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Pregnancy/ Childbirth Wish List

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I have a wish list going...  Sacred Pregnancy Journal, Ina May's Guide to Childbirth, The Mother's Wisdom Deck, Labyrinth of Birth


Favorites from my first pregnancy...  Ina May's Spiritual Midwifery, Creating a Joyful Birth experience, Birthing from Within, Wise Woman Herbal for the Childbearing Year


Already purchased for this pregnancy...  Meditations for Pregnancy (Michelle Leclaire Oneill)

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Fun list!
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I want one of those fetal development books that talks about every little detail of development, has diagrams, pictures, and graphics :) I don't want to miss a single detail!

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Shopping List

Maternity jeans(2)
Long sleeve maternity tees(3)
Short sleeve maternity tees(3)

Birth Kit

12 pack bum genius newborn AIO diapers $145
Kangaroo tee shirt $65
5 sleepers (0-3)
10 SS onesies (0-3)
5 sleepers (3-6months)
10 LS onesies (3-6months)
Baby Wash Earth Mama Angel Baby
Diaper cream Earth Mama Angel Baby

Knitting List

Baby blanket
Pants/diaper covers (4 pair 0-6months)
2 hats
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I saved most newborn stuff from baby #1 (clothes and cloth dipes), but I will have a ton or organizing to do in the spring to get a count and see where I am at with things.  I will want another sling, even though I dont need another carrier.  I have an arms reach cosleeper.  love it.  recommend it.  I will search used for travel size swing once I am close to popping, or keep an eye out over summer.


I will  inquire on a local swap sell fb page for maternity clothes in January, and shop thrift.  


Tax time we'll have all the moolah set aside for the home birth kit, birth tub, midwife and doula fees.


Also included in my pregnancy 'wish list' is chiro care throughout, and a couple massages and pedicures.

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I've got a 13 month old, so we have everything.  I do want some of those kangaroo care shirts though.  I always want to do kangaroo care, but then need to be dressed, so it only lasts a few hours.  Seriously hoping to do more of that this time.  I also want a small, flat lovey blanket this time.  I'm hoping to drape it over my arm under the baby's head each nursing session so they'll associate it with that.  I've putting the ones with heads or the larger ones between the baby and my bellies, but that hasn't worked.  So new strategy for this one.


I may buy a new crib.  I had a hand me down for my first and it wore out.  I've been using a travel crib for my second, but she's getting too long.  I was loathe to buy a full size crib for a 1 year old when she was going to be our last.  But now, I can probably justify the expense.


I'll have to decide if I want the kangaroo seat for our stroller.  That would allow all three to ride, but I'm not sure how much we'd use it.  Our oldest will probably be closer to 5 by the time I'd actually put the new baby in the stroller.

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I forgot my biggest item.  We'll need a new car.  Minivan here we come!

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We'll also need a new (to us) car, not sure what it will be, maybe a Subaru? We have a 1994 VW Golf that is running great but unfortunately the car seats are too big to fit two.


I also want a carrier that I can nurse a newborn in. Any suggestions? We already have the Ergo, a mei tai, a Bjorn and the Moby. None of them really work at keeping the baby stuck to the boob.


Otherwise, I think we are pretty well set. We have a 17-month-old and we bought all gender neutral.

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We don't need anything. I also don't need any baby carriers, as I have 2 rebozos, 4 wraps (all home made) , an ergo, ring sling and mai tai. However, I'd love a an authentic kanga!

I'll probably make baby some more diapers, not that I need more. I thimk I'll make some wool nursing pads too.

We have a van with space for another little person, though it is to small for all the traveling we do...
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JessicaHW- have you thought about getting new car seats instead? That's what my plan is to fit 3 in our Toyota Matrix.

Also, look into a woven wrap. They're not stretchy like the moby/boba. It was my far my favorite to nurse in. I have a Girasol, which is spendy, but so worth it. If you're looking for something cheaper though I have a friend who had dyes woven wraps for a good price and they're beautiful.
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Originally Posted by lactatinggirl View Post

JessicaHW- have you thought about getting new car seats instead? That's what my plan is to fit 3 in our Toyota Matrix.

