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Is anyone still testing?

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I was just wondering if anyone is still POAS to monitor progression, or like me because they have a ridiculous addiction:o my tests are in my avatar pic , 9-12dpo.
I had a miscarriage in October, and the lines never got very dark, so the progression I'm seeing now is a beautiful sight for me to behold joy.gif. Anyone else have pics to share?
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Me!!! lol

Hello, my name is Laura and I'm a POAS addict!

See, I'm just making up for lost time...b/c I didn't test until 18dpo and got my BFP!!! lol

I have 18-21dpo and tmw will make 22dpo. I'll post a pic when tmws dries :)

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Glad to know that I am not alone. Although, how in the heck did you wait until 18dpo to start testing? I started at like 7dpo.innocent.gif
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Haha! Well, this was our 4th cycle TTC after a VR in July and I had had 2 absolutely crazy cycles from the stress of TTC. I was 4 days late once with symptoms like chest pains, heartburn, and nausea - it all turned out to be stress related! Ugh!

So, cycle 4 I was DONE with that. I stopped visiting my TTC forums, stopped talking/thinking about it, avoided pregnant friends, etc. So, when I was late again...eh...whatever, BTDT, you know? I couldn't handle the BFN again! So, I waited and waited...actually walked around for 2 full days with stupid pads in my underwear! LMAO! Finally, when I was 5 days late I tested :P

So, yeah, I wouldn't have thought I would be one of those people either, but that's how I got there! shrug.gif 

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I think I'm done testing, but I keep temping each morning to ensure my temps are staying somewhat elevated. I'm not sure if that's even relevant at this point, but it's become such a habit I'm a little afraid to let it go! Weird, huh?

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Tallulah, I'm 4w3d and use a Wondfo every morning. I'm in the same boat. Had an m/c in July and want to see those lines get dark, dark, dark!!!

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Well, here's to dark lines and high temps for all! Stick babies, stick!
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Here they are! Bottom up, 18-22dpo. I'm a little concerned b/c they're not getting dark fast...in fact they don't seem much different to me. Thoughts?

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Originally Posted by Twopeaedpod View Post

Here they are! Bottom up, 18-22dpo. I'm a little concerned b/c they're not getting dark fast...in fact they don't seem much different to me. Thoughts?

I think the top is darker than the bottom. The top is almost as dark as the control line...

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I think the top ones are definitely darker than the bottom ones. Those look great to me smile.gif
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Yeah? Okay, I'll try to not think about it. :P

I also think maybe they are maxing out.

Starting to get stronger and a couple newer symptoms, so hcg levels must be rising :)

Thanks for the feedback, ladies!

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Hey I am, but it's still really early for me at 3wk 2days (10dpo). 

I too had a mc (my only other pregnancy) and those lines were only slightly darker at 18dpo than the ones I'm getting now at 10dpo.  I want to see these current BFPs get the deep, dark color of the control line!


Here's the progression from 8 dpo.  I tested twice on 9dpo just for kicks.  They're a smidge darker in person.


I also did a CB Digital this morning.


Glad I've got company in the POAS world!

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I've forced myself to stop testing.  It skyrockets my anxiety!  I got a very dark (almost as dark as control) bfp on 14 dpo and I'm just gonna go with that for now...lol.  

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Those lines are very similar to the ones I had at that many dpo. I finally stopped testing at 16 dpo, because it was stressing me out, and the lines were nice and dark anyway.
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I tested again yesterday and it was a bit darker than the test I took 2 days before. I have one test left, so I think I'll test one last time at 5 weeks and be done with it. :-)

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I think I'm still a bit antsy bc if I wasn't preggo, AF would be due in a few days.  That just plain makes me nervous.   I want to test past my AF start day, then I'll feel better and can take my crazy down a notch!

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I've only tested once, because that's all the tests I had.  It was the night before AF was due.  It was a digital.  So I should be good, but the analyst in me just can't accept that one test couldn't have simply malfunctioned.  So I'll probably be shopping for some more.

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I'm 23dpo and today is my last day testing. For the last five days it's been up and down, a little lighter, then super dark again. I think I'm maxing out the test.
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I've tested 8dpo-today 19dpo just to watch. 8 was negative and 9 was a squinter and have gotten darker since.

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I said I wasn't gonna test anymore, but I gave in today and did a test.  I was thrilled to see a very dark bold positive line come up instantly and it was significantly darker then the control line!  :)   I'm 20 dpo.

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