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Anyone extended breastfeeding while working or in school?

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I am just trying to figure out how this will work for us, so I would love to hear some stories of people who have done this.  Here is our daily ritual:  My son is 12 months.  I nurse him around 5:30, 12:30, 4 and then unlimited in the evening and several times during the night.  (I know he probably should sleep better by now, but it is what it is).  I feel like I should stop visiting him at lunch, because he is not learning to go to sleep for other caregivers like the other children.  I do not think I can keep coming to put him down for his afternoon nap forever, which is where I feel we are headed.  I was thinking about offering some goat or coconut milk during the day and then nursing as normal at night, but I am not sure about going too long between feedings.  Also, at some point I would like to night wean or at least get down to just one feeding.  How did you work out continued nursing after one, when you are apart for long periods?

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My kids have both had bottles of breast milk at daycare until 14 months, then breast milk in a sippy cup until 16 months, when I stopped pumping. We don't do any alternative milks, just water at daycare after that. We had to get a note from the pediatrician saying no cow milk, since daycares are required to offer it at lunch and snacks in my state (Ohio). We then nurse all evening, night and in the morning. I breastfed my son for 4 years, 4 months, and am currently breastfeeding my 20-month-old daughter. If you start cutting down feedings during the day, your supply will adjust. I never night-weaned, as I wanted to make sure they get enough calories with no milk during the day, we co-sleep, and I like the connection. With co-sleeping, I barely wake to feed anyway. I would only cut 1 feeding per 2-4 weeks to let your supply adjust. He will learn to sleep away from you, maybe use a pacifier or a bottle of milk in your place for a while. Hope that helps and let me know if you have more questions! 

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I stopped pumping at a year, and nightweaned my son around 14 months? 15 months? Not that long after. We nursed morning and evening, and occasionally more on the weekends. It worked pretty well, though my son was never super boob focused. Ditto the suggestion to wait, though I'd say you only need a week or so, between dropping feedings.


Got nothing on the naps though, my ds always napped better (as in actually did it) for other people. That was actually an unexpected problem when I weaned him shortly after he turned two, he stopped napping for us at all.

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I stopped pumping at 11 months, but I had older kids drinking cow's milk so we switched him to that in a sippy cup at that time.  He nursed until 16 months at home, whenever he wanted.

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I returned to work when my dk were around 18 mo. I never pumped or had other milk alternatives for them (they would have water, juice or milk with meals). Both my dk weaned at 4 yo. I nightweaned them around 2, but still made many exceptions for when they were sick etc.
It can be done.
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Thank you for the responses.  For the time being I have returned to pumping once a day and he gets breastmilk with meals at daycare.  I think I will just switch to water once he is older.

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I stopped pumping for both my kids at 11 months. The had solid food/water while I was away. Older DD continued to nurse till 5.5, younger DD till 3.5. There were some long nights, but nothing I regret.

They're only little for a short time! smile.gif

Good luck!
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I pumped until my babies were 2, then I breastfed one of them for an extra year, and the other one for extra two in the morning and night.


It is doable and I miss these days...

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Hi Biofarmer, I'm pretty much in the same boat as you are, except that I just stopped pumping the week before Christmas break (and now we are on break).  I work and go to school, so am out of the home 4-5 days/week.  My lo is 15 mo, and he just stopped drinking the breast milk at day care.  So far, it has been fine.  He nurses whenever he wants to at home, though he's almost night weaned himself.  


Also, with my first child, we nursed until 3 yr and worked/went to school.  I think as long as you make the boob available when you are together, your production will be okay.  Also, I agree with the other ladies-- it goes so fast!!  My daughter is 8 now.  :)   Good luck!

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Thank you everyone.  He is currently getting some cows milk at daycare and we nurse on demand at home.  It is going really well, except he wants to nurse all the time.  I guess he just misses it :)

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I pumped until 18m and 24m with my first two. They had bm out of a bottle until they were done and then weaned to water. 

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