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35+ Mamas

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From the introductions, I think I remember there are at least a few of us here in our late 30s/40s?  I'm suspecting that pregnancy will be a different party here at 38 than it was for me last time at 32, and would love to have some other older-ish mamas to commiserate with.

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I am 43, 44 Dec 17th. Expecting my 5th. My baby is 16 lol. surprise!
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I'm 35 (36 in Jan), but pretty determined that it will mean nothing different :wink

I think it's important to keep fit and prepare for the birth, so I'm formulating my plan currently!

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Nice to see there's a group of us. I'm 37 and feel great about being a mama at this stage in life.

Looking forward to communicating with you ladies as time goes on!

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Right, April, that's it! I feel SO much more prepared, wise, and patient than I did for my first pregnancy! I feel so confident and I know just what to expect and do, but I know it will be a joyous adventure full of surprises anyway! Our society doesn't look at "advance maternal age" as a positive, but I think that's just phooey! moon.gif

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I'm far less fearful about pregnancy and birth and nursing etc. than before. But it's been a while! I just put in my date at fertility friend and saw the record of my first BFP back in 2004. Egad. I called a midwifery office this afternoon. I'm a 2VBA1C and want to stay home this time. Fretting a bit that my age will put limitations on her, and really don't want to go off the radar with CPM just yet - got DH on board for homebirth with the promise of academic training.
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I'll be 36 when this baby is born. smile.gif
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I'm 36 now, so I guess I'll be 37 when this one's born. Advanced maternal age indeed! But I think pregnancy is going to be very different than it was at 23. I'm more confident, but less in shape than I used to be. Time to start taking amazing care of myself!

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I'll be 37. I'm not worried about age at all. I had my first baby at 35 and it was no problem. Zumba, I think, is the key...

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Looks like I win for oldest mom to be here wink1.gif I'm still in too much shock to be scared yet lol.
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I am 35 and will be 36 when this baby is born.  I was 20, 21, and 26 when I had my other children.  I do feel though at 35 I am in better condition.  I do get severe morning sickness and I fear I could have even more problems with that being older.

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Mama2Cesca, sounds like you have http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hyperemesis_gravidarum. :( Sorry!

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My BFF had serious hyperemesis through her entire pregnancy, poor dear.  I wouldn't wish it on anyone.  Someone mentioned Zumba ... I started going to WERQ classes a few weeks ago (before knowing I was PG) and asked the instructor this morning if she's okay with me continuing to do the low-impact version & she said, "HELL yes, mama, inspire us all". :P


Those who have other kids ... do they know yet?  Our DD1 was 5 when we had the previous miscarriage and it crushed her then.  I'm afraid to tell them before at least 8wks or so.  But I'm having so much bloating/nausea/etc. at night that they're getting worried about me being sick.

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I'll be 36 when this baby is born. Looks like there are several of os 35+. Nice to meet you all!
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I am 38 and this is my first pregnancy. I will be 39 by my due date of August 18.

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I'll be 36 when this baby is born -- this will be our third (DD5 DS3)!

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I'll be 40 when this little one makes it's appearance.  I've been "AMA" for all of my pregnancies.  We don't do any additional testing.  Our midwives just chuckled when I met them for my first.  I was 35 and had heard about AMA and was worried it would mean they wouldn't take me.  They said that was a silly label and that they had a lot of mamas who were much older.  This time I'm probably approaching the much older category, but I don't forsee them having any issue with that.  I'm kind of excited to contact them.  It seems silly to do it this early, but I really do like our midwives.

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I'm on the older side of this group - will be 40 on due date of August 26th. 

This is my first.  By the grace of genetics I'm in good shape but I'm finding that little by little I'm starting to have to work at it to stay that way! 

So far in this pregnancy (all of a few days) I am a magnet for junk food (salt, fat, repeat...) and all my fruits/veggies are shriveling up.  Hopefully it doesn't take the same toll on me.

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Well, hello there!  I will be 36 next month and recently found out I'm expecting my first.  I am excited and this was very much wanted, but I feel like I can't be sure this is real and afraid it's all going to disappear.  It is really early, since I just found out on Wednesday from a blood test.  Hopefully we will all stay in this group through August!

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Hello, everyone!  


I just found out today.  My husband and I have been trying for a great many years (more or less our entire 11 year marriage).  I have a very awesome boy who is 13 and very much wants a sibling.


We've had a bunch of losses but I'm starting this one out with an OB/GYN just until 2nd trimester to make sure everything is okay.  I ended up doing clomid which seemed to fix a ton of hormonal issues and now I'm taking progesterone.  Also taking cramp bark to help calm down my uterus.  


I feel SO positive about it this time (that's why I'm already here! ;) ).  I just am continuing to visualize a happy, healthy pregnancy and a wonderful home birth followed by an amazing little babe.  SO excited!!!


I had a SUPER faint positive Saturday and my son knows and is excited.  We still said "maybe" but now it's official.  SO EXCITED..


When I woke my husband up to tell him this morning he said, "is it a boy or a girl?"  I told him this later when he woke up for his day and he denied it.  "I did not say that."   LOL!



Did I mention I was excited?

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