have is 'blood'. I will have them steadily and regularly for hours at a time. But I've never been concerned of going early. And I do have super short labours. I haven't recognized the last 2 until 1/2 hour before birth.
But I would reiterate others- not a cause for concern. I'm surprised a couple of you mentioned that care providers were concened.
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It's normal.

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I've been having braxton-hicks contractions since about 20 weeks. Now that I'm 33 weeks +5 days - they are definitely uncomfortable. But also totally normal. Magnesium help them calm down if they're getting a bit too frequent/strong. I use the Ancient Minerals Magnesium Oil on my belly (and on my calfs too, helps with charlie horses.). I also drink a lot of coconut milk because that has a ton of mag in it. :)
The only time they ever worried me was after my husband and I had sex one time, they got really close together. But other than that, despite them being tight and uncomfortable, I find them really exciting! It just means my body/uterus is warming up and getting ready for birth. My midwife said that often having a lot of contractions and soon, prodromal labor, really helps tone and prep you for birth. 
I don't know if I'm crazy or what, but I CAN'T WAIT for labor - it means I get to actually do something and get my baby out! :)

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I had irritable uterus from 26 weeks on my third pregnancy, & had a 4 hour labour doing a hypnobirth. I don't know if the irritable uterus helped make it quicker than my previous ones or just my state of relaxation but it makes me more patient with my tightenings this time around!
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