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Allergic reaction help/ insight

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I am looking some insight from mamas with allergy experience. My 8 year old ds rubbed Palmers body oil on himself and his hands started to swell minutes after. We washed his hands , he threw up. Have him Benadryl and waited. He also took a shower to wash it all off his body. Swelling went down after a while but he maintained slight swelling and a few hives, rash, threw up again in night. Woke up ok in the morning but didn't want to eat much all day and just looked wimpy. My sister was just arriving in town an is a CNP so I felt okay not rushing him anywhere. At any rate, we avoided the ingredients soybean oil, sesame oil, safflower oil, cocoa butter as well researching out what other chemicals might be in it. Most of them seem to be in places like shampoo or Chapstick so I am guessin it is one of the ingredients listed above. Several days later my mother ate Chinese food for lunch, sampled a hazelnut chocolate and then held his hand. The same swelling began and we assume it was maybe the hand holding? We caught it quickly, gave Benadryl and the hand swelling went down. Most of what I find on contact allergies involves contact dermatitis, so it is tough to figure out. We are going to allergist Wednesday but have to pay out of pocket so I want to be sure it is handled correctly. Any thoughts or similar experience? Thoughts on on tests we should have, patch vs scratch vs blood? Just haven't been able to find similar circumstances and we worry about feeding him, putting lotion on him, etc. sorry so long, long story
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I think I would start by looking at the sesame oil.  Maybe there was sesame oil or sesame seeds in the Chinese food.  After that, I would look at the hazelnut.  Before you go to the allergist, call the office first thing Monday morning and ask the nurse if they have a specific test for sesame.

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Talk to the doctor

which test is better at this age.

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