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leaving the group...

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I started my very very very late period.  I was over excited for the pending pregnancy and was sure I was pregnant after my Nov 30th period didn't start.  I was sure that the HGC just was taking a little longer then normal to read, but I was wrong.  Today DECEMBER 9th, ten days after my normal 37 day cycle, I started.  Apparently having my sister move in with us has changed everything. 

I am so happy for all of you be blessed and have safe healthy wonderful pregnancies.  I might be back you never know but this time it wasn't meant to be.

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Welcome to Mothering! I'm sorry to read that you hope to be pregnant, but aren't right now. I hope you will stick around Mothering though. If you're continue to try to conceive, our Trying to Conceive forum is great. Also our Mindful Home forums are great and there's lots of stuff about natural living. :)

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