Also, look into a woven wrap. They're not stretchy like the moby/boba. It was my far my favorite to nurse in. I have a Girasol, which is spendy, but so worth it. If you're looking for something cheaper though I have a friend who had dyes woven wraps for a good price and they're beautiful.

We are trying to avoid chemicals and there is only one car seat that has the Oeko-Tex fabric certification that it is free of harmful chemicals. Kind of kooky, yes, but everyone has their thing, no? So we're basically stuck with these enormous car seats. Anyway, DH has been agitating for a bigger car for some time now. I've driven the Golf so long I can't imagine anything else. It's my baby and if we could somehow fit 2, 3, 4 kids in it, I would keep it.

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ugh- not thinking about car!!!


we were so done!!!


we need to upgrade to something that seats 8... we did have 3 kids and our dog in our honda accord for a long season.... i hated upgrading to a mini van, but it has served us well and i'm sad to have to think of another!!!


i love my Maya wrap for nursing and transport and keeping newborn on the boob.  i have a homemade woven wrap, a maya wrap, and a maya wrap remade in summer gauze by my mom when i wore out the first fabric on my first 3 kids.  she also made me a mai tai which is AWESOME for this little dude.  i have different favs w/ each kid and their own traveling style.  my newborns love maya (and they're invisible and i can nurse anywhere and no one knows) when they're older, i like the woven wrap for back carry and long walks, and for convenience (grocery store/library/getting baby tied on in parking lot while not losing the 2 year old) the mai tai is a life-saver!!!


otherwise, this baby will be a lot like the others in that i'll fudge it until i figure it out.... i pretty much just swaddle and do skin to skin for a couple of months (my 4th trimester), co-sleep (if they'll have it), carry all the time (i do have a bouncy chair for when they want to hang w/ sibs), and so other than diapers don't get a whole lot for the newborn phase!!!  boobs are amazing.  

I am considering getting a new pump to pump for another mama- but hopefully i'll be tandem nursing... if not, then i'll be pumping enough for another baby.  and probably find another mama to donate to hopefully on a regular basis.  

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We will outgrow our Suburban with this one, but our 17yo will be starting his senior year, so we may not replace it. In our experience, kids aren't around much their senior year or thereafter. It would be cheaper to rent a 12 pass van for travel than to buy a new (to us) vehicle. It does have a lot of miles though ...
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We have been needing a bigger home.  This just solidifies the need.


I had a 2.5 year time when I gave up ttc and got rid of everything.  Well, not a huge surprise.  That was like 7ish years ago!  My "baby" is 13! LOL!

I have a few wool diaper covers that were given to me (girly, so let's keep our fingers crossed).  And a friend has already agreed to loan me her arms reach co-sleeper.  So.. Yeah, I need everything else. HA!

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Omg, this thread gives me palpitations. We were done. I gave away ALL my baby stuff to a student (I teach grad school) about 4 years ago. No carseat, no carriers/slings (though my favorites were mostly homemade anyway so easy enough to replace but I will miss my ergo). No crib, no packnplay, no bouncy seat, swing or jumper. No baby clothes at all. No toys, no feeding gear for when I go back to work. And sniff, no pump - I need my Medela back! I do have a half tub of maternity dress clothes that have made the rounds of a few friends and that I put off getting rid of for some reason.

I have some sympathetic friends my age who are going to be garage saling with me this spring/summer. And my mother in law is a master bargain hunter.

Not sure what we'll do about gear, though, knowing what we do now, KWIM? So much of what we had we got because we thought we were supposed to or it was a gift. Knowing now how we parent a newborn ...

Boobs, pump/supplies, diapers, wrap/sling, some clothes ... that's it for the earliest days. Later ... hell if I know, we don't even know if DH will be working or staying home with this one like he did the others.
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We pretty much have everything we need. If it is a boy I might need a few clothes cause I sold most of our boy stuff cause I decided if we had a boy I wanted new to us boy stuff. If it is a girl then I have way too many clothes. Lol

I have cloth diapers, boobs, wraps, carriers, muslin blankets, car seat, and we already have a 12 passenger van. We are good. I even have the come home outfits.
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