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What will your holiday meal be? I need suggestions!

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Tell me about what your holiday meal will be, I would love recipes too! Thanks!

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Pancakes! Seriously!

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I am seriously thinking about knishes. Best. Food. Ever.

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We are doing a traditional ham meal with my father on xmas, but this weekend we will be celebrating with some close friends. Here is the meal plan so far. We plan on a few good appetizers and a light meal so we can just eat all night long.


One: dates stuffed with gouda and wrapped in bacon.

Two: a delicious spicy artichoke cheese dip. It can be eaten with crackers or veggies.


For the main course we are thinking pan fried salmon with a sweet and spicy soy based sauce with asparagus.


For drinks we are thinking about hot buttered rum.


After the holidays I will certainly be preparing for a spring cleanse!! :rotflmao

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i am wrestling with this one myself - we are hosting my in laws - very traditional people -  One year i made stuffed peppers and i have yet to hear the end of it...... so i think i will be doing a pork roast with an orange glaze - i will do mashed potatoes with skins on! and plenty of garlic - i am considering cornbread stuffing...i have never made stuffing from a bag - i have never made stuffing NOT inside some kind of meat.....so im sketchy on those details - green beans ...some kind of rolls.....and a green salad.....  we live near place that makes amazing cheesecake - so im thinking i will do that for dessert - with assorted homemade Xmas cookies of course! 

i love to cook from scratch - but these people value a nice LOOKING meal over one that is lovingly prepared from basics......*sigh*

so i have a question i just dont trust a butcher with....whats a good kind of pork roast to get? - i often get a 'picnic roast' - they are usually on sale and plentiful.....is that 'good' enough for Christmas Dinner  with critical people?

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At the in-laws we will have chili, cornbread (my contribution), and assorted snacks. Sister in law usually brings cheesecake for dessert.


Christmas dinner at home we will have pork tenderloin, broccoli cheese rice, cranberry sauce, & cooked carrots.


I wanted to make my favorite meal, Chorizo Sweet potato Enchiladas, but my kids never seem to eat it!  It's sooooo good tho.  Here's the recipe link:  http://www.budgetbytes.com/2011/02/chorizo-sweet-potato-enchiladas/

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We will have turkey with stuffing, mashed potatoes with sauteed leeks mixed in, a squash dish, carrots and peas or broccoli. Plus cranberry sauce and dinner rolls. Pretty traditional. 


For christmas morning breakfast we will have baked french toast (so fast and easy and super delicious) and breakfast sausages. 

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Breakfast will be pantone French toast, sausage & eggs.  Our guests will arriving at 1 and we will begin the afternoon festivities with crudité, an antipasti spread, and fresh fruit.  For our dinner I'm making a whole roasted pork butt, stuffed artichokes, smashed red potatoes cranberry  and/or apple sauce or chutney.  I made a ton of cookies and I'm thinking that I'm not going to add a dessert, but I usually do and I'm on the fence.  I always make homemade hot chocolate and put out marshmallows, peppermint sticks and chocolate chips. 

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