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Pregnancy Tea

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I was introduced to it with my second child. The Midwife came me some that she mixed up, for all her clients. I made my own with my third baby, since my previous midwife retired. I've started drinking it again. It really seem to help with my upset stomach. 


I have:

Alfalfa Leaf

Dandelion Leaf

Nettle Leaf

Red Raspberry leaf

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I drink infusion of red clover and nettle, adding red raspberry to it now.  good nourishment!

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I drank RRL/nettles/oatstraw/alfalfa with both my other pregnancies, sometimes with clover too. Def think it helped things, although I've heard some say not to drink RRL in the first trimester. Anyone else heard that?

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I've heard that, but my previous midwife had a great understanding of herbs and essential oils. I trust her. However, I do have ine friend that it does cause cramping for. I don't think that is common, or the midwife wouldn't be giving it at the first visit. When in doubt, talk to your care provider and start small. 1 cup was all her body could take, I can drink a quart a day. Like I said in the op, it really helps with the nausea for me. Plus it is loaded with vitamins and minerals. I guess you could skip the RRL and jist do nettles, alfalfa and other nourishing herbs.
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I mix the tea myself from bulk, but the receipt is from a local midwife/herbalist.  It's my understanding that Raspberry Leaf is fine for the first trimester.  Every midwife that I've ever met recommends it for use all throughout pregnancy including the first tri.  Here's the one that I use.  It smells just heavenly! 


2 Cups Red Raspberry

1 Cup Nettle

1/2 Cup Mint

1/2 Cup Alfalfa

3 Tbs Lavender

3 Tbs Rosebuds 

2 Tsp Rosehips

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I own a tea room so have access to all kinds of tea! Been sipping red raspberry leaf regularly. Also any rooibus based teas are naturally decaf. So many great blends to create. Trying to get a hold of nettles from locals here to create a preg blend smile.gif
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