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Best jobs for single moms?

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What do you suggest? I would love to create a list that includes the best jobs for single moms! Lets hear your ideas.

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Bumping this up! :bump:

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I thought of a couple including media relations and website design. Any one else with some suggestions?

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It depends on your view best and what yoy are looking for. IME lower paying jobs traditionally associated with women, especially working with kids, are the best as far as allowing you to take time off for child related illnesses and activities (and to some extent your own illness also).

Where I live Early Childhood Education centers are especially good because they offer competitive benefits, ok pay, and at least 2 days sick/personal time off a year so it's really an ideal job for many reasons.

If you are looking for good pay so you can afford a nanny, nice vacations, and a very stable home environment then anything related to.education or social services is probably not the way to go.
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having gone through this myself i would say there are two stages. one when the kids are not independent so you kinda do a job that includes them like childcare. or work that you can do anytime - while they are sleeping. telemarketing or database entry.


oh sorry i was thinking of wahsm.


to be honest with you i think any job that is sympathetic to parents and single moms is a great job to have. also jobs that dont require you to work overtime too much. or jobs that dont ask you to travel. 


unfortunately i have found if you are high up in the management world its easy to orient your day around your child. 


i cant think of any job that has a built in flexibility. 

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