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Advice on early weaning

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Such as when, how to do it and provide a balanced diet, etc.


Now the background: My 6 month old daughter is formula fed. I know, I know, it's not the best, but she's adopted and that's the way things worked out. I wasn't able to induce lactation and over her life thus far we've been able to get enough donor breastmilk to feed her for less than two days.


To make matters worse, she's not on a very good formula. It turned out that she has a severe milk allergy, so all the organic milk formulas went out the door. We tried all the different organic soy formulas, but her reflux was so bad she couldn't tolerate them. The only thing we found that this child could eat and keep down, after much searching and consultation with pediatricians and others, is a pre-digested soy formula. There are only two of those on the market, and you can find out who makes them if you care with a simple search. The point is, it's not very good and I want her off of it as soon as possible.


Her reflex is so bad that we started putting a tablespoon of rice cereal into each of her bottles when she was four months old. This was at the advice of a coworker, who did the same thing for her son 20 years ago and never had a problem with it. The pediatrician had a fit, of course, until we demonstrated that it worked and the baby started gaining weight at a reasonable pace. (I hate these one size fits all recommendations they have today.) She started eating cereal a month ago and is now eating the pureed fruits and veggies in addition to the formula.


I want to get her off the formula as soon as possible. I don't like feeding my child GE soy. How soon can she start transitioning to a better diet and how do I do it? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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We followed a basic baby-led weaning approach to start our daughter (who was also on formula) onto solids. By the time she had all the signs of readiness she was about 9 months old. IMO it's not something to rush into as it sets up their lifelong relationship with food.


Frankly, I personally believe that breastmilk or formula should be the main source of nutrition for babies for the first year so I would not wean her off until then at the earliest.

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As much as you might be uncomfortable with soy, formula should really be her main source of nutrition for the first year.  Are there any other formula options you might be more comfortable with?  Babies need a complex set of nutrients during the first year and formula, even a "bad" formula, still has to meet basic nutrition requirements set by the FDA.  Unless you have a degree in nutrition and a lot of time, it's dangerous to eliminate formula altogether at that age. 

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I totally know how you feel, mama.. My baby is half formula fed due to lactation issues and I fantasize about feeding her a whole foods diet ASAP, but I've never seen advice anywhere that supports eliminating their liquid diets early. I hate how easy some people make it seem getting breast milk is. Unless you have a generous friend, it's really hard! I've replied to tons of posts on human milk for human babies, etc., and have never received a drop.

I've seen some highly controversial stuff about Weston A Price homemade formula, which I cannot recommend since I have no good knowledge of it, but at least it is an option, just don't use raw milk!
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