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Placenta Plans?

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What are yours? Encapsulation is $125. IDK if I want to do it or not. The other option is to buy a dehydrator & have DH do it?

Also need to get an Afterpain tincture!
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$125 is awesome!  Around here it is $225-$250...


I'm encapsulating because it helped a lot after my 3rd.  I worked out a barter with the woman doing it so I only have to pay $175 out of pocket.

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I'll use mine for smoothies the first few days then dehydrate and encapsulate the rest. I have one of these capsule machines that makes it pretty easy to do it myself. I (unfortunately) do not have a dehydrator; I just put it in the oven at the lowest temperature my goes to (I think it's around 170*)

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Encapsulate! Will never birth without doing it! I definitely urge all mamas to save their placentas in the freezer for t leaśt the first few months because even if they aren't sure about encapsulating at first, They may change their mind after the baby is a few days/weeks old.
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We did a few frozen chunk smoothies last time and then encapsulated the rest. I still have a ton of capsules and we can't really afford to encapsulate this time, but I liked the smoothies better anyway so the plan is to cut two weeks worth of chunks for that and then stick the rest in the deep freezer. Probably will tincture it later for menopause.

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My midwife encapsulated mine, and I have them waiting for me.  I haven't had any hormone swings, so I'm not sure when to take them.  She also dried the umbilical cord in this lovely spiral.  It was a LONG cord, so it's quite a big spiral.  I'm thinking of maybe getting it encased in resin and making a christmas ornament out of it.  (too weird?)

I love placentas so much!  this one was so pretty and perfect!  I like how they all tell a story about their babies.  

Mothering › Groups › December 2013 Due Date Club › Discussions › Placenta Plans?