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How you know you have "Pregnancy Brain"

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So I've been starting to get "Pregnancy Brain" - again - and thought I'd post something lighthearted for all of us who suffer from this debilitating condition. Here's my list, feel free to add your own!!


- You find yourself mixing up words, such as "Kids, quit jumping on the couch! I'm NOT serious!"


- Surfing the Pregnancy Forum & articles on MDC sucks you into a time-warp, where you forget about other daily tasks.


- Shopping for baby gear and/or clothes also sucks you into a time-warp.


- The only other thing on your mind is when to eat next, or what to eat to settle your stomach.


- Other people's babies are the cutest, most interesting creatures in the world (next to your own creatures, if this isn't your first!)


- You forget anything your husband asked you to get at the store, AND forget your list, and so come home with ice cream, sauerkraut, taco stuff with habanero salsa, chips, and two packages of brownie bites.


- You return to the store WITH the list, but forget it was in your pocket, and come home with pickles, macaroni & cheese, and a giant steak (because by now you're HUNGRY for protein).


- You randomly decide to start cleaning your house top-to-bottom with baby wipes, and re-organizing the cabinets...that you organized last week.


- You catch yourself talking to complete strangers about things like hyperemesis, pregnancy fatigue, round ligament pain, Braxton-Hicks, or how to avoid itchy nipples.


- After the baby is born, you find yourself wanting to do it again!

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Those are all great! I knew I had brain issues when I backed my car into a truck I had no idea was right behind me. Ooops!
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Lol! I have done the grocery list thing multiple times!
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I rarely had trouble with this in my first pregnancy, and I wasn't this time, but in the past week I'm starting to wonder....


Saturday, I went to the post office to mail a package and buy a roll of stamps.  The clerk put the stamps on the counter, but I somehow got distracted and never picked them up.  $46 worth of stamps!  I went back on Monday (having not realized until I unpacked my bags after all the Saturday errands, when the post office was closed) and found out that the clerk had used the return address on my package to send my stamps to my home!  SO NICE!!!


Today, I decided not to wear my contact lenses because I have a red spot on the white of my eye that might get better if I give it some rest.  But my glasses don't work very well at the distance where I have to focus on my computer at work, so I thought I'd better bring my contacts in case I really could not see well enough to do my job.  Got out of the shower, put my glasses back on, took my contacts in their case into the bedroom and set them on the edge of the dresser next to my half-finished coffee so I would be sure to take them downstairs along with the emptied mug.  Got dressed.  Finished coffee while braiding hair.  Went to work.  On bus, started wondering where I had put the contacts--in my purse? coat pocket?  Could not remember.  Looked everywhere.  Called partner to ask if he had found them sitting somewhere strange where I might have set them down "just for a moment".  He said they were still on my dresser next to my dirty coffee mug, and he would put the mug in the dishwasher for me. shake.gif I can see just barely well enough to work--it's a constant annoyance.


Today, also, I was supposed to bring a big plate from home so I would not have to take Styrofoam at the employer-provided holiday feast.  I thought about it yesterday.  I thought about it after I was in bed last night.  This morning, I had a vague feeling I was forgetting something I was supposed to bring, but could not think what it was, other than the contact lenses.  Realized on the bus--that was what led to wondering where were the contacts.  I used the small plate that I keep in my office and discreetly made two visits to the feast distribution area.


Tomorrow I have to get up early to go to my ultrasound, and I have to bring my prescription.  I am worried about forgetting something!

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Nice! EnviroBecca, I have been forgetting all sorts of things lately! Last night I was CRAVING this char-broiled chicken & cabbage from the Vietnamese restaurant in town, and DH said to order & he'd pick up on his way home. Instead of char-broiled chicken, I said chicken lemongrass...which is NOT gluten free, and I couldn't eat it. How did I manage that one?! And I forgot to order DH's hot chili oil, so he was bummed too. Double oops!


I'm fairly sure that right now, I'm forgetting something really important that I was supposed to do. Oh well! ;)

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Leaving my debit card at the register...more than once

Forgetting my shopping cart in the middle of the store

I am bilingual, and I am using conjunctions from one language in the sentence of the other, and hoping no one notices eg, "that looks nice, aber you should try the other one"

I had to get back in the shower 5 minutes after getting out, after realizing that I had forgotten vital steps, like rinsing soap off of certain areas!

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Right before I took the test I went to the ATM and forgot my PIN number, which I've had for 12 years!


I locked myself out of my house the other day.


I cannot type!


I am mixing up dates. I waited an hour for a friend today to realize I'm not seeing her til Monday.

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I forgot my pin number the other day. DH looked at me as if I am going crazy, but I COULD NOT remeber. Odd feeling. 


I always have the feeling that I am loosing or forgetting one of the kids. I am like: 1 - 2- 3 the whole day...


I have really weird nightmares...

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I served a piece of cake on a plate that was upside down.  Yup.  hide.gif

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Went to the bank the other day to cash my paycheck...realized I had lost my driver's license, and still have NO idea what I could have done with it.


So I went to my bank the next day to deposit the check...but forgot to bring it along. Had to go back home and get it.


I'm just going to hide in the house today and eat some chocolate cake. bag.gif

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You start talking like Yoda. Then when you intend to say something like, "Lydia, I need you to bring me the packing tape so I can seal up this box," it comes out like, "Lydia, red box sticky strip for with to seal contents. Please."
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Originally Posted by Harmony96 View Post

You start talking like Yoda. Then when you intend to say something like, "Lydia, I need you to bring me the packing tape so I can seal up this box," it comes out like, "Lydia, red box sticky strip for with to seal contents. Please."

:laugh giggle-snort....can I give this TWO thumbs up?!

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Add in sleep deprivation and it's a wonder I can be understood at all.
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This just happened. I'm scooping out dinner into bowls, and the kids are watching some Netflix through the Wii. I intend to ask B (4) to pause the show and get some spoons. Here's what I said.

"Benjamin, can you pause the show and get everybody--oh, wait. The spoon is up high, isn't--wait, not the spoon, the remote. The remote's up high, isn't it? Okay, don't pause it, just get some spoons."
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Lol I'm getting it bad this time around too. I showed up at ds2 classroom a week early for parent/teacher meetings.. I was so embarrassed when he had to remind me they are not until next week
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