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Downsizing the living room

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Ok, hubby and I downsized the kitchen today and it looks and feels WONDERFUL!!!  However, I walk into the living room, and YUCK!  This is pretty much the heart of our home, it's where we spend most of our time, and do the most stuff.  Our 8 mo old crawls in here, my knitting/crocheting/craft suplies live here, our computers, ect.  


There's just so much STUFF.  The mere idea of downsizing (which I desperately want to do!) is making my head hurt.  Ideas & suggestions please?

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so this was my approach when we downsized our stuff: first, i cleared some "mental space" by attacking the low-hanging fruit. i just walked around the room and tossed all the stuff that was clearly junk (mail, cluttery kid toys, tchotchkes i knew i didn't want). then, i started organizing in my head: i listed all of the ways i wanted the living room to function: what activities i did in there vs. what activities did i want to do in there? then i decided, what items really needed to be in easy reach so i could do the activities i wanted to do in the living room. so when it came time to tackle the actual stuff, i kept checking my list; if an item didn't make the room function the way i wanted it to, out it went. hth

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Start small!  Give yourself a challenge, like: "I will work on this for 12 minutes (and set the timer)!" or "I will find 10 things that need to be thrown out/donated/put in another room."


The hardest part is getting started.  After everything is cleared out, you can decide priorities.  Do you need to find a bookcase for the corner?  Re-purpose another piece of furniture for storage in the living area?  Sew simple new pillow covers to give your room an affordable upgrade?  

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Or how about I will clear off one end table?

I like shifting everything into a laundry basket and sorting in one place.
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I'm starting to get the hang of sorting and clear ing. Now I'm getting stuck as to where to put it all! I have piles of 'keep' stuff everywhere cause I'm tired of putting stuff 'away' and then finding something else that would be better in that space. Argh!!
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