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sutemi, ergo, neither?

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My ds is 2 and 24 lb. We love the sling, but he's really getting too heavy for it--every time he's in more than 20 min, my back hurts for days afterwards. Anyway, I'm really considering getting a sutemi or ergo back carrier, but am wondering if this will be better for my back or if I'm wasting my time. I'm starting to think maybe he's outgrown being carrier, but I refuse to be tied to my stroller since dh and I enjoy hiking and walking really long distances and ds is too young to walk the entire way. Let me know what your opinions are please!!!
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My daughter is 25 lbs and 17 months and we use our Ergo just about every day. I fully expect we'll be using it for a long while yet. A soft pack carrier (or a wrap) really is *so* much more comfortable than a sling when it comes to carrying toddlers. Having the weight over two shoulders will make Ben feel so much lighter to you. So, I say go for it! (I think there was another thread recently on the Ergo vs. Sutemi? I have both and prefer the Ergo.)
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I just got an ergo two days ago and I love it! my daughter is almost 18 months and around 24-25 lbs. It is so comfortable and my back doesn't hurt at all - and that's saying a lot because I have back problems. Go for it!
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