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Book ideas for the 13-year-old boy...

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Looking for a new series for DS for Christmas. He prefers series and is a speed reader so big books are preferable as they may take him a few days to actually complete. He likes fantasy at the moment... recent reads, Lord of the Rings series, The Hobbit, The Mysterious Benedict Society, Hunger Games. He's been liking the Heroes of Olympus series but not at all interested in the other Riordan series. It would be great if we could find a series that already had several books or was complete. Any ideas?

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Pullman's His Dark Materials is a complete series, as is the Bartimaeus series (can't remember the author of that one, but we liked it). If he's looking for something that will really take him forever to get through and that lots of people love, how about Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time series? 14 books. http://www.dragonmount.com/Books/index.php


Does he like Artemis Fowl? Protagonist is a teenage boy, and the books are funny and fast-moving, but I bet he'd get through them quickly.

Here's a discussion on the topic - maybe some there will appeal.


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I'd forgotten about His Dark Materials. We actually own them. I enjoyed them but my eldest wasn't interested and so they are probably deep in the bookcase. I'll have to dig them out.


Artemis Fowl wasn't a favorite but I'll certainly look up the other two you mentioned. Thanks!

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He might like Paolini's series beginning with Eragon. 

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My 14 year old DD is reading the Divergent series. She says it's similar to the Hunger Games, post apocalyptic, people living in different factions, Peaceful, Brave, Selfless, Honest etc. and the children take a test at 16 or 17 to be sorted into the different factions. They go through tests to determine their fate, where they live etc.


The series consists of three books:  Divergent, Insurgent (II) and Allegiance (III). My DD is in the middle of the second one and says they are well written and interesting. She's always one to put down a book if it isn't well written or "doesn't make sense" but she loves fantasy, adventure, magic and other themes like these.


She also just read The Book Thief (before the movie came out, originally for her Accelerated Reading class, but she's been talking about it ceaselessly and really enjoyed the book.  Her Reading class went to see the movie last week and she was so happy. For her (she's got Asperger's and Tourette Syndrome and is not the most social child) books are a way to connect to other kids, and this book really helped a lot. It's not in a series, and it may only take him a day or two to get through, but it's a great read.


If he hasn't read the Harry Potter series, I'd say that's a must! Some of the best literature ever. Our entire family has read them all, and my 14 year old DD is reading them for the 4th time right now. She's one of those people who can read 3 or 4 fiction books simultaneously and not get them confused, so she was reading The Prisoner of Azkaban, Insurgent, and The Book Thief at the same time.


My DD loved A Series of Unfortunate Events series a few years ago, but she said, "He's probably already read them."  (In reference to your son, as I asked her for help with my reply.) They might be for a slightly younger reader, but I liked them as an adult.


Has he gotten to A Wrinkle in Time, A Wind in the Door, A Swiftly Tilting Planet, Many Waters and An Acceptable Time  in Madeleine L'Engle's series? They are a little older (written in the 60s or 70s, if I remember) but are good fantasy/science fiction for young readers.


Has he read The Outsiders and the other books by S. E, Hinton? They aren't fantasy, but when I was that age, The Outsiders was one of my favorite books. That Was Then, This is Now also by Hinton was a close second.

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if you have some neat bookstores in your area go talk to them. they are usually really good about guidance. to be honest i prefer to give dd giftcards. she is a VERY picky reader. she loved book 1, tolerated book 2 and couldnt complete book 3 in the divergent series.


there are some off beat wonderful books out there that are not a series. 


the fault in our stars - fascinating - John Green

Stung - dystopian brilliance. 

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Yes, he didn't have much choice but to read through Potter considering what a rabid fan his big sister was lol. We have double copies of most of the books that we bought at midnight releases! We all love Series of Unfortunate events! Probably my favorite in terms of cleverness. Wrinkle in Time we own but I'm not sure he's tried them... hmm. Another series to dig out. I remember the Outsiders personally. I hadn't thought of it but maybe he'd like it. Will certainly look up the Divergent Series.


I think we have Eragon. Might be worth trying that. DS is one of those readers that if you hand him a book, he'll read it through and want to get through the whole series. However, he doesn't go searching through the bookshelves for books to read. If I never handed him a book, I'm not sure he'd read all that much! Giving him a book at Christmas is a way to get a month of reading out of him!

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This is a great resource that I have used frequently both in and outside of the classroom to help boys find books that might appeal to them:  http://www.guysread.com/

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Has he read the Septimus Heap books? Magyck is the first one. My 12 yr old (almost 13) dd1 loved them on audio. They're thick, but more on the level of the first three Harry Potters — not as dark as the last 4, or the YA stuff like The Hunger Games. My dd1 also liked Divergent, but has heard some spoilers about the last book in the series so is not sure she wants to continue it. 


I saw a HUGE FAT series of maybe 3 books at the bookstore recently. I can't remember the name right now, but it was fantasy and the next time I'd down there I'll check. I thought it looked a bit intimidating for dd1 who doesn't really like them too fat. 


FWIW, I thought The Book Thief was devastatingly sad, but brilliant. I could not recommend it to my kids right now because of how sad it was for me. It might go more over their heads, but I think we'll wait a few years on that one.

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