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Sippy Cup help

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Hi ladies;


So little M will be going to daycare starting at the beginning of February and I'm trying to get her to use some kind of liquid-holding contraption that isn't a boob (or a bottle, if I can help it) so she can get breast milk while she's there. I've tried SO many different kinds of sippy cups and she simply does not understand how to use them and I haven't a clue how to teach her.


The trouble is that she doesn't understand that in order to get things out she needs to suck on the straw or spout. Instead, she just bites everything or, in the case of straws, bites and pulls like she's trying to rip pieces off.



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I dunno. When ds son turned 20 months all of a sudden he figured out the straw . How old is your dd?
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the only way i got naomi to figure it out was by mocking me. i would do it a few times then let her try then do it again and repeat. it took less than a week for her to get it down.

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She's 9.5 months. I'd just until she just figured it out but, like I said, she needs to be able to drink out of something while she's at daycare.


How did you demonstrate, KB? I've been putting it in my mouth and trying to show her that she needs to suck on it but she can only really see the part where I put it in my mouth. What ends up happening is she puts it in her mouth, start biting it, then gets frustrated when nothing is happening and doesn't want to try anymore.

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i make an exaggerated sucking noise/motion, then put it in my mouth and take a drink and still exaggerate, and make the "ah!" sound. 

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No help here. DD prefers sipping from a regular cup or straight from the boob. Have you tried a non-non-spill sippy? Those non spill sippies are HARD to drink from. Maybe if you just used a plainer one with no valve, she would experience more instant satisfaction and less frustration. Then, once she understood that a sippy is for drinking from, you could try the no spill one? Just a thought.
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we have one of those glass water bottles, lifefactory? and it comes with a straw insert. she likes that a lot. she doesn't like bottles at all but will figure those out. and can use just a plain sip cup. green sprouts make one that's like a cup with sip top that will spill but doesn't require sucking skills.

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This almost always works.


Take a regular straw and place it in a cup full of water. Capture some water in the straw by putting your finger over the top of the straw. Pull the straw out of the cup while still covering the top of the straw with your finger to avoid having the water escape. Put the "captured"  water side of the straw into your babies and let it drip into her mouth. She should automatically want to suck the water. While keeping that side of the straw still in her mouth, quickly place the other side of the straw back into the water, that is the side of the straw without the water in the tip of it. At this point, she is still wanting to suck or chew, which in turn she should suck up the water. After a few practices, she should get it.  I hope this makes sense!!!

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It sounds like you've tried everything, but just in case...  My BFF gave me Munchkin straw cups and I handed them to Miss L at about 7-8 months and she just immediately figured them out (not that she drinks a ton, but she does get water out pretty easily).  Probably just luck, but I did notice that pinching (or, I assume, biting) the tip of the straw causes some water to "suck up," so they do seem pretty easy...  

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I'm in the same boat. Going back to work in two months and Rissa has yet to figure it out. I have only tried one so far though.
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Are bottles an option? Some babies take bottles for awhile. I just accepted a job (whoa!) and start in early January and I was thinking Lou would just take bottles for awhile! He knows how to use a sippy cup, though. I'd also think to remove the no-spill mechanism.

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My kids usually learn like bfw said.... trap water in a straw and drip it in until they suck.... 


Wow, so many of you going back to work around the same time.  GOOD LUCK!!!

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I started with a small stainless bottle that has a sport cap, I'm pretty sure it's a Kleen Kanteen. Anyway, when I tip it upside down for her a little drips out. So she started sucking on that and occasionally chokes on too much water orngtongue.gif
Then I got a contigo with a flip up straw, which is mine for night nursing when I wake up thirsty, and she basically latches onto it because the straw part is pretty wide. But I like it because you have to work at it a bit, so she doesn't get too much and choke.
Good luck finding a solution, and for all of you going back to work! smile.gif
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