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3.9 y/o Awake at 2 every night, normal?

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My daughter is almost 4. She sleeps in her own room and has since about 18 months when she started sleeping through the night. she stopped napping shortly after turning 3 so I started putting her down early to make up for lost sleep. Lately it is bed at 7 and she is up usually at 6. She seems to do well with 11 hours of sleep. The last two months or so she has been waking up at roughly 2am and playing with her scout the talking dog and her singing seahorse for over an hour. On those next days she is grumpy. It's about 3 nights a week she does this, possibly more and I am just sleeping through it. I ask her and all she tells me is she is scared. But why is she even awake to be scared? She isn't crying. I've gone in there and tried laying with her but she just gets goofy and acts energized by my presence so I stopped. We got her a bunch of night lights and recently removed the gate in her door so she could come get me but she never does. I'm starting to wonder how much sleep an almost 4 year old needs? If your child is the same age how much sleep do they get in 24 hours? Am I expecting to much sleep?
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Well, my 3 y/o does wake up right around midnight or so almost every night - but she just comes into our room and goes to sleep whenever it happens.  Don't think she's ever gone without waking up then.  I have noticed that she'll often be waking up and need to pee (sometimes she uses the bathroom on her own, sometimes not and I nudge her).  Could somehow be related to that - her bladder still growing, it waking her up whether she realizes and goes or not?  Could she be having growing pains (in her legs) waking her up?  Both those are pretty common, and she might not recognize them at the time.


We're sleeping more like 830/9-7/730 here with one waking, so that's roughly the same amount of time.  My oldest slept a bit less (more like 930/10/1030 to finally get to sleep and could wake up at 7-830) so it can absolutely vary or change.  

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I'm thinking it might be pee related like you said. She is a very late trainer and still has a few accidents a week and wears an overnight diaper which is full in the morning. She has never once gone pee at night despite the potty being in her room. Maybe she is waking up needing to pee but isn't awake enough to realize she has to get up? Then she pees in her diaper and can't go back to sleep? Do you think I should start waking her to pee at 10:00 before I go to bed or am I asking for trouble?
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Oh, that would make a lot of sense to me too kellyandbean then, that it's night waking because she needs to go pee (or is uncomfortable being wet at night now and having more trouble getting back to sleep?).  A few nights of "Hey, mommy is going to carry you to the bathroom to try and go pee" might help.  I know I did that with dd1 for a few nights in a row, and it would really help her work toward being dry all night for a few weeks and there was less waking up at night.  Or we'd wake up and change her nighttime undies because she had a hard time falling asleep at times with them wet (we used cloth nighttime trainers, so this may or may not be as easy to do for you?).  


For us it took a few rounds of trying this out until night waking/wetting went away, so keep that in mind.  If it really doesn't work to wake her gently to get to the bathroom, give it a few weeks and try later.  The times when it actually mattered to my dd went a lot smoother for us, doing this.  

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