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You probably won't get a chance to read this before tomorrow morning now, sorry it took me so long to get back with you.
Yea regular thermometer is fine, it even says so in TCOYF. You take your temp as soon as you wake up as long as you've had at least 3 straight hours of sleep. Try not to move around much before hand. If you're going to do it more than this once try to do it around the same time every morning. Yea, it totally can tell you tons of valuable info about where you're at in your cycle. Which, with a cycle like you're having could be the missing piece to the puzzle!
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The only time I have temped was before I found out I was pregnant with my second. I was trying to figure out what was going on with my cycle. I had miscarried about 8 weeks earlier (at 5 weeks) and still AF had not returned. I was getting readings of 98 and 99 but I did not feel sick. Turned out I was about 5/6 weeks along with baby #2. I have no idea what my pre-pregnancy temps would have been. Good luck writer.
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Thanks Ladies, I stuck a therm under my pillow but woke up so many times to nurse DS3 (who was really cranky and squirmy all  night in bed with me) that I never felt like I should temp because Id' been moving so much catching him and pulling him back down to me to nurse and then my 3 yo came to sleep with me, so I woke up like 5-7 times. But I am armed tonight and will try. How do you not move much? Do you lie still or can you roll over? I am feeling the effects of poor sleep but I am not feeling pregnant in that pregnant way. So I am not going to test today and I think I will just count this all as an early AF and keep taking OPKs until I see a surge...maybe it will happen early?

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Oh man! Sounds like you had a rough night!

I still flip over to nurse DS on the other side, sometimes even while I'm using the thermometer. I think I still get pretty accurate readings. But if I have to get up for some reason, and its less than 3 hours from when I normally temp, than I consider it messed up. But rolling and nursing, not so much...
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Alright Chunklins, I have been converted. Thanks for the tips. I temped for the first time last night and got 97.3. I joined FF and entered in a bunch of other things I keep track of in my pocket calendar. So, off I go...


Armed and ready to AVOID this cycle. After another night of restlessness and squirmy, squawky baby fussies, I am in the mood to avoid for as long as I can :)

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Lol I'm feeling that way too... at least till I O, than my story changes every time
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Ha! I'm alllllllll over the place mentally, some days/hours/minutes wanting badly to be pregnant again, and other times recognizing my real need for a bit of reprieve before another child. my first baby is just 12 months old and is classically "spirited". I'm naturally a melancholic introvert, so my experience of mothering a young child (baby) has been draining to say the least.

I'm gunning to TTA until next February.... But if I can't last that long, then at least until this June/July.
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I think my kids agreed to take turns waking me every hour all night long. Of course that also means they are crabby this morning. How does everyone handle the day after a night with little sleep? I always feel like a terrible parent with a very short fuse.
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Yep. Sounds about right. After a night like that I usually try to squeeze a nap in if possible, because lack of sleep is a big trigger for me, short fused and snappy. Then I feel guilty which makes things even worse... It sucks! Sorry you had a crappy night
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Katydid, coffee and chocolate...and maybe a beer at the end :) I never get to take a nap during the day, so I rely on sheer will and substance abuse --but only mild and in lowish doses...just enough to take the edge off of me so I react with some semblance of love and empathy, not bitterness and loathing for feeling like crap for several days in a row, since when I am severely sleep deprived, it tends to go in cycles and the lows last a few days long.


Sorry it was a rough one. Maybe you can turn in early tonight? An hour early can really help everyone out.

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Gee, I keep waiting too long in between signing in here & then have weeks of stuff to catch up on. And a LOT of "near misses" it sounds like. I'm happy for everyone who's not pregnant who didn't really want to be (much). And glad for the rest of us that we're all still here.  I hope that everyone had a good V-day.


We started a new diet. It's called the 5:2 diet, where you eat normally for 5 days, and then fast for 2, but it's not a complete fast.  think that it's more doable for us than other diets that require you to change the way you eat all the time. We are really big foodies, and love to cook, so dieting is always really challenging as far as having to give up our favorite recipes or dishes. For this one, though, you just have to choose 2 days each week (either in a row, or separate), and only eat a small amount (1/4 of your BMR) those days. You can pig out the other days without ruining your diet. We just started today, but it's the end of the day, and so far, I'm OK. I was really hungry after work, but I grilled some asparagus with lemon juice, and ate 1/2 a pound of that, and now I'm really good. I know this isn't sustainable during pregnancy, but if I can keep it up until that happens, and start exercising (going to the Y tomorrow), then I think I can actually lose some weight & get into shape. Then I'll be more prepared to eat healthier during pregnancy, too.


