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abx for wisdom teeth extraction?

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I am scheduled to have 2 of my wisdom teeth pulled on Jan 2. That being said, the Dentist only looked at my xrays, not in my actual mouth. He wrote me a rx for abx (and Valium) . Here's my deal, I don't want to take abx all Willy nilly, if I don't have an abscess or infection, should I still take them? Is it necessary for the extraction for some reason? I'm also BFing a 9 month old, and I don't want abx wrecking havoc on his system unless it's truly necessary, (in which case, we'll both be eating a lot of yogurt) .
I'm just perplexed that I left with a script for abx and he never even checked the inside of my mouth. I suppose it's just regular protocol, but I don't believe in abx as prevention, kwim?
What do you ladies think? WWYD?
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I think the abx are supposed to help prevent an infection from occurring after the extraction. I was prescribed some when I had a tooth pulled. You could always talk to the doc about it and maybe decide not to take them. Taking care of your mouth after the procedure will speed healing and give germs less of a chance of settling in. Will you be asleep for the procedure? I was awake and the Valium really helped.
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Yes the ABs are for prevention. When you have wisdom teeth removed the jaw bone is exposed and, unlike other wounds, it is impossible to keep mouth wounds clean for any length of time. The mouth is an extremely germy place. The risk is osteomyelitis of the jaw bone which is an extremely unpleasant condition.
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Ok, I guess that makes sense. The only weird thing is that it's a 10 day course of abx, and he wanted me to take them all right away which means that I would have finished them a good 2 wks b4 my next appt.... I'm thinking of starting them soon that way I'll just be finishing them up around my extraction...
Yes I'll be awake, he mentioned maybe needing laughing gas tho, he's gonna wait and see how I'm handling it.
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It also seems strange to me that you would take them now instead of after the procedure. Laughing gas is out of your system very fast! Good luck!
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Yeah, that is weird. Normally you would start taking them straight after the surgery. I can't think of any reason to take them two weeks before, except for an active infection. Any chance you could talk to him again and just clarify why he wants them taken now? Or get a second opinion from someone?
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Ah ha! Ok, so I'm not crazy crunchy for questioning this then! DH said " well if he told u to take them now, then take them. He'll give u more afterwards " What!?!?
That's madness!!!
I asked him before I left, and he told me to take 4 right away and then 3 a day after that. He said it'll help with any swelling or pain. But its not swollen or painful anymore. Just swishing with salt water completely took care of the swelling and pain before I even went in for my apt. Idk....
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If the teeth are exposed and have cavities then the risk of infection is quite high. If they are still under the gum then the risk goes down. My wisdom teeth were impacted and had cavities and needed to be broken apart to be removed so I took the abx. If it was a simple extraction I wouldnt have. 

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Yeah, that's the boat I'm in. The top one actually managed to completely break through the gum, but the bottom one is impacted, it made just enough of a hole in my gum for debris to get in there and cause decay, but it can't push though. So the Dentist said he'll have to cut my gum open and drill my tooth to break it up enough to get it out
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