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Help troubleshoot my cold house?

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Despite setting our thermostat much higher, our house has been between 58-63 for the last several days during which we've had below freezing temps. Previously, when the temps were from mostly from the mid 30s-40s, and only occasionally dipping below freezing at night, we had no problems keeping the temps where ever we wanted them. Its an older house (1940s) with mostly single pane windows and I'm sure the insulation leaves much to be desired! But what I'm wondering is does poor insulation get all the blame? We were fine when it was 30s-40s, but now at  mid 20s-30s we can't keep temps up. I don't know enough about heating and furnaces to even know the right questions to ask. Is there any problems with it we should be checking out? filters or anything else? The furnace is in the "creepy" (unfinished) part of the basement and we keep the litter box there since if they're going to stink some place up it may as well be where we don't want to hang out! So the cats hang around there a decent bit since its the one place they can go hide that no kid wants to chase them. Is there anything they could have damaged that would reduce efficiency?


Thanks for any suggestions! I'm happy to accept that its an old, drafty, poorly insulated house and work on sealing up drafty areas and hanging thick curtains, just want to be thorough in case I miss something

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I would check out an energy efficiency helper site in your area, like this http://www.thisoldhouse.com/toh/article/0,,214743-2,00.html


Also I would put those window covers over single pain windows. like this http://solutions.3m.com/wps/portal/3M/en_US/NAHomeEnergy/Home/


Maybe someone else has some helpful ideas.

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How often do you change your furnace filters? We change ours at least twice a year. A clogged filter can impair efficiency. Or your furnace may been in need of servicing.
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