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My husband was really reluctant to do the whole Santa Claus thing.  I think a big part of it was that he wanted the children to be aware that we were doing this for them, not some mystical being.  I personally don't ever remember believing in Santa Claus, but I do remember being about 4 yo and reading a gift tag that said "from Santa" and realizing it was my mom's handwriting.  When we were first married, before we had kids, we talked about how we weren't going to teach the kids about Santa, but he is everywhere, and starting around last year, when our oldest was 3, I found myself wanting to talk to him about Santa.  I found a great blog post which summed up how I feel about the whole thing.  For now, we emphasize the religious part of the holiday, and Santa is a part of it, but simply as someone who loves Christmas and the Christ child so much that he spends all year making presents for all the children of the world and then delivers them Christmas Eve to spread the joy.



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We never talked about Santa, but our 5 year old daughter hears about him from other children.... this year asked us again and again if he were real, and how could he possibly get all the way to our house from the North Pole in one night, (we have lots of experience driving to far away family....) and I simply say, "What do you think?"

That said, she saw "Santa" at a Christmas party recently and was enthralled - she's usually terrified of any adults.  So I can't quite tell her he's not real, and crush her.... hopefully when she's old enough to sort it out, she'll be mature enough to sip the honey and throw away the sting, so to speak.  (Be happy for the memories.)

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We do it, but without the "naughty vs. nice" stuff and with Santa bringing each child one unwrapped gift.  I didn't want to do it at all and this was the compromise with my partner.  The funny thing is, it was better than I imagined and I'm actually happy we're "doing Santa".

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