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Chickenpox, to expose or not to expose

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In a similar vein to the other thread that is circulating (no pun intended) Though, this isn't theoretical.  I just found out about someone who has chicken pox. I have an unvaxxed 19 month old and I'm wondering your thoughts on whether I should try to expose her to it or not.  I'm leaning to no, because it is hard to imagine trying to get her sick!  (Though, I THOUGHT I'd be the person going to a pox party. . . )  Partly, I'm thinking she is too young.  Partly because we are dealing with an ongoing retracted eardrum problem. Given the relationship with the child with chickenpox, it would be awkward, anyway.  But, I'm wondering if there are any compelling reasons to expose her.  I had chickenpox as a baby, and can't remember the experience, but was told it was a pretty bad case and quite unpleasant.  But, no lasting damage other than a couple of scars.


Anectdotally, the child with chicken pox is fully vaxxed and I can't go into it, but I highly suspect that she has been vaccine damaged. (Serious symptoms and timeline are classic.) Sadly ironic and tragic.  

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I can only tell you my experience. I exposed my kiddos at just under 1 and 3 and a half (16 years ago). My dd got it from the kiddo that had it and my son (the one year old) got it from his sister. Dd had a pretty good case but honestly she handled it really well. She never even scratched. DS did well also. He is 17 now and was among the first crop of kids to be offered the vaccine and have it required for school. It was fun to say that he had been exposed 2 days ago lets see what pops up.

Fast forward 2 years to ds2 and a different doc'd office. I was told horror stories about how some kids become brain injured from cp until I agreed to the shot (I should have picked him up and walked out). He is now 15 and I now live in fear of him getting them because I think it would be awful as a teen and now is the time when it seams like a lot of vaxxed kids get them. And he still has a retracted ear drum ;-)
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I used to think I would want to expose DD, but now I lean more towards if she gets it, she gets it.  She's 25mos, so not too young (although still below the typical age range, or at least what the range was when I was a kid) but I just don't know how I feel.  Back when I was a kid, it was pretty much a guarantee - someone in school got it and it would makes it's way around the class, so you didn't have to go looking for it, it came to you.  Now, it's a bit harder to find what with wild pox being slowly eradicated, and in the natural scheme of things, even 30 years ago, exposure wasn't a guarantee anymore than it is now.  I might be inclined to push exposure on DD in the future if things with exemptions become hairy and I want for her to have a positive titer, but I don't think I'd run out the door for exposure right now.  Honestly, at this point I worry more about ME and finding exposure for myself to ward off any chance of shingles since I did have pox as a kid.

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