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smile.gif I was thinking about having a surprise this time - my last chance. But I want to think of it by name, and I think it will be easier on our DD's to think of it as a specific relationship (they're going for a third girl).
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pudlenka, my Dh is asking for names, too! I am feeling as if it's way to early for that, but I'm appreciative of his excitement, so am starting to think along those lines.


Also, funny story: when my younger son was born, we were all so sure he was going to be a girl, so at the last stage of birth, my then-3 year old and my husband were encouraging "her" and cheering her on by the name we'd chosen. Only, surprise! A boy! My husband and I had even forgotten the boy name we'd chosen, but luckily the 3 year old remembered so we were able to greet him properly. :)

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Hello! I'm rain. I'm 42, will be 43 in August. I have five kids 20-2. I had one at 35 and one at 39 and the thought of my age never occurred to me. Both of those were up pregnancies and uc births. (My last four all were).
This time I am on my fourth pregnancy in less than a year and am seeing an OB. Even though I've given birth five times, this is all new to me. I am not used to viewing pregnancy as a medical condition. I can't imagine thinking at 35 that the whole thing would be any different than it was in my 20s. But after losing three pregnancies I have to admit that my body is older and things seem to have changed. Hopefully I just hit some bad eggs and now all will be perfect from here on out.
Anyway, I am still working on accepting that I am really going to have a baby and I definitely hope to be able to remain part of this group for a long time. joy.gif
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:Hug Welcome, Rain!! Best of luck with the OB...remember to relax and trust your body & your instincts, don't let them over-medicalize things for you. You've done this before, quite successfully! Congrats on all the babies!! Always glad to see other mamas who love having a big family. :)

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Thanks for the welcome. Yes, seeing an OB is just so foreign to me. And I really really don't know if I could stomach having to birth in a hospital. However, as a responsible unassisted birther I always said I would go to the hospital if there were truly a reason, so I am trying to keep an open mind. I figure if I keep up with my OB visits I will be in a better place to make an educated decision about where to birth.
Almost three years ago at 39, I would never have considered seeing an OB. nor at 35. Before my UCs I was a doula, Bradley instructor, LLLeader, BF counselor, so I was never afraid of birth. With my body having betrayed me three times in a row, and of course with the world at large considering me practically geriatric, well, I'm just thinking too much these days. And I want to be fully prepared. Going in for the Harmony Thursday. A year ago you could never have convinced me that I would EVER succumb to genetic testing. Guess we really do grow as we age!
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I will be 35 when I give birth and the OB said I was considered "advanced maternal age."  So nice to hear that others are going through the same.

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I'm waiting on my Panorama results; they left a message while I was on my way home to call in "about some labs" tomorrow. All of a sudden petrified.
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I'm 40 and my OB laughs off the AMA thing.  She gives the impression that it's a fairly outdated guideline.  


pudlenka - GAH!  Stuck with a message and an overnight wait... torturous!   

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When I told my midwife that I wanted to have the MaterniT21 test (really, I don't care about the genetic part, just finding out gender early in a very non-invasive way) she asked me how old I was (first appointment).  37.  She said, "Oh, good, you'll probably qualify for insurance to cover it as you're..... you're...."  I cut in with a smirk, "Advanced maternal age."  She looked embarrassed by the term.  I know she's not worried about it, I don't think I should be either ;)

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I will be 35 in a few weeks and this is my fourth baby, we are not planning on doing anything too different or worrying to much :bgbounce

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They also told me that my insurance would cover additional testing because of my age. Well, I can't complain about that, I suppose.  On a funny note, when my mother gave birth to me at age 27 she was considered AMA then. Guess times have changes since the 70's.  :wink

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I'm 41, will be 42 when this little one comes. After 7 years of surgeries and infertility treatments, this will be my first child! I'm still under the care of my Reproductive Endocrinologist, I'll be having an ultrasound next week (9wks) and if all is well, I will be released to the care of my doctor or midwife. I used to be a birth doula and loved attending home births, I'm hoping to have a home birth, DH is not quite on board with that yet, but we still have time! I'm excited to learn from all of you experienced mama's!
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Welcome! smile.gif
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I haven't told anyone in my friend or community circle yet, but yesterday when I had a conversation with a 38-year-old friend about how she wants to get pregnant again (her one child is 11), I was so tickled. I loved hearing her backs and forths about it, and hearing her land on such a place of optimism and joy at the prospect of being a more experienced mother and person the second time around. It echoed some of my own best thoughts.

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