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Hi, all.  We have just made the decision to have ONE more baby next year!!  We have two beautiful boys, ages 8 & 3.5, and I'm homeschooling them, working on my doctorate, and working part time.  So, we're waiting until about June-ish to get pregnant, so that I'll be done with my doctorate (should finish up in October), and we won't have another Christmas baby (bad, bad, bad!).  We're thinking March would be a nice time to have a baby.  My children are 4.5 years apart, so the next one will be about the same.  Traditionally, we have NO trouble conceiving.


I'm a little scared, though.  Partly because we had previously decided with certainty that we were DONE.  This was at least equally my decision, but then it was the weirdest thing- the other night I fell asleep in my rocker while debugging DS's laptop, and when DH woke me to make me go to bed (I think I was snoring, lol), I couldn't get back to sleep.  Instead, I laid there and started thinking about having another child.  I couldn't get it out of my head, and the next morning I told DH about it.  We talked about it a lot and waited a day to see if the feeling would go away, and it didn't.  DH has wobbled a bit all along, and he was totally on board with trying again.  We talked about dates, looked at the calendar, and decided on next March!  The other part of being scared is  that I'm getting OLD (I'll be 35 on Monday), and I was high-risk anyway.  I've had 3 unplanned C-Sections (2 attempted VBACS, one of which was an attempted homebirth).  So, I'm thinking we'll probably just schedule this CS, and hope that I can get some healing by having a measure of control this time.  Pregnancy gets harder each time, and the last one was pretty brutal.  Maybe I'll talk myself out of it before June?


Also, we recently gave away all our cloth diapers and baby stuff! :(  Going to work on getting some of that back discreetly, since we're not telling anybody (we know) until it's "official".  

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Oooo Good luck writermama!  I hope this is your month and you don't have to be wanting but waiting here with us for long!


Well, we've been talking the past few days about it more and more and we have come to the decision that we will be TTC in September/October time.  I'm so excited to have finally made the decision firmly.  This will definitely be our last baby as I will be requesting the hysterectomy my Dr has been trying to push on me for years after the baby is born.  And if it turns out I can't get pregnant after all, I guess that's a sign that it wasn't meant to be but we won't be doing anything further such as IVF.


So, now I've just got to finish getting the house sorted and buy a new car, lose as much weight as I can and get myself as fit and healthy as possible!

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Congrats (on Russian ruletting) writermama!
Congrats on making you decision final seven!
And welcome Yaliina!

The more I think about having another baby the more mixed my feelings are! I would be thrilled to have another, but then I also feel irresponsible and guilty (long story and very controversial, IDK if I need to get into all that right now) I'm just in one of those weird "in between" phases of wanting & waiting, I guess.
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BTDT.  Feel your pain.  I hope you get peace, either way.

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So, what are all you ladies doing (or thinking of doing) to get your bodies ready to ttc?  I definitely need to start going to the gym to get in a little (OK, a lot) better shape, and I need to get into the habit of taking my vitamins.  But what else?  Anybody have any recommendations or tricks or remedies or ... whatever that they either have used or have heard of?  This will be my 4th pregnancy, but they're all so far apart that I forget in between, lol!  I remember raspberry leaf tea, vitamins (I used Perfect Prenatal with my last, and will again), kegels, and exercise.  Anything else?  I have about 6 months to get in shape, but could really use some other "preparing" moms' support/encouragement. :)

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If you not currently BFing, you could do a colon and candida cleanse. I would do this myself, but I made the mistake of doing cleanses while nursing before, and all the toxins were in my milk!! Never do that again!
I'm just trying to maintain good health and hopefully lose 10-20 lbs in the process...
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So it looks like June is our month to begin ttc smile.gif I don't want to wait all year!

Writermama I'm also paleo! We made the switch when Kai got started on solids, I didn't want him eating crap and figured I shouldn't either. Seven I totally recommend it! Yalini I'm with you! I think gyms are evil and wasteful, so I'm going to focus on continuing to eat clean, walk a lot (easy since we sold or car!) And yoga. Prenatal vitamins starting next week, and keeping my magnesium levels high. Www.wellnessmama.com has great resources on the importance of not being mag deficient, especially during pregnancy and Lactation!

I'm also starting to go through the Birthing from within excersizes to further process Kai's birth. It was tough, in a hospital, and followed by lots of pain and PPD. next time around will be a peaceful homebirth, no time like the present to start the emotional work.
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Ah yes... and Kai continues to nurse 12-20 times a day. It's a miracle my fertility returned!!
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Oh and squatting!! Waaaaayyyyyy more important than kegels!! Google "you don't know squat", a woman named Katie something or other, really great info about body alignment!!
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Breastfeeding got me down 15lbs in 6 months, paleo took me the other 25lb in about 3 weeks.
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WWWHHHHHHAAAAATTT!?!?! R u serious? I have *got* to get into this!
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Yeah, the craziest part is that I've managed to maintain my weight btw 130-140lbs since the switch to paleo, that was 18 months ago. And while many in the paleo community are heavily into working out and cross fit, I follow a more holistic approach to fitness: Walk a LOT (no car), play outside with my toddler a LOT, and a yoga class once a week smile.gif
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For perspective I was 180 at the time of Kai's birth, and never got below 160 since I was 13, despite"eating well", playing soccer and dancing all through school, and maintaining gym memberships and personal trainers.

Now I get to eat bacon and butter and I'm happy smile.gif
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Www.thepaleomom.com is where I got started!
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I really need to learn to consolidate my thoughts into a single post, sigh.
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Excuse the duplicate posts, not sure how our why that happened
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I've been really enjoying this thread while waiting out the 2WW and resisting the urge to obsessively think it to death (symptom spotting, testing too soon...). I don't know how I feel about it all, actually I  guess I *know* that I am feeling conflicted. My hubby has been telling me that it is fine to be conflicted, but to be mindful and objective about the process so the it doesn't hijack my mood. So I'm doing that, not testing until I clearly have missed a period, and not research stories about every scenario like mine. I do in fact believe that waiting to TTC this Summer is best for us all, but it will be oh so hard in practice as my body keeps wanting me to do it now!! Expecting AF by Sunday.

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I know how you're feeling writermama, logically waiting until June is smartest for my family, but I have the fever baaaaaaaad!!!
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The universe will support you and your family, no matter when your next child joins the world <3
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I've been reading all the Paleo stuff and I'm honestly confused as to where to start?  It's hard for me to make massive changes overnight, so I was thinking I could start small but confident and I have no clue where I'm so confused with all the stuff I've read!  LOL


For those that are Paleo, what would be the first thing you would recommend that I could change?


I'm trying to keep my mind and body busy right now as I have baby fever bad!  I can't TTC now, no matter how much I'd like too as I can't be heavily pregnant or due in September or October...  So I figured I'd work on my diet!  LOL

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