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Natural Hair Conditioner for Toddler?

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So my 14 month old has a big mop of beautiful sweet baby hair. The only issue I'm beginning to have is that the patch of hair on the back of his head below the crown (the same spot that the hair runs off as newborns) is starting to get really dry and split up and tangly. Now, I don't care about this for aesthetic reasons. I like my babies with drooly, dirty faces and messy hair, thank you very much wink1.gif However, it's becoming apparent that its starting to become painful when I comb his hair because its so tangled. I almost feel like if I left it for a day or two he would have dreadlocks back there. His Dad says to just cut his hair but I really don't want to because, well, he's my baby!!!!!! So my question is, does anyone know of a good all natural hair conditioner that would be safe for me to use on him or has anyone experienced this problem before? If so, what did you do to remedy it? I'm only washing his hair about 1-2 a week so it doesn't get too dried out.
Thanks joy.gif
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Just straight up coconut oil works fine.  You can even use it on dry, unwashed hair to moisturize.  I use it on my super thick hair and it doesn't leave it feeling greasy once it gets absorbed.

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You can also try olive oil in his bath, on his hair after you wash it or when every you want. Put the oil on his hair, let it sit while he plays, then comb through while the oil is still on his hair. You will have to most likely use some soap or shampoo to get it out, but just a little. Then comb while still wet so the tangles stay out.

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Thanks ladies,
While I'm at it.....any suggestions for a children's all natural toothpaste?
I've tried Green Beaver but LO doesn't care for it much treehugger.gif
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I really like the Spry toothpaste with xylitol and DD has used it since she was about 12mos with little worry about her swallowing it (although I barely put a drop on her brush, just enough to give her a taste!).

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I really like Every Day Shea baby shampoo and conditioner. My kiddos hair gets super tangled between washes and I have been putting a drop or two of the conditioner in a sample size spray bottle, filling it the rest of the way with warm water and giving it a god shake. Then I use that as a detangler. Doesn't leave her hair greasy and it makes combing out the tangles MUCH easier!!
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Thanks, I tried the coconut oil and it did leave the hair a tad on the greasy side (small price to pay but still....)
Are you in the states or in Canada? Sometimes it's tricky to get American products here in the Great White North cold.gif
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States ;-)

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