On a related note, I just read an article about DAD's folic acid levels affecting baby's genetics! The article was on Bing, and it said that dads who were Folic Acid deficient were more likely to produce children with birth defects. Also, that it takes about 3 months for dad's swimmers to change completely over once his diet gets right. So, ladies, get your hubbies taking their vitamins, or start cooking up some spinach! Anybody heard this before?


On an unrelated note, I agree that winter babies are OUT! I've done that, and never again. I hate winter pregnancy, and much prefer being pregnant in the summer, when I can wear cute capri pants and lounge at the beach. ;)


To answer Katy's question (a week late):

I'm a practicing Audiologist, so that's what my doctorate will be- an Au.D. I'm just furthering my career & education- which I will eventually use, but not until I'm done having babies and homeschooling them, lol.


OK. Hopefully, I'll be logging in sooner than a week this time. Everybody have a good night!

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That's really interesting about Daddy needing vitamins too. Never heard it, but it makes perfect sense.
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It does. The article suggests that the DNA of the sperm is actually altered. Makes you wonder what all the toxins we regularly consume are doing to our children, doesn't it?

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Yikes that's a good point!
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Yaliina that is a scary thought about toxins.

Writer, I don't drink coffee or alcohol but I will defiantly take the chocolate smile.gif
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Definitely not defiantly sorry I on my phone smile.gif
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Katydid, Good for you!! I didn't drink alcohol for 7 years after my college days burnt me out on it, but have just added it back into my life on occasion and for the past year I've really enjoyed getting back into craft beer and wine (I don't touch anything hard). Besides, chocolate tastes the best of all anyway, right ;)


Yaliina, really interesting point about male sperm. That makes so much sense. I just read in Mother Jones an article about all plastics still containing very dangerous estrogenic compounds, even the stuff without BPA, some compounds being worse...I knew that from reading about it years ago but in the river of daily life with littles, my house has slowly filled with plastics (sippys, plates, tupperwares...) that I didn't buy at first, but accepted as gifts. DH and I just TOSSED IT ALL! And instead we purchased stainless steel for the kidsware and sippys. Chemicals are serious business. We do a lot to minimize our family's exposure but even the minimal gets stored in our organs and fatty tissue for years and years until it begins to cause problems, like disease.


I cannot wait for the snow and ice to melt so I can get back outside for long walks and sunshine!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I've got to cut out some of the comfort eating I have bee doing more thanonce a week. Oh, dark chocolate, how I love thee! But I will not drop the last of the baby weight if I keep indulging every night hahahah.

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Oh and I forgot, I just got black out curtains for my room. I am sooo excited! I hope it helps e sleep better as I am a very light sleeper. any noise, movement or light can wake me up.

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I have the black out curtains too. Love them!! Hope it helps your situation smile.gif
I too have beer or wine occasionally. Never liquor. Id probably have it more if DH didn't harbor such a hatred for alcohol. Its such a huge deal with him that I very rarely drink. But I guess its ok, its not like we disagree on anything important kwim
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Hi! I am new on here. I am planning on waiting until August-October when I will finally try for baby # 1 with my husband. It has been hard waiting as I have had baby fever for a long time now and sometimes it gets pretty intense! It doesn't help that I am a social worker and thus work with kids and their families all the time! I have been doing a lot to get ready. I have been taking prenatal vitamins since September but will be switching to a more expensive brand soon- garden something. I have the clear from my doctor but still want to get my dental work done, get in better shape, learn yoga to manage stress levels now but especially during pregnancy and I did a bit of research on healthcare options in my area. Oh and am working out financial kinks and really enjoying this time with my hubby. I am also thinking of taking at least one more trip- maybe guatemala and learn Spanish haha. I'm a busy woman!
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