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Announcing the News

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I am terrible at holding in big news about myself like this.  We told our parents first, at 5.5weeks.  And everyday I tell someone new.  Last night I skipped on wine, another friend knows.  I am just not cut-out for fibbing.  I am a doula, and tonight our doula network is having a holiday party, so I will share the news with them.  With a fairly large group of folks in the know by 7 weeks, I will hold off just a tad on a big public announcement until Christmas, I think.  By then I will be in my 8th week.  I am just too excited!  


I have mc before, (@ 8 wks) and understand I am not out of the clear.  But if I am to mc, I am okay with people knowing.  I will need the love and thoughts and support.  Besides that, I am not worrying about the possibility.  I am feeling confident that we will greet our baby Earthside in August.


So, what are your announcement plans?

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So not there yet. smile.gif my workplace is sensitive, so I'm not rushing the drama until my chances of a loss are less. My husband knows, one old friend and three local friends who aren't associated with my work. I did just call a midwife this afternoon to see if I can get on her August schedule.
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My dentist's office knows! LOL

I was scheduled to have my wisdom teeth out with IV sedation, when I got my surprise positive. So I had to call and let them know. I changed my appointment to have just the one wisdom tooth that was really bothering me out with a local instead.

I don't like to tell folks until it becomes obvious.
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Ha! My dentist also knows. I declined the x-rays.


My husband and mom know. We'll probably tell DH's parents around Xmas when I'll be 7 weeks. We'll tell the rest (and work) in Feb... I'm just not bursting with the news the way I was with my first, but still really excited.

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Those dentist will get it out of ya!  My dentist office was also one of the very first to know...  I had to schedule fillings...  Out to the second trimester.  :)

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Second (++++) time moms, do your kids know/suspect?

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I told my kiddos already and I'm only 4 weeks along smile.gif. I've never been very good at keeping it secret. With both girls I was barfing so much that I pretty much got outed by everyone in the world. I've also been very lucky not to have ever experienced a loss/miscarriage. I know it could still happen, but I really needed their excitement, and wanted them to understand why mommy might be acting a little strangely. They're 2 and 4.
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With Christmas so close, I'm going to tell my kids then. I'm knitting a pair of itty bitty booties that I'll wrap and label as a family gift. Since it's the thing I know they all want the most, I'm crazy excited to see their reactions!
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We're planning to tell family and close friends at Christmas though we'll only be 7-8 weeks along. Is that a bad idea? It's our first and I'm terrified of m/c. edit: DH and my boss + his wife know (long story...yes they can be trusted!)
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Originally Posted by beccawprice View Post

With Christmas so close, I'm going to tell my kids then. I'm knitting a pair of itty bitty booties that I'll wrap and label as a family gift. Since it's the thing I know they all want the most, I'm crazy excited to see their reactions!

Oh, so sweet!  <3 it!

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I think we'll tell the kids at Christmas as well :)

We have to find the perfect way to announce it - of course with something under the tree!

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I told people immediately with ds but I found out a lot later. I'm just 4 weeks so we are trying to hold off on telling but it's SO hard! I want to share withe everyone! My ds is only 5 so I'm not sure if I should tell him yet... I will probably just wait until my first appointment with the midwife to make sure everything is okay and then I will share with the world!

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With DD1 we told people right away. With DD2 we had to wait until my in-laws were back in town. I'd really like to wait until like 12 weeks with this one. Ya know, keep it our little secret. It'll be hard though!
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It's so tough not to tell anybody.  This is our first pregnancy and our baby will also be the very first grandchild on both sides of the family.  So far my Mom and a handful of trustworthy friends know (I can't seem to hang out with someboday and NOT tell them!)...we're going to tell the rest of the family (in-laws, Dad and stepmom, siblings) on Christmas day! 

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I'm still trying to figure out how I'm going to tell my husband, let alone everyone else. I'll test again tomorrow morning. Then I think I'll wait until Friday morning, when we are on our way to the in-laws, to tell hubby. It will give him the weekend to physical work out tve surprise on the ranch.
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We won't be telling until 14 weeks.  I had a threatened miscarriage with my first at 13 weeks...just days after we'd told everyone.  I totally flipped out over having to tell all the men I work with etc.  With our second pregnancy I miscarried at 13 weeks, but we hadn't told anyone.  It was so much easier to just reach out to the people who I needed and I knew would support us.  I did end up telling work as the emotional toll was effecting my work, but I got to decide that later on.


We won't tell our daughters until we want everyone to know.  Our 3 year old has no filter about secrets yet.  My 13 month old won't understand, so at least we can talk about it when our 3 year old is at daycare.  It's going to be hard to remember not to say anything in front of the older one.


I sometimes wish I could tell my mom earlier, but she's not good at keeping happy news to herself.  She kept mum on the miscarriage, and she might be able to now that this is our 3rd child.  But I don't feel like I can count on that.

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I've already told my closest friends who I trust to support me if something should go wrong. I have a very high chance of miscarriage due to some health issues.

I won't tell family until past 13 weeks. Hopefully I can hold off and hide until 20 weeks, which would be my ideal.

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Well, I lied. I told my close family today!

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I told my closest work friend (she is TTC) because she knew DH and I were trying, we sit 2 feet apart and I don't think I could hide anything from her! I also told a close friend yesterday who gave birth 7 weeks ago. She said she felt I was pregnant before I came to her house for the visit! 


We our telling our parents and our sisters on Christmas Eve via video chat. I'd like to see if they can guess, by saying something cute like "We have a special present for you this year, but you won't be able to see it until August 2014..."

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I was thinking about telling everyone on Christmas. Maybe wrapping a cute "family present" that's something baby-related. I don't know if it's too soon though. No history of miscarriage, but still, I'll only be 6 weeks. :-/